In Which I Need to Up My Prilosec Dosage

Friday, February 1, 2013

It is like friggin' Groundhog Day over here... fitting, as that IS tomorrow, isn't it?

I called USP today and shockingly, someone answered the phone!  The first time that I called!  After I recovered from my shock of someone answering the phone, I got myself transferred to Catherine, the admissions director person (official title), apologized profusely for probably being her 900th phone call that day, and asked if any admissions decisions had been made.  Apparently, the admissions decisions have been made!  Cue panic!  Except that no decisions have been mailed because the admissions department (I thought this woman was the admissions department, but I was wrong) is printing their letters of acceptance...?  Or something?  She said not to apologize for calling and apologized that she couldn't tell me anything... and then told me to call back in 2 weeks if I hadn't heard anything at that point.

So yup.  Groundhog Day.

In other news, the weekend ahead of me is completely and totally empty, which is weirding me out.  Tonight after work, I'm going to Tria with my coworker (hopefully new friend?) Kristen for a glass of wine, and then I am going home and Ken and I are going out to my (very belated) birthday dinner.  But tomorrow... Ken is leaving for NY until Sunday (best friend's birthday), so I will be on my own.  I have no plans.  It's WEIRD.  So here are my Potential Weekend Plans:

- Give myself a manicure and a pedicure
- Read more of Far from the Tree (because that book is ENDLESS... good, but endless)
- Investigate consolidation loan nonsense at Wells Fargo (::twirls finger in air::)
- Post books on Paperback Swap
- Donate unsellable text books to library (they need to not be in my house anymore)
- Reorganize drawers/closet and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit
- Knit (and find my DPN's that I finally bought and subsequently lost in my house somewhere)
- Rent a horrible horror movie from Redbox
- Bake something
- Sleep (this is non-negotiable)
- Order high-resolution, nice, prints of our wedding photos
- Pick up our ketubah (which was done at Christmas, for pete's sake)
- Watch terrible reality TV
- Go to the gym, for the love of God
- Sleep some more

In other news, I may pre-order Neil Gaiman's next book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, because a local bookstore near him is pre-selling signed copies... and that would be awesome.  But this tour will be his last signing tour, so I'd love to go see him/hear him read and then get a copy signed... but I guess I could just have TWO signed copies, right?  Right?  (I'm such a nerd.)

And now it's 4:30 and I'll be heading out shortly to get my well-deserved glass of wine.  I'm going to focus this weekend on being sane and relaxed. I'll let you know how that goes.

- A


  1. One of my coworkers just recently recommended Far from the Tree - is it good/worth reading despite the length?

    Also, yay knitting! I'm doing a skype date with another friend tomorrow to show her some knitting stuff, which clearly means you and I should do one too. OOOOR you could just join our google hangout and knit with us. (Sunday, 3 pm. All the cool kids are doing it.)

    And, you know, if you DID end up with two signed copies of the same Neil Gaiman book, you could always share one with a friend who also loves Neil Gaiman! ;)

  2. I really have LOVED Far from the Tree. It's not the easiest read, but it is SUPER interesting and the writing is great. I'm going to hear the author speak in April at The Philadelphia Free Library.

    I will see what's going on on Sunday at 3 pm, but I'm a definite maybe for the knitting hang out! I found my DPN's (under a pile of crap on my dresser, haha), so maybe I'll even start that hat!


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