In Which I Attempt to Sell Myself in Ten Words

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I am a lot of things, and brief is not one of them. I was always that student who was asking if there was a page limit for our papers, not so I could write exactly 5 pages and one sentence, but so I knew how much space I had to get my point across. Most of the time, I went over. Personal statements with word limits are the bane of my existence. I once had to write one in 250 words. 250 WORDS! Do you know how short 250 words is!? That's practically a paragraph. How am I supposed to tell anyone anything in a single paragraph!? I've written a paragraph here and I've barely said anything except how much I hate word limits. See what I mean?

Anyway, today's theme was "Sell yourself in ten words or less." From what I've read on other people's blogs who are participating in Blog Every Day in May, most people took this to mean a list of ten words that described themselves. Telling someone that I'm funny, neurotic, creative, etc doesn't exactly SELL who I am, though. The only times I've ever thought about "selling myself" was in job interviews or interviews for various programs (med school, PA school, post-bac, etc), and that took way more than 10 words. Since everyone else seems to be going with "describe yourself in ten words or less" instead of what I view as selling one's self, I guess I'll go in that direction too. Also, I have no idea how anyone could convince anyone to do anything in ten words unless it involved "or I'll kill you" at the end. So, without further ado, ten words about me, in list and sentence form.


 Driven cat-lover trying to be less of a spaz.

How would you describe yourself in ten words? Check out how lots of other people chose to do it here at the link-up, and stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

- A

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