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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sometimes, I am really bad at doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, I can sleep in with the best of them, and I love a lazy afternoon. It's when I am forced to do nothing, or it turns out that there is nothing to be done, I go nearly insane. I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy yesterday, which are fancy ways to say that my gynecologist looked inside my pelvis and abdomen with a tiny light through incisions in my abdomen, and also checked out the inside of my uterus.  In 2005, I had my first laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. For the next 7 years, I had minimal symptoms, but the last year had gotten worse and so my doctor wanted to check everything out.  Fortunately, the endometriosis was way less severe this time around than the first time, and by visual inspection, the interior of my uterus looked normal (we'll have pathology results back in a week or so).  The surgery went fine, and thankfully, I didn't get negative pressure pulmonary edema this time around (unlike the last time I had general anesthesia... which was super fun).

Of course, this time has not been without its own drama.  I woke up from the anesthesia in the recovery room and my left eye was really itchy and dry.  I asked the nurses flush it with saline, which helped a little bit, and later I had cool compresses on it to try and alleviate the pain.  I thought that maybe my eye was just dry, so after I showed the nurses that I could eat, drink, walk, and pee, I was allowed to go home.  My mom had driven me, and on our way home, we stopped at CVS to fill my prescriptions for various pain killers and antibiotics.  I almost passed out from standing in line, which led to me laying on the floor of the pharmacy, always a good time.  I got home, Ken put me in bed, and I tried to rest.  My eye only got worse and the pain was practically unbearable.  I felt like there was ground glass under my eyelid, and everything I tried made it worse.  I finally called my optometrist to see if I could get an appointment (I could not) but he told me to email him and he'd get back to me with suggestions.

His response was that I either had a corneal abrasion (in which case, I would not be better in the morning, and I would probably be worse) or the epithelial layer of my cornea had dried out during surgery and that was causing my pain. Apparently, it takes 12 hours for the cells in the epithelial layer of the cornea to regenerate, so my doctor recommended that I use gel eye drops and rest, and if I didn't feel better in the morning, that I should come in. Thankfully, the gel eye drops gave me enough relief to sleep and in the morning, I woke up and the glass-in-my-eye feeling was gone.  My eye is still swollen from all the rubbing, but I'm glad that the eye pain is gone.

My abdominal/pelvic pain has been okay, but not great.  The T3's (Tylenol with codeine) is helpful, but I still have some pain, especially about 2 hours before I'm supposed to take the next dose. The surgical incisions are small, about an inch, and were closed with Dermabond, which is basically superglue for skin. Of course, the Dermabond for my incisions came off, so now I have them closed with butterfly bandages.  I called my surgeon twice to see what I can do, but he hasn't replied yet.  I'm guessing that it will be fine (???) and I have to call on Monday anyway to make a follow-up appointment.  I'm friends with his receptionist on Facebook (haha), so I messaged her to see if she knows how to get a hold of him.  At least I'm not bleeding all over the place...? Nothing is ever simple with me, haha.

But yeah, I'm kind of going insane having nothing to do.  I'm too sore to really do anything, but I feel bad not helping Ken clean or cook.  He's been completely amazing, having run to the store a bunch of different times now to get me juice, gel eye drops, and butterfly bandages.  He's also done all of the dishes and the laundry, and is going to start vacuuming soon.  He has sent me back to bed each time I've tried to get up and has been super attentive.  I seriously don't know what I'd do without him. :)

In other news, all of my post-bac applications are in except for Penn.  I have a bunch of essay-type questions to answer for that application, and I think I can basically use the ones that I've already written and change them up a bit.  It's not due until April 1st, so I have time.  I randomly decided to apply to Johns Hopkins post-bac program, as well, so... yay? I found out that I have to retake my GRE (blergh) so I'm registered to do that on April 6th.  I took a practice test and did really well on the verbal section, but not so great on the math (it was rather abysmal).  Luckily, I live with a great math teacher, and I'm pretty sure free tutoring is a marriage benefit. I bought a prep book that has 5 more practice tests, so I should be ready by the 6th to at least get a score that's decent enough to get me into a post-bac program.

Other than that, not much is going on.  Work is work... I obviously took yesterday off, and I plan to work from home on Monday.  I can't spend too much time upright yet, and my pain prohibits me from walking around for too long.  My managers are awesome, though, and I have plenty of paperwork to keep me busy from bed.  I have to work on an IRB amendment (ugh) and I have plenty of data entry to do.  I'm more than happy to sit at home and do it, where I can take narcotic pain killers and stay in my pajamas. I am extremely grateful for a job that allows me that kind of flexibility when I need it.

This weekend is obviously shot, as far as productivity or plans are concerned, but the weeks coming up should be pretty filled.  This week, I have an appointment with the new endocrinologist at Penn, as well as an appointment with my new GP (a different, new, GP than the one I saw last month, haha).  Ken is going to NY from Friday-Saturday, so I am making plans with some people.  Friday, I should be seeing my friend Lauren, and then Saturday, my friend Amy invited me to a sex toy party (if you don't know what that is, it's like a Tupperware party, but with vibrators, haha), so I'll probably stop by there for a bit.  Sunday, not sure what's going on.  Probably relaxing and attempting some productivity.  The week after that is only exciting because we're getting our taxes done (yay refund, hopefully!) and then I'm seeing Colleen that weekend.  Then the NEXT weekend we're going to Florida for my dad's wedding!  I need to figure out which dress I'm wearing, or if any of my dresses that are appropriate for the occasion actually fit.  It's very casual, so I'm thinking everything that I have will be too formal, since they're all cocktail dresses, basically. (Unrelated: Every time I've seen "cocktail" written out lately, I first think it's "cockatiel" which is awkward.)  Anyway, I may need to go dress shopping, so that could be fun/annoying.  I'm excited to go to FL for a few days though.  We might even go scout some apartments, since it's kind of likely that we'll be moving there for my post-bac.  Who knows, though?

There's a part of me that really wants to move down there, and a part of me that is absolutely terrified.  I would love to be closer to my dad, in a climate where going outside doesn't make me want to instantly cry.  Also, I like palm trees.  A lot.  And it would be nice to be farther away from my mother.  I would definitely miss my friends that are up here, but so many of my good friends are all over the country anyway.  On top of that, Ken and I never planned on staying in NJ.  Ken doesn't seem to have an inclination to go anywhere, except maybe back to NY, but we both know that's not happening because it's too damn expensive.  Other than that, we would probably be equally happy anywhere, and I know that I want to be in Florida.  I guess we'll see what happens...?

On that note, I'm going to go back to resting, reading, GRE-ing, and possibly eating ice cream (since I was successful in eating dinner tonight!).  Have a good weekend, everyone!

- A


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  1. Ooh, I didn't realize you had to have surgery again! Well, I'm glad the endometriosis isn't as bad as it was before, and I hope your eye is feeling better! Yay Ken for taking care of you. :)

    Lol, and you'll have to tell me all about the sex toy party! I want to know how that goes, haha.


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