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Friday, September 13, 2013

And we're behind again. Whoops. Let's get to it, shall we? This week was endless, but now it's Friday and in an hour, I'll be leaving for class. Hurrah!


Day 8: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Well, I wish I had access to my original blog, which I started somewhere in the vicinity of 2000? I was going to say that "back when OpenDiary was a thing" but upon further inspection (read: going to the website) apparently, OpenDiary is still a thing. (Who the hell is using that site!?) Anyway, I had a pretty good (for a high schooler) blog there, but somewhere along the line, the internet ate most of the site, and with it, my blog. Sad day.

But not too sad, because I started my Live Journal then! That was in 2004, and I blogged there until January 2013. Admittedly, towards the end, I was blogging less and less because I felt like I didn't have anything interesting to say, and I also realized that approximately 3 people used LJ and I was one of them, so I wasn't really doing anything but talking to myself. SO, I started this blog and for awhile, I tried to update both of them, but that was stupid, so I officially stopped writing in the LJ and blog here exclusively now. (The word "exclusive" makes you feel like you're special, doesn't it?!)

For the most part, my blogging has always been for me. I've used it mostly as a virtual journal, even though I do keep a written journal as well (because let's face it, some things don't belong on the internet, contrary to popular belief). I do find that since I've started reading a lot of other blogs and participing in things like Blogtember and Blog Every Day in May that I've been trying to write more for my "readers" (all like, 5 of you), or at least to make writing for me semi-interesting to someone who isn't me. Am I doing that? Who knows. People seem to still come here, whether that's by accident or on purpose, I'm not sure.

In the end, I'm still blogging because I enjoy it. I never want to turn it into a career (career "bloggers" baffle me, aside from people like Dooce and The Bloggess, who seem to do other things like write books and make appearances and go to conferences). In fact, I barely consider myself a blogger. I had this conversation with Chrystina who tells me that what I do is called "lifestyle blogging" but I am not sure that I even fit into that category.

As far as the rest of social media... I'm pretty addicted to Facebook. I really enjoy posting things and looking at peoples' photos... and occasionally being a creeper and looking at the profile of some girl that my brother went out on a date with, or one of my high school boyfriends... but mostly, I use it to post stupid/silly things about my life, share photos, and keep up with my friends who seem to have flung themselves to the four corners of the earth. I accidentally started using Twitter in college... and no, that isn't a joke. I apparently made a Twitter account somewhere in 2006-2007 and promptly forgot it existed because frankly, I had no idea what Twitter was for (I kind of still don't know, but it's fun). Then, one of my friends asked why I never updated my Twitter, and I said I didn't have one, and she insisted that I did, and what did you know, there it was. I technically have an Instagram account, but similar to the Twitter situation, I'm not quite sure what one is supposed to do with it (besides post photos, which I do on Facebook) so I don't really use it.

I suppose that social media has made me simultaneously more and less connected to the world. I have always been one for documenting things, especially via photos, and now I have a super easy way to do that thanks to my smartphone and Facebook... but because of that, I'm constantly "documenting" things instead of just experiencing them. Although if I'm perfectly honest, I'm usually more upset that I didn't take a picture/share something than if I did, so there's that. Also, I'm way more attached to my phone than I think I should be... but I think we all are, and that's another post entirely.

How has social media changed you? For better? For worse? See what everyone else said at the link up, and check back later for today's actual post, which is supposed to be a self-portrait...

- A

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  1. We're just going to have to come up with a new word then :)


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