Blogtember is Here... and Started on Tuesday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

ANYWAY! It's Blogtember! And I'm already three days behind! Who's not surprised? Whoo hooooooo!

You might remember Blog Every Day in May, which turned into, "Blog most days in May and play catch up on other days" but hey, I wrote 31 posts and it was hard! Jenni of Story of My Life is back at it with more fun and interesting prompts, and this time, we have the weekends off! 20 days of blogging in 30 days is totally do-able... although if the fact that I'm already behind is representative of the rest of the month, well... we'll see. The prompts are all here, so feel free to blog or read along! I found some of my favorite blogs by reading the responses to May's challenge; who knows, you might find a new favorite!

Day 1: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Well, nothing like starting off simple!  ::eye roll:: There are about a hundred responses to this, which is kind of great, in and of itself.

Literally: I came from my mother! And my father, too, if you want to get specific about it.

Born in Mission Viejo, CA, raised in Marlton, NJ, lived in Springfield, OH, Philadelphia, PA, Davie, FL, and a few other places in southern NJ.

I come from a divorced family that is kind of a disaster. My brother is my best friend in this world, my dad is one of my favorite people ever (although he wasn't always), and my mom and I have a terribly complicated relationship that was really enmeshed and unhealthy when I was younger, then ridiculously antagonistic and unhealthy when I was older and lived with her, and now it's far less antagonistic, but sometimes things get hairy. (They're much less ridiculous and insane since I moved out.)

I come from the suburbs. I'm a suburbanite who really likes driving her (mostly practical) car and who doesn't know how to operate public transit very well. I come from people who value education, and as such, it became very important to me. I come from readers, people who love science, and people who love technology. My grandmother went to U Penn on a full scholarship and majored in chemistry, then taught in Philadelphia until she got married and had her kids. She is the person who taught me how to use a computer, and she even signed me up for my first email address, which I think is pretty cool, since most people in their 70's that I had encountered had no interest in even touching a computer at that point.

My past is full of things that have shaped me, and I don't feel right picking out one or two over another because it makes them seem more important. Sure, I have a history of debilitating depression and anxiety, and they caused my life to take various paths that were not the ones I originally intended to take, which shaped my life in a huge way. If I had left medical school, I wouldn't have met my husband, for example. That's a big deal! But I wouldn't say that my depression and subsequently leaving medical school were more important "life shapers" than the year I spent in Ohio at Wittenberg University (where I met two of my best friends in this world and an amazing professor who I still keep in touch with), or the trip I took to Israel in 2011 that blew my mind in a hundred ways.

I'm a person who is made up of intense passion for what I do, whether it's work, relationships, or school. There is no half-assing here. I'm either unconscious or going 60,000 miles an hour. Sometimes, this makes me feel insane; most of the time, it makes me feel alive.

What makes up who you are?

Check back later for the errant Day 2 and Day 3 posts of Blogtember, and check out the link-up here!

- A

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