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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 11: A memory you'd love to relive

I know it sounds so clichéd, but I would love to go back and relive my wedding day. It was almost a year ago, and while the 18+ months leading up the wedding were stressful at best (and at worst, made me contemplate committing a felony), the day itself was damn near perfect. There were things that went awry (like my mom running late, the bridesmaids dresses being slightly wrinkly, one of them not fitting entirely and having to be MacGuyver'd into some semblance of a dress, someone requesting "Hallelujah" by Jeff Cohen and it being subsequently played as the song that Ken and I left our reception to, my step-mother breaking her shoe during the hora, etc) but overall, it was glorious.

I would want to go back to just after the rehearsal dinner ended and we were back at the hotel. I was sharing a room with two of my college best friends and we were giggling and being ridiculous. Around 11, I went to Ken's room that he was sharing with my brother to practice our first dance one last time, but I had strict instructions (from Memily and LF) to be back in our hotel room by 11:45 so I could go to bed. The next morning, I woke up at 7, had breakfast with my dad and Ang (our day-of coordinator, who was AMAZING) and then started the prep for the day. I loved getting my hair and make-up done, and I had so much fun drinking champagne in our (slightly overcrowded) hotel room while the stylists worked their magic.

I want to go back to the goofiness that ensued when we tried to put 8 people, a rather large wedding gown, and 7 bouquets into a 12 passenger van, and then get "fake mad" when someone started singing "Goin' to the Chapel" (because they know I hate that song, haha). I want to go back to getting dressed in the bridal suite and having my step-mom and step-sister there to help. I want to go back to laughing in the bathroom as Victoria helped me get into the world's most restrictive long-line bra known to (wo)man. I want to go back to laughing as Sarah, Victoria, and I attempted to navigate the twisty staircase down from the bridal suite (seriously, who thought THAT was a good idea?) and thinking that at any minute, everyone could come crashing down behind me and I might get a concussion on my wedding day (which would have been so typical).

I want to go back to our "first look" photos, when first my dad, and then Ken, saw me in my gown for the first time.

I want to go back to the way the air felt, crisp and fall-like, but not too cold. I want to go back to feeling absolutely beautiful. I want to go back to how I felt right before I walked down the aisle, and how my face hurt from all the smiling. I want to go back to the food, the dancing, the laughing. I want to go back to having (almost) all of my favorite people in one place, all getting along, celebrating love.



There wasn't any one thing about that day that made it what it was; it was the overall feeling of joy. I can't say that I have felt pure joy like I did that day. I had the "wedding zen". It didn't matter if someone's dress didn't fit, or the steamer didn't work, or that the bar wasn't exactly where I wanted it. I suddenly wasn't worried if our sets of divorced parents would behave (they did) or whether people would get super drunk (they didn't) or if the venue coordinator was a jerk (he kind of was). What mattered was who was there, in spirit or reality, and how we all felt. A recent "Wedding Graduate" post on A Practical Wedding hit the nail on the head.

"During our long drive home the next day, my husband was reading aloud cards I’d received from my bridesmaids, and he started to cry. I was driving, and asked if these were happy tears, but what he said nearly made me cry as well. He told me that he had always thought that heaven would be a place where you have all the people you love in one place, and get to spend unlimited time with all of them. And then, in the most sincere and sweet way possible, he said that our wedding might be the closest we ever get to heaven on earth."

It's true. Our wedding might be the closest that we ever get to heaven on earth. What moment would you relive, if you could? If you want to see other people's walks down memory lane, head over to the link up at Story of My Life, and be sure to check back here later for another post... photos only!

- A


  1. I absolutely love this post. Especially what your husband said about heaven on earth. Some of my best memories have been spent just talking late into the night with my family. I can only imagine what my wedding will be like.

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. It almost felt like I had been there.

    1. Aw, thanks! The quote was actually from a post on A Practical Wedding (linked above) but I love the sentiment!

  2. Awwwwwww, tearing up over here (always a good thing in the middle of the work day) - this sounds like a fabulous day my dear :)


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