In Which I Realize How Young my Blog Is

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I somehow survived the last two days, despite the fact that from 8-4, I was being held captive in the world's most boring training known to man. It was theoretically supposed to be a 2-day training for Clinical Research Coordinators, and in theory it would have been very useful... if I hadn't already taken essentially the same course at Penn last spring. It was seriously two of the longest days of my life, and if I hadn't been able to keep my phone charged, I would have lost my mind. I also wrote some haiku about the experience, which Emily suggested I do to pass the time. Don't worry, I'll definitely be posting them later.

Anyway, the theme for the post that was supposed to be on the 21st was to link to a few of my favorite posts in the archive. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I've only posted 51 entries in this blog, and I can't link to my old journal because it's friends-only. So here's a list of links to my favorite posts from this blog thus far...

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 Enjoy! Check out some other favorite posts from people here at the link up!

- A

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