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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's theme for Blog Every Day in May was "A Moment of Your Day". I chose to take photos throughout the day, capturing some moments here and there. Enjoy!

Gershwin and Luna
This was the scene this morning when I got up for work. Ken was still sleeping because we got home really late last night and he hasn't been feeling well, and apparently, the cats decided that he needed to be snuggled.

Good morning, office!
Got into my office and made my coffee... plugged in my headphones and got to work. I had to prep for two meetings, answer a few emails, and get some paperwork done.

 I moved in this office a few weeks ago, but I hadn't changed the name on the door yet. This morning, I finally got my act together and added my name. I'm official!

Phone meeting with Baylor...
 I was somehow put in touch with someone at Baylor Hospital who wanted information about how we were doing our biobanking program. I was nervous because I wasn't sure if I would have all of the answers he needed, but I did!  Magic! I felt pretty productive after that.

Laundry... a thrill a minute around here!
We generate so much laundry here, it's kind of impressive. I finally got around to folding this batch and throwing in the final load in the hamper. There's always more, though. Fortunately, Ken does a lot of it, haha.
Twice a day, before meals, I have to do my injection. It's a tiny, little, baby needle and I barely feel it (although sometimes I bruise at the injection site... whoops!) It sometimes freaks people out to just see me randomly stabbing myself with a needle, but I try to warn people, haha. I'm not diabetic, but my insulin resistance from the PCOS is kind of nuts, and this (along with oral Metformin) helps to control my blood sugar.

Boneless ribs in the crockpot (easiest dinner ever, for real), broccoli, and rice. We watched an episode of Chopped on the DVR and hung out with the cats.


 After dinner, I threw some brownies in the oven. I like these even better than all of the recipes I've tried from scratch, and they're just too easy.

Lounging cats
As per usual, we played with the cats. They're the best little furballs.

Kindle bookshelf
My Kindle Fire has been acting weird lately and not wanting to charge. I finally got it to charge for a decent amount of time, so I'm excited to get back to my books. I also have a pile of "real" books to read... but I love my Kindle because I can carry multiple books at a time!

More drugs!
My nightly pills... I take these in addition to the 2 I take in the morning, as well as a nasal spray. That's kind of depressing...

Ice cream!
The brownies weren't cool yet, so I had a Dove bar before settling in to watch Hannibal for the night. It's almost over, and then I'll head to bed.

And there it is... my day in various moments. Hope you enjoyed! Check out the link-up here, and come back tomorrow for Day 10!

- A

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  1. I love that your cats will snuggle with each other. Mine will not, because they'd rather just hiss and swat at each other, or jump out an attack each other from behind corners. Brats. :p

    And omg, those brownies look delicious. Now I totally want to make some, haha.

    Also, the Margaret Atwood e-serial or whatever it was called - I read the first one, but didn't download the second and third. Did you read them and if so, were they any good?


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