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Monday, May 20, 2013

And we're still behind! Only a day, but still... we're remedying this as soon as possible. This is the week that I start classes, so I'm sure my brain will be on overdrive at approximately 5:02 pm, but I am going to keep blogging! Just be aware that if my posts devolve into senseless rambling (moreso than usual) that it's because my brain is melting and leaking out of my ears.

So, I talked about my favorite bloggers here, and now I have to talk about some of my favorite blogs. Of course, my favorite blogs are written by my favorite bloggers, so... sorry for some repeats. Thanks to the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, though, I've found all kinds of awesome blogs that I now read and follow. ::waves to Amanda and Franziska:: Anyway, enjoy the list and I promise, today's post will go up today!

A Practical Wedding
I think that A Practical Wedding is my favorite blog in existence right now. I started reading it before I got engaged, relied on it heavily through our wedding planning, and continue to love and adore it because it is a community full of smart, funny, caring people who I wish I could hang out with on a regular basis. Lucky for me, I get to see some of them in real life (like Liz!) There is just so much good conversation going on over there about marriage, relationships, feminism, and life.

The Bloggess
As I've said before, The Bloggess is an amazing woman who also has made me laugh so hard that I've either cried or stopped making noise entirely. She also is an incredibly strong person who is a wonderful role model for people with depression and anxiety. One of her favorite quotes of mine is, "Depression is a lying bastard." It's absolutely true.

Chrystina Noel/Girls Who Make Lists
I didn't talk about Chrystina Noel last time, but her blog is definitely super fun! She is, as her blog says, an "Engineer by Day, Hostess by Night" and she throws excellent parties. She also makes beautiful cards, takes lovely photos, and is an all-around great person. We went to college and sang in some musical groups together, and now she works all over the place, so I haven't seen her in awhile. She also cowrites a blog called Girls Who Makes Lists, which is great as well. If you need help organizing a party, want some advice on crafting, or want to smile, check out her blog(s).

This is a blog that was just started by my friend Colleen, who happens to be not only one of my best friends but also a fabulous artist (even if she doesn't think so). She posts photos and drawings here, as well as life updates. I love her comics, and she always makes me laugh. She and I got married (to our respective fiances, haha) the same weekend, so we bonded over wedding planning insanity and kept each other from jumping off of buildings. She is hysterical, beautiful, and her art (especially her lettering!) makes me smile. Head over and say hello; you definitely won't regret it!

Josette Plank
I wrote about Josette before, but now is the perfect time for people who haven't read her blog before to head over there RIGHT NOW and read about her bat escapades. Bat-scapades? Let's go with bat-scapades. But Josette is a great writer who always makes me laugh, and also, now she can't get rabies, so if you need a possibly-rabid animal removed from your home, she's the one to call. But seriously, go check out her blog and laugh about bats and other hysterical stories from her life.

Anyway, now that we've caught up from yesterday's blog, I am going to go do some actual work, then blog again later so I am officially caught up for the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Go check out what blogs the rest of the participants love over at the link-up!

- A

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