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Thursday, May 30, 2013

This should not surprise anyone who knows me, but I love music. I'm a musician and there are few things that make me happier than live music, especially it's being performed by people I know. For Day 29 of Blog Every Day in May, I was supposed to choose five songs or pieces of music that speak to me or bring back memories  For me to pick only 5 songs with memories attached to them is practically impossible, but I will try. Also, I'm a day behind again. Shocking.

Music is life. See?
1. "At Last" by Etta James - This was the first song my now-husband and I ever danced to (we were at a friend's wedding!) and it was also our first dance song at our wedding. We took ballroom lessons from the teacher that I had taken lessons from in college, and it was SO fun. Ken had never taken dance lessons, and it was hysterical for us both. We loved it and having a special dance (complete with dramatic dip move at the end!) at our wedding made it feel even more special. I'm also a sucker for jazz in general, and who doesn't love Etta?

2. "If I Had a Million Dollars" by Barenaked Ladies - Our babysitter (who eventually just turned into a cool, older girl who hung out with us and made sure we didn't die) introduced me to BNL when I was in middle school, and I fell in love with them. I took Levi to see them (his first concert!) and we've seen them a few times since then. This song takes me back to summers spent dancing around in the living room, drives down to the beach with BNL blaring, and every time I've hung out with my brother, especially at a concert. It's just a happy, funny song and I love it.

3. Romanze for Viola and Orchestra by Bruch - Random classical piece! I've played the viola for 17 years (WHAT?) and this was my favorite piece that I've ever studied. I learned it the summer before my freshman year of college while I was taking lessons from the best teacher I've had, Tony Simmons. It became my college audition piece (and subsequently led to me getting multiple scholarships) and I love it to this day. There is something lyrical and longing about it, and it shows off everything that is fabulous about the viola. (You viola haters can stay quiet, here!) It brings back memories of Saturday mornings spent in Tony's studio slaving over double-stops and laughing about stupid mistakes, feeling like throwing my viola after playing the same measures over and over, feeling my heart fill up when I performed it, and letting the music pour of me when the piece reached its peak. It also brings back intense sorrow when I found out that during my freshman year, Tony was killed in a tragic car accident on his way to an orchestra rehearsal. Every time I've played the piece since, it's been for Tony.

4. Moonshadow by Cat Stevens - So this was a tie between "Moonshadow" and "Wild World", both by Cat Stevens. When I was a little girl, my dad made me a mix tape (so 90's, right?) with all of his favorite music, which was the music we listened to when he came to visit for weekends (my parents divorced when I was 3). It was full of things most little kids wouldn't enjoy, like Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel, The Doors, and The Eagles, but it became my favorite tape because it was my dad's favorite music. I think that I still have the now-defunct tape somewhere, haha. Anyway, we used to sing this song in the car when we were driving, even though my dad "can't carry a tune in a bucket" so he says. As a little kid, I especially liked the "if I ever lose my ________" parts because it was amusing to me, but I think that my love for acoustic singer-songwriters is a direct result of listening to so much stuff like that when I was a kid, haha.

Moonshadow by Cat Stevens on Grooveshark

5. Fall in Two by Guster, covered by 8 to the Bar - I am a huge dork and love a capella music. In fact, I was in an all-girls a capella group in college (The Treblemakers, obviously) and while we weren't terribly awesome, it was super fun. Our brother group at Drexel, 8 to the Bar, has always been pretty damn good, and recently has been AMAZING. I also may be slightly biased because my brother sang in the group, and the alumni group, After the Bar, performed at our wedding. It was so hard to pick one song of theirs that I love, since all of them bring me RIGHT BACK to college and make my heart smile. I especially love the rich harmonies that an all-men's group can achieve, and who doesn't love a bunch of attractive men who can sing? "Fall in Two" was Levi's senior solo in college, and it made me SO PROUD to hear him perform it. I love being able to pick out his voice among the rest of the guys (who are all awesome). I can't wait for them to put out their next CD; I can guarantee that it's going to be on repeat for awhile.(Levi is the soloist on the right! Steve, his friend, is on the left.)

There you go! 5 songs with memories. See what everyone else posted over here at the link-up!

- A

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  1. This list was awesome and the explanations were even better. I don't think I fully appreciated this 8ttb song the first time I heard it live, but you're right - now that I listen to it, it's awesome. Also, I like that the babysitter became the cool older girl who made sure you didn't die.


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