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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So, I had started a short story for Day 13 of Blogtember, but I gave up because I am a pretty terrible fiction writer, and also, my life is so weird that anything I made up wouldn't compare to actual stories that I could tell you about my family, my husband's family, or the ridiculous situations that I've gotten myself into.

Then I decided, what the hell, I am skipping the prompt to react to the term "comfort" mainly because... I don't feel like it. So there, internet. You don't know me! (Well, okay, you kind of do. Especially you, Google and Facebook, with your targeted advertising!) So here we are with life lately. I feel like a lot of my posts are "life lately" but it's about time for one, anyway.


First things first, I got my MCAT scores! Since that sentence has an exclamation point and not a period or an ellipses, and really, because I mentioned it at all, you can infer that yes, the scores were good. I got them last Tuesday while I was at work, and I wasn't expecting to get them until I got home because the site said that they would be released online after 5 pm... but I logged on earlier than that to do something with one of my applications and BAM, there they were! I was not prepared, and I didn't believe that they were what they were. All in all, very pleased with myself and glad that I don't have to take them ever again. Of course, there's that nagging doubt in my head that says, "What if they're still not good enough and you don't get into med school anyway!" but I'm trying to ignore that SOB and move on with my life. All of my applications are in (ugh, so expensive) and now I'm just waiting for things to get sent various places to be blessed by God and his mother (or someone equally unreachable) before the schools get them. That's the up to the minute on med school.

Classes are going... okay. I am 99% sure that I'm dropping my microbiology class because I did really badly on the first exam (like, actually really badly, not "I'm a crazy, type-A, overachiever who got a B" badly) and I don't know how that happened because I felt like I studied enough and felt like I had landed in solid B-territory, at least. The professor doesn't curve and also doesn't believe in partial credit. I don't need the class for med school or to finish my certificate, I can take it another time, and it would free up my Fridays and Saturdays, as well as allow me to spend more time on immunobiology (which is HARD) and histology. But apparently, the regular drop date was September 16th, and so now if I drop it, it won't go on my transcript, but I'd still have to pay for 50% of the course, which is stupid. I guess I'll talk to the professor on Friday. Man, now I have to do the lab that's due. Sigh.

Also, it's fall! Hurrah! At the risk of sounding like a blogging cliche, I love fall. The other day, I had my first Caramel Apple Spice of the season.

I know, everyone is like, "Where's the Pumpkin Spice Latte?" Well, I'm here to tell you that not all of us like pumpkin, internet! Sorry, maybe I should have told you to sit down before I said that. I don't like pumpkin or pumpkin flavored things. I try, every year, to enjoy pumpkin, but it's just not going to happen. (Stop trying to make pumpkin happen, Alison.) And yes, I know that one can acquire a Caramel Apple Spice year-round, unlike the PSL for you pumpkin fiends, but it doesn't feel right to drink it any time other than fall and winter. And yes, it was GLORIOUS. I especially have been loving the fall water we've been having, although getting dressed is annoying because I'm not quite sure how cool it will be. I always err on the side of "I'm going to freeze my ass off" because apparently, just shy of Arctic is my baseline temperature. In any case, I'm trying to soak up the fall weather before it gets ripped away from us and it's snowing. Or, more likely, raining and being ridiculously freezing. Thanks, New Jersey.

What else have I been up to? Not exercising, which is unfortunate. I had a huge meltdown about my body and my weight over the weekend, partly because I was hormonal and partly because I am mentally damaged.

Possibly TMI sidenote: The fact that I only get my period 4 times a year is AMAZING.  I am on Seasonique for my endometriosis (and also for baby-preventing purposes) and I have been for 10 years now. Four periods a year is the BEST. In fact, I tend to forget how horrible my periods and PMS are in between, which is never a fun surprise. This time around, I sent an email to my friend Jenn that said:

All day, I've been super cranky and kind of feeling gross, and everything is pissing me off. I was like, wtf is wrong with me?! Oh, I'm getting my period this week. I'm so not used to it since I only get it 4 times a year. Dealing with this on a monthly basis? File that under N, as in "Noise, fuck this".

So that was a good time, especially because I was trying to get ready to go out to dinner with Ken, my brother, and my dad (who was in from FL for the weekend), and I was literally throwing things out of my closet and acting generally like a psychotic jerk. That's mostly resolved, but hey, at least I know what I'm talking about with my therapist for awhile. The weekend with my dad was nice, even though Saturday night and Sunday I felt disgusting (mentally, then physically) thanks to my hormones and my methotrexate. The good news is that I think the methotrexate is working! My hands and wrists hurt a lot less, and they're no longer swollen, so I'm counting that as a win.

In between classes and work, I still manage to find time to go out and do fun things, like go see an improv comedy show featuring Dr. Yudell, one of my favorite professors from my MPH program. He taught our Intro to Public Health class, and then as a second year student, I took his PhD-level seminar on Public Health Ethics. The show was called Study Hall and was put on by "Asteroid!", one of the Philly Improv Theater groups. I love improv comedy and someday, when I have way more free time, I'd love to take an improv class. As a freshman in college, I dabbled in improv (via the theater program), and in high school, my friends and I played improv games (because we were huge nerds). Anyway, it was a good time, and Ken and I are probably going to go see their next show, Improvised B Movie Double Feature!

In other news, our one year wedding anniversary is coming up on October 14th! I can't believe that it's almost been a year since we got married. What is happening to time? We got our wedding album a few weeks ago, and it is gorgeous! The reason we just got it is mainly because I took 937 years to pick out the photos for it (to be fair, our photographer took 600+ photos and we have all of them) and then it took awhile for the album to get produced because they're handmade (and amazing). Our anniversary plans haven't really materialized yet. Nothing crazy, as we're trying to build our savings (and we just went on our honeymoon) but I'm sure we'll eat our leftover wedding cake (fudge cake with peanut butter buttercream!) and finally watch our wedding video (no, we haven't done that yet) and probably go out to dinner. I'm so grateful for Ken. He's a good lad.

Speaking of Ken, here he is! Relaxing with some Xbox after a long day of teaching geometry, algebra II, and AP statistics to recalcitrant high school students. Luna, our spaz-cat who usually is hiding somewhere, really enjoys watching Ken play Halo, apparently. Also, this pictures makes me realize how badly I want to get rid of that random crap in the back of our living room and finish turning the condo into an actual home, where things are all the walls, etc. Sigh. Perhaps this weekend.

Last night, I went out with my friend Jenn and her friend, Brenna, who I had wanted to meet for awhile. We went to Alfa for happy hour, then walked down to Magpie (because pie, obviously). There were no pictures taken of the delicious Buttery Caramel Apple pie because we were too busy eating it, but this is us at the pie place. We're pretty cute.

In other news, this week is never-ending and I have a cold. Or I'm in the process of getting a cold. Ken had a cold over the weekend that has evolved into a lingering cough with some cold symptoms, and on Sunday night, I went to bed with a sore throat that has not abated, and I've been quite sneezy and generally feeling gross. I haven't felt bad enough to stay home from work to recuperate, but today has been largely unproductive because my head feels like it weighs about a hundred pounds. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight and tomorrow will be better...?

Annnd now that it's almost 4:30, I am going to go home because I am getting nothing done and I feel disgusting. Bring on the pajamas, fuzzy socks, and tea!

- A

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