Quoteable Clinical Research II

Friday, February 1, 2013

So Thursdays are my days of endless meetings from 1-4, but they almost always provide good fodder for my quote collections.  Here are some from yesterday's clinical meetings and some stuff overheard at the office this morning...

Attending: I never thought I'd have to say "Please don't lick the baby...."

Attending 1: Is this a list of kids who have just died here, because some of those died at home institutions.
Attending 2: We literally just made this list right this second, calm down.  We can make it be whatever we want.

Attending 1: And Dr. X helped us out by -
Doctor X: No, I didn't. 
Attending 1: I lied, she did nothing!

(Looking at CT)
Attending: That'll make you breathe funny...

"Being able to operate implies that you can see something.  You can't operate if it's not there." - Radiologist

"You can come over for cookies, you just can't bring the zombies!" - Attending to another attending

Doctor 1: I'm going to send you five pages of science!
Doctor 2: "Science"? or Science?
Doctor 1: Oh, yeah, my Frankenstein science.  Psuedoscience.  I prefer "translational".  I don't know the mechanism... it might kill you... but it's kind of awesome!

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