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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, for some magical reason, blogging is no longer blocked at my office.  I'm not sure why it was blocked in the first place, because Facebook and Twitter definitely weren't blocked, and of the things one can waste time on during the day, I feel as though blogging is probably the least of most people's problems.  But anyway, here we are, unblocked, and I am free to continue to blog while simultaneously listening to Mumford and Sons while writing a telephone script for consenting patients by phone.  I am a multi-tasker!

So lots has gone on, I suppose.  We had a hurricane, which was... less than fun.  Our weekend that was supposed to be full of fall-oriented things (like pumpkin picking and winery-visiting) was taken up by buying bottled water and non-perishable food, and generally preparing to be blown away.  Things didn't get too terribly nasty, so I was seriously struggling with whether to go to work on Monday morning.  I ended up emailing my boss to let him know that I wasn't sure what I would be doing, and he sent a mass email out saying that if we couldn't make it to work, that he was okay with that.  Then he sent ANOTHER email, clarifying what he had said, and telling all non-essential personnel to not come to work, and that if we thought we were essential, to call him and discuss how essential we were.  I'd never been so excited to be considering non-essential in my life.  Monday, I was supposed to take Gershwin to the vet at 7 pm, but seeing as the storm was supposed to be getting worse around then, I changed his appointment to earlier in the day.  It was raining pretty badly, and it was moderately windy, but nothing worse than a bad storm, really.  Gershwin was displeased about being in the car, and was REALLY unhappy about getting wet when I was transporting him from the car to the vet's office, but he behaved himself and as per usual, got a ton of love from the vet, vet tech's, and receptionists.  I had taken him in because he had been sneezing and sounding kind of crappy, and he had already been on antibiotics twice, plus since I knew his heart murmur had gotten worse in the previous year, I wanted to see how it was doing currently.  Thankfully, his murmur isn't any worse, and his lungs sound clearer than they did last time, which means there probably isn't any fluid in them.  The vet gave him some subcutaneous antibiotics (expensive, because they are administered based on weight and Gersh is HUGE), but we think that should help kick whatever he has.  He also got some eyedrops (his least favorite thing in the world next to the vacuum) because his eye was a little gross.  Overall though, he's a pretty healthy dude for being almost 11!  He was also much happier on the ride HOME... much less yowly.  It's like he knew we were done, haha.

The storm, however, was NOT better on the way home, and just as I was getting back from grabbing some ingredients for cookies (obviously, one bakes cookies during a hurricane), the winds were picking up and things were looking pretty grim.  Spent the rest of Monday inside, praying that we wouldn't lose power.  We were very fortunate that while the lights flickered on and off all night, we maintained power the entire time.  I had a hard time sleeping on Monday night because the storm was making me so anxious.  I knew we were "safe", but it just was unnerving to hear the wind like that, almost nonstop.  Tuesday was decidedly less disgusting by us, but the surrounding areas weren't doing so well.  Of course, my heart breaks for the shore, especially Ocean City.  I wonder if it will ever be the same again?  The anxiety I had about the storm on Monday night somehow persisted through Tuesday and Wednesday nights last week, which was less than fun.  I haven't had anxiety like that in a long time, even being off any and all psych meds since March!  It felt pretty terrible, and I ended up breaking down and taking Klonopin a few times last week, mainly so I could get to sleep and not wake up all freaked out.  That seems to have dissipated, but it still makes me uneasy. I was really getting used to not feeling like I was on the world's most ridiculous, emotional, roller coaster, and having those feelings come slamming back into my body was NOT my idea of fun.  I guess we'll see how that plays out.  I'll probably talk to Danna about it next week... she usually can fix these things, haha.

The rest of last week post-hurricane was kind of weird at work.  Lots of catch-up, and my boss was the doc on service for the solid tumor patients, which meant I had to be on my best behavior (and not be late for rounds, whoops).  It was honestly the most I have seen my boss since I started in July.  Apparently, he is a very busy guy.  I keep forgetting that he runs the entire Center for Childhood Cancer Research, and until recently, was the Chief of Oncology (he stepped down voluntarily... probably to save his sanity).  I do enjoy my job, at least as much as one can enjoy a moderately administrative research position, anyway, and my managers and associated coworkers seem to love me.  It is really nice that people frequently tell the doctors I work for that I am "outstanding" and "on the ball" and one of the docs I work for sent an email to my boss saying how glad she was that they hired me (and cc'd me on it, haha).  It's nice to be appreciated, even if I know that this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life.  In fact, it makes me feel kind of bad that I applied to PA school and theoretically (hopefully?) could be leaving in the fall.  Now, that time is still 8-9 months away, but still.
Which brings me to my next point!  I finally, FINALLY, got an invitation to interview at a PA program!  It was kind of random how it came about, as I hadn't even originally applied to this program in the first place, mainly because the program didn't exist.  So, the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (henceforth known as USP, b/c that is a long title) has had a linkage program with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) for PA school for years.  So, people who went to USP for pre-PA studies undergrad could go to PCOM after finishing their BS degrees, but USP didn't have their own PA program.  I guess after years of sending students to PCOM for PA school, USP realized that they wanted to make that tuition money, so they started their own program, set to accept its inaugural class in Fall 2013.  My friend that I worked with at Penn had randomly emailed me and said, "Hey, did you know USP has a program??" and I was all "????" but I went and looked at it, and even though I fall just short of their GPA requirements (3.2), I applied anyway because... why the hell not.  I wasn't expecting anything, especially since they are accepting 20 students (most classes are between 50-100), but last week I got the email inviting me for an interview.  I am SO excited, but there are two things that worry me, one decidedly more than the other.

1. The program is 3 years, instead of 2.  This is because there are a few extra weeks of clinicals (never a bad thing), but also that there are summers off (most programs go straight through the summer and the programs finish in about 26 months).  Now, this isn't terrible, as it might be nice to have a break for my brain, and to maybe work (if I can find a summer job?), but it makes me slightly less gleeful about the whole thing because I'd rather finish sooner.

2. Since the program is BRAND new, it's provisionally accredited.  This means that the powers that be have accredited it "for now" and that they fully expect it to be fully accredited in the near future (within 3 years, as that is the longest you can remain provisionally accredited).  HOWEVER, one cannot sit for the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam) if your school isn't fully accredited, and if for some reason, something gets screwed up, as I am ready to graduate, I may not be able to get licensed and therefore won't be able to work and that would be HORRIBLE because now I would be in immense debt and have NO job prospects.  Sooooo yeah.  The good news is that that probably wouldn't happen... but still.  Nervewracking.  That being said, I'll take the interview and ask all of these important questions (WHEN WILL YOU BE FULLY ACCREDITED!?!?!) and hopefully dazzle them with my brilliance.  In the meantime, PCOM, Salus, NYIT, Chatham, and Barry all need to get back to me with interview requests and subsequent acceptances.  Come on, now.

So yes.  That's the story there.  Things elsewhere remain pretty status quo.  Married life is largely like unmarried life, I'm still mostly diseased in one way or another and doctor's have no idea what to do with me, my mother is insane, and it's way too cold already (and I don't like it).  I'm finding that I have a lot of free time now that I'm not planning a wedding (which took up WAY more time than I ever thought it did) so I am trying to get some things done.  My list so far includes:

- Read for pleasure
- Start knitting again
- Write thank you notes (more of a necessity than a desire)
- Bake (I am obsessed with my new mixer!)
- Have game nights/girls' nights
- Try new recipes
- Organize my jewelry box (that thing is a disaster)
- Maybe try working out again (if I don't pass out)
- Get our ketubah framed (so it can stop living in between acid-free matboard on our kitchen table)
- Start Hanukkah shopping (It starts December 6th!)

And as much as I'd love to detail my latest adventures in health insurance catastrophes, tell stupid cat stories, or expound upon the reasons why my mother is retarded, why Ken's mother is retarded, and why I wish we could buy a house sooner than we can... I have to go to my stupid A&P class.  15 class meetings left....

Stay warm out there!

- A

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