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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday! Hurrah! This week has been kind of ridiculous, and the general consensus (of my group of friends, anyway) is that people in general this week are acting like absolute idiots in various and sundry ways. As a friend of mine who henceforth shall be known as Pamoushk said, "This is the month where I weep for humanity, and by extension, myself. People are just being stupid at both the real and abstract levels." It's true. I don't know what is going on. Mercury is not in retrograde, so it can't be that (not that I'm super into astrology, but I kind of believe that things go sideways when this happens). Perhaps solar flares, or Earth's gravitational pull, or... I don't know, barometric pressure is screwing with people's ability to not act like complete and utter morons. Whatever it is, it needs to stop because I don't know how long I can go on repressing the urge to smack people upside the head. As I said to Pamoushk, "Everyone in my life is being absolute fucking moron, except for you and some select other people, all of whom get gold stars. Everyone else gets hit in the head with a toaster."

Emily sent me this yesterday, and it's very apropos:

That would be so useful.

Anyway, wanton stupidity aside, things are okay. I had my interview on Wednesday for Penn's post-bac program, which I think went pretty well. I got there a little early and sat in the waiting room with three other people who were interviewing, as well as 2 current students who were interviewing for their committee letters. I was reminded, once again, how terribly awkward interviews are. I swear to God, it's like the admissions committees finds the most awkward group of people they could possibly find, throws them into a room fitted with close-circuit cameras, and watches what unfolds. Add typical interview stress to a bunch of people who largely don't know how to interact with other humans and man, it's reality TV waiting to happen. Sometimes I wonder how these people will talk to patients, considering they can barely make conversation with people with whom they already have something in common. I also wonder how people in my age bracket can be such terrible communicators in general, but if I ponder that for too long, I start to get the urge to hit people in the head with appliances, so I will leave that for now.

The interview was scheduled from 2-4, but I could not for the life of me figure out what we were going to do with all that time. As it turned out, they usually have to cycle the applicants through the 3 or 4 people doing the interviewing, which is what takes so long. Since there were only 4 of us, though, we all essentially got to go at the same time, so I was done by 3. I interviewed with their main adviser/admissions coordinator, who was very nice, despite the fact that she didn't know how to pronounce a lot of medical/biological terms (Ex - Autonomic became "autotomic" which doesn't even make sense, but whatever). We talked about my undergrad and grad experiences, my "med school and MCAT plan", goals, courses that I could take at Penn, when to take the MCAT, and "how this time would be different". She answered a lot of my questions, and I found out interesting things, including how I can't participate in any of the linkage programs because I got a C in undergrad (well, 2 of them) and Penn doesn't allow people with C's to apply to link to any med schools (I can apply separately, just not through the linkage), and that I need to take 6 courses before they'll write me my med school committee letter, which is annoying because it definitely means that I need to start in the summer in order to get everything done in time. It wouldn't be totally terrible, because I could start with one class this summer, and almost all of the classes are at night, so I can definitely still work if I'm taking one class. Then I could go full time in the fall (although I might toy with the idea of working through it if I can... which is kind of crazy).

The admissions committee is supposed to meet today, so the interviewer said that I should know fairly soon about a decision. Of course, that decision (if it's an acceptance) means that I have a decision to make about what I'm doing. Temple, my first choice program, doesn't start interviewing until May and continues to interview through July (despite the fact that their program starts in August) so I definitely won't know what is going on with Temple before I am supposed to start a summer class at Penn. I did email Temple to ask if they knew whether I would be offered an interview, because at least if they tell me "no" then I can move on with my life. If they tell me "yes" then I can make a better decision about Penn... sort of. SIGH. Even though I hate when people use hashtags in an inappropriate manner (that is, not on Twitter where they mean something), this would be a time I would say #postbacproblems or #applicationproblems. Pamoushk, who is apparently featuring prominently in this blog post, very wisely said, "May is next week. Obsess next week about this." Might as well obsess or worry about something that's going on this week. Obsession priorities. They're a thing.

 So, moving on. I've been thinking about what I'd like to do with this blog, aside from document my crazy adventures and frequent ranting. I started thinking about things that I talk about doing, either jokingly or seriously. For example, Ken and I have joked for years that we were going to write a cookbook called "Can you Put Sh*t in a Pot?" because our favorite recipes involve very few pans (fewer dishes!). As such, I'm going to start the "Can You Put Sh*t in a Pot?" feature! I'm going to try for one recipe a month, because we haven't been trying many new ones lately, but maybe this will be a good way for us to do that, too. In addition, since so many people and things in my life are being utterly disappointing in myriad ways, I'm going to start featuring things and people I consider to be exceptionally awesome. Sometimes these will be people I know, or things that happened to me, and sometimes I'll write about people in the news/current events. I think that focusing on the positive, amidst all of the bitching that I do on here, will be good.

And also, I will be blogging along with Story of My Life for her "Blog Every Day in May" challenge! I think it will be fun to have a blog post with a topic, and it will hopefully help me get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis. And of course, I'll probably also post some of the normal stuff that I post (rants, daily activities, etc) as well, but at least once a day, we'll have an update here! Exciting stuff!

So, the rest of the day looks to be pretty low-key here. Possibly drawing blood in the clinic if the patient ever shows up, picking up a bone marrow sample to be processed in the lab, and basically doing chart review and other miscellaneous tasks. I have to cut out of the office a bit early because I need to get over to the Drexel Center City campus to pick up my letter of recommendation from my thesis adviser, drop off her thank you card, and walk her letter across the street to Drexel's post-bac program office. I also will probably need to make sure that they don't immediately set the letter on fire or throw it out the window, seeing as they seem to do that with everything that I send them. Then tonight, I'm seeing my friend Jenn for bar food and some adult beverages, both of which are much needed after this week (and will probably be even MORE necessary after dealing with Drexel and traffic).

Ugh, the traffic. The traffic this week is insane because it's the weekend of the Penn Relays, which means that not only are there even more people driving into the city, but that there are more people parking in my off-campus lot, more people on my shuttle, and more people milling around on the sidewalks being obnoxious. They set aside an extra SIX FEET of sidewalk for these people to stand around outside the fields, and yet everyone insists on running/walking/standing in the space where non-relay people are trying to exist. And of course, no one knows where anything is, people don't know how to drive in the city, and everything is just essentially a giant clusterfuck of stupid. Thank God it's only one weekend a year.

ANYWAY, the weekend is full of errands, house chores, and babysitting for me. The (young-ish) grandmother of my piano students is getting remarried on Sunday, and I was asked if I would babysit the 10 month old and 2 year old cousins during the rehearsal dinner on Saturday and the reception on Sunday. I might also end up with my 5 and 8 year old students, but probably not. Essentially, I am going to sit in a hotel room at the Rittenhouse Hotel and entertain small children for a few hours each night, so I'm pretty excited. They also go to bed at a pretty decent hour (like, 7:30) so I might be able to get some studying in! Also... money is good.

And in closing, I'd like to share the two following memes that I feel explain my life a lot:

This might be the story of my life in a single sentence.

It bothers me that this doesn't say "I've", haha.

Be on the look out for the new features and the post-a-day challenge that starts next Wednesday!

Happy weekend, all!

- A

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