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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Well, surprising no one, I'm now four days behind on Blogtember and I missed last week's Wonderful Stuff Wednesday... I'm a mess! A blogging disaster! (Blogging sounds like a descriptive expletive in that context... but I literally meant that I am a disaster of a blogger.) ANYWAY. On to the posting.

The next post for Blogtember is pictures only, followed by a short story that starts with, "To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century...", followed by reacting to the word "comfort", and then a "life lately" post, followed by a review of a place/book/thing. Ooookay. Hate to break it to you, but I'm skipping the short story and the "respond to comfort" post. Sorry. Sometimes, we can't do everything we want, haha.

Here we go! Pictures only! A perfect time to share some photos from our honeymoon!
2 hours of sleep and we almost missed our flight, but hey, we're on our honeymoon!
Odometer of the rental car when we picked it up... for posterity!
First stop when we landed? Brunch.
The best French toast EVER (from Olea)

Mondavi Winery
Shhh, grapes are growing.
In the vines at Mondavi

We seriously wanted to run away to the Napa Valley.

Breakfast in our room in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge!

Ken loved the redwoods in Muir Woods.
To be fair, so did I. I wanted to live in this tree. Ken said no.
The resident sea lions of Pier 39!
REALLY excited for our Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae!
I couldn't leave Sausalito without going to the adorable yarn store I found!
The view from our hotel in Monterey

Penguin! Her name was Betty, according to the name tag on her wing.
The best part of the entire Monterey Bay Aquarium! I love the Giant Pacific Octopus!
Bixby Bridge, one of our stops on our way from Monterey to LA via the PCH!
McWay Falls, another stop in Big Sur. The coastline is UNREAL!

Another Big Sur coastline shot
A beach in San Simeon where the Elephant Seals come to hang out!
1226 miles later, we turned in our car and got on a plane back to the east coast...

Not pictured: Our trip to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, all of the food we ate, the wine we drank, or any of the professional photos we had done by Allison Andres! Those are for another post. :)

And that's how California became one of my favorite places in the world. Hope you enjoyed!

- A

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