Wonderful Stuff Wednesday: Busy Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hey, look, a new blog feature! Here's the first post of "Wonderful Stuff Wednesday". Have something wonderful you want me to share? Let me know! Let's get to it.

So admittedly, I don't feel very amusing today because life is making me want to repeatedly slam my head into a brick wall. Instead of moping about on the blog, I thought I'd feature something hysterical written by my friend, Michelle. This is Michelle. She's a doctor!

Hi, Dr. Michelle!
I met her when I was in med school, only I left and she stayed, so now... she's a doctor. ANYWAY, she works as a VERY busy resident, and she is always looking for ways to save time. Today, she clicked on this link thinking, "Just what I need! Make up for busy people." Then she just started laughing because compared to a doctor, this lady in the video just does not even know the meaning of busy. Here is the original video:

Michelle had the following to say about the video. Ever wanted to know what a day in the life of an internal medicine resident is like? Here you go.


This video makes me laugh. Kinda want to do one for when we are on ICU in season when we are down a team member. Of course, it would be a beauty product nightmare. 

"This is me sobbing quietly while my alarm goes off at 4:30am. There is drool on my pillow. You are sleeping. This is me tossing on wrinkled scrubs that don't smell after a quick shower. You are still sleeping. This is me brushing my hair at stop lights in the car, while sucking down instant coffee. You are still sleeping... Strangely enough, you look like you are already wearing makeup. This is me pre-rounding on sleeping patients. One of them poops when I check for bowel sounds. You are still sleeping. This is me at sign out when you are just waking up and people ask me if I'm on nights because I already look like crap. This is me having seen several patients at 7:30am when you're smiling and skipping about over your breakfast taco. I've previously snarfed down a greasy cafeteria breakfast sandwich on the elevator between floors... I take the sausage off because its healthy that way. O.o This is me being pimped by my attending over random vent equations and the smallest little details of a patient's results. You are poking at ties and laughing with handsome smiling people. I am poking a wire into someone's jugular vein and praying that it's going in the right direction. Someone is likely screaming in the background. I pause to ensure it's not me... Yup, we're safe. This is me listening to my attending ask the patient questions I already asked him... But getting completely different answers. This is also me staring fixedly at his lunch tray, imagining what would happen if I grabbed the sandwich off of it and devoured it while running down the hall to avoid security. You are hula hooping in your office. You are obviously very busy. Later, I feast on hot tray food that is the exact opposite of what I counsel patients to eat dolloped into my Styrofoam takeout container. Yummy salt, fat and cholesterol. You understand me. You are catching up with an old friend, smiling and skipping. You skip an awful lot. I never skip. This is me attempting to keep my eyes open during lecture. When they call for answers, I keep my mouth shut. I could be wrong and look like an idiot. I look around. Everyone else is doing the same. You are hitting a gong and laughing. I am breaking the ribs of a 93 year old with no DNR during a code. You are looking studiously at spreadsheets, while curled up on a comfy looking couch. I am about ready to beat the computer with an IV pole as it has eaten my admit note on a complex patient for the third time. I shift from aching foot to aching foot, because someone thought it a wonderful idea to hang the computers on the wall. You are testing beauty products and nodding your head sagely, while you flip your hair. I am admitting someone for drinking Listerine. As I hit uptodate for info on Listerine (seriously?!?! They have an article for this?!?!) poisoning, I think momentarily that despite drinking an entire bottle of Listerine, he still smells terrible. You are changing your look from day to night and ensuring that your makeup is still in place. I have escaped for two seconds to pee for the first time today. My pager goes off. I look in the mirror as I wash my hands. I look like a homeless person and attempt to smooth down my wayward hair with water from the sink. I go to the ER to admit someone for eating shrimp for a second time this week. They knew they were allergic... But they were on vacation. You are off to see friends looking glamorous. I'm in a late sign out because someone was stupid enough to eat something that they are allergic to and I am suddenly aware that I smell of perspiration and Listerine. You are laughing with friends over drinks. I am finishing notes and scarfing down more cafeteria food because it's easy and free. Chicken sandwich from the grill. Yeah baby! Later I fall into bed. Your house is gorgeous and belongs in a magazine. My house is a disaster and the cat just puked on my growing stack of unopened mail. I am still not wearing makeup. My face has lasted 18 hours. I didn't have to check it once. I'm pretty sure it's still there."


So there you have it! Now you've (hopefully) been able to laugh instead of reading about my internal chaos, and by the next time I need to blog, the chaos will have resolved itself (unlikely, but one can always hope!) So thank you, Dr. Michelle, for being the source of the first Wonderful Stuff Wednesday!

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- A

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  1. I do not like this video. I honestly couldn't get through the whole thing without wanting to either throw the woman out a window or giving myself an aneurysm.

    I figured both of these things would add one more patient to the lovely Dr. Michelle's patient list and thought better of it.

    I much like Wonderful Stuff Wednesday and now that you are back I suppose I'll post (because you're my inspiration and posting buddy...no pressure).



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