365 Days Later

Monday, October 14, 2013

This time last year, I was sitting in a hotel room in Lancaster, PA, surrounded by my favorite people, getting my hair and make-up done, trying not to have an irrational meltdown about God knows what, and thinking that in 5 hours, I would be walking down the aisle to get married.

First of all, where the hell has the last year gone? I mean, seriously! I started thinking about the things that I've done or that have happened in the past year:

- Got married (what!?)
- Moved into a newer, nicer condo
- Painted said newer, nicer, condo
- Officially got diagnosed with RA (and started on a treatment that seems to be working)
- Went back to school (because I am a masochist)
- Decided to reapply to med school (see above)
- Retook the MCAT (reached my score goal via magic and wizardry a buttload of studying)
- Lost a friend
- Made new friends/got WAY closer with some people with whom I was already friendly
- Went on our honeymoon
- Started blogging again (at this new blog!)
- Caught up on Mad Men (we're now ready for the final season!)
- Worked at the same job for over a year (and got a raise)
- Became a serious coffee drinker
- Got bangs
- Colored my hair red, then went back to blonde
- Read a few (but not nearly enough) books
- Started knitting again
- Realized who my real friends are

There's a million other little things that have happened, so that's just a smattering, but hey, not bad for a year. I wish that I had applied to med school earlier (so maybe I could be hearing about acceptances now, not just waiting for secondaries), or lost more weight (ugh), or read more books, saved more money, felt less diseased... but overall, not a completely unproductive year, I suppose.

So yes, I've been married for a year. Ken and I celebrated last night, because tonight I will be in class (womp womp). We went apple picking at Linvilla Orchards, and then went to dinner at Catelli Duo, which was delicious.

"I picked an apple!" (actual quote)
Chicken with a cool hairdo!
Feeding the chickens... possibly plotting to steal one.
Married for a year, together for almost 5... still making ridiculous faces.
Happy anniversary!

Tonight, I am hoping to get home at a more reasonable time than shortly after 10 pm, because Ken and I have plans to watch our wedding video (because for some reason, we haven't done that yet). I'll let you know how that goes. Of course, I forgot to take our frozen cake out of the freezer, but maybe it will be defrosted if Ken takes it out when he gets home from school. Fingers crossed?

Last night, I asked Ken if he ever forgot we were married, and not in a, "I just made out with this person because I forgot we were married," creepy kind of way. But sometimes, I "forget" that we are married because so little changed from before we were married to after we were married. We had been living together for ten months in our own place (14 months total, including the time we lived at my mom's) and there hadn't been a major adjustment to moving in together. In fact, it was one of the easiest transitions I've made in my life to date. It just felt so natural to have him there all the time, and neither one of us had to alter our lives drastically in any way to make it work. It was way easier than 99% of the times I had lived with a roommate (except for living with Emily, my roommate history has largely been disastrous).

So what does it mean to be married?

I didn't change my name. We didn't buy a house. We don't have kids. We have two cats. We cook together and grocery shop together. He takes out the trash and I bring in the mail. I clean the bathroom and do the dusting, he vacuums. We do dishes and laundry. I constantly ask him if he's seen my phone or my keys, he forgets to make doctor's appointments. We marathon TV shows on Netflix. We order pizza when we don't feel like cooking. He reaches things on high shelves and I taught him how to fold a fitted sheet. We laugh about inside jokes. He holds my hand when we're in a crowd so I don't get lost. He kisses the top of my head and calls me "little wife" because I am a foot shorter than he is. He lets the cats sleep in the bed. I tell him not to wear those shoes with those pants and he remembers to not put my "lay flat to dry" clothes in the dryer. He lets me shower first and doesn't get upset when my beauty products take over our bathroom counter. I pick up the bathmat that he continually leaves on the floor. We share dessert (so I don't feel so bad about ordering it). He tells me I'm beautiful first thing in the morning (and all the time). He kisses me and wraps me up in a hug before he leaves every morning, even though I'm half asleep and basically have no idea what I'm saying. He is never not excited when I come home. We support each other, laugh with (and at) one another, and snuggle. We make up silly dances and have pretend arguments about whose bathroom is whose. We have alone time and together time, a life apart and a life together. We share friends, ice cream, our amazingly comfortable bed, our hopes, dreams, and fears.

I didn't have to change who I was; I just had to continue being myself, and in fact, have become more myself than I ever have been before.

Being married, for us, was a lot like being engaged and living together... or perhaps, living together and being engaged was a lot like being married. Our lives slipped together like a key into a lock, and everything just fit. One of the best things about our marriage is that I'm still learning about my husband (and myself) on a nearly daily basis. It's frustrating, hysterical, complicated, and yet somehow still amazingly fun. I'm so lucky to have found and married my perfect match, and I can't wait to see what's next.

Speaking of what's next, I've decided to link up for Weekly Wishes! Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective is one of my favorite bloggers, and not just because she started the The Snail Mail Collective or because she has an adorable dog. She designs beautiful things and is truly an inspiring artist and person, so go check out her blog! I read a couple of blogs who always link up with her Weekly Wishes posts, and so I figured I'd join the cool kids and give it a shot. Without further adieu, here are my Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective

1.Purge my closet and dresser/reorganize my drawers.
Confession: I don't like shopping. Oddly, I somehow still have way too many clothes because I also hate wasting things or admitting that I don't like something that I spent money on at some point. This doesn't change, even if the item is practically unwearable due to holes or that the style changed. Case in point: I own a sweater that I have had since 5th grade. Yes, it still fits (which means either I haven't grown since 5th grade or that it was huge when I got it... probably some of Column A, some of Column B.) It's not a particularly offensive sweater, but it's also not particularly interesting. It's navy blue. That's it. It's very warm and fuzzy and I probably shouldn't wear it, simply on the principle that the damn thing is old enough to vote, but... it remains in my sweater cabinet. Anyway, I've been talking about reorganizing my drawers for months now, and it just needs to get done.

2. Be a better Snail Mail Collective Participant
So, I still haven't blogged my first Snail Mail Collective experience, and now I have a second one! This week, the goal is to blog about the first one from Courtney of All Things Loverly, as well as the second one, and send my second one off to Laura of Inspiration Sparks. I'm behind on sending Laura her goodies, but she promised she wouldn't turn me in the Snail Mail Collective police! Keep an eye out for the posts about that!

3. Buy new windshield wipers and get the car washed. Get the battery checked.
The paint from my last car repair should finally be set so I can take my car to the car wash, and I've needed wiper blades for at least three months, so that really needs to get done. Also, my battery light randomly comes on and the car has been sluggish to turn over in the mornings, so it's time to get that checked before I'm stranded somewhere and have to wait for USAA roadside assistance to come and rescue me.

4. Finish the endless baby blanket.
For the love of God and all that is holy, this thing needs to be DONE. I had just started it in mid-July and now the baby is 5 weeks old. I'm supposed to meet the little darling tomorrow and I'd really like to be able to hand her momma the blanket.  Also, I'm sick of looking at it, haha.

5. Get ahead on school work.
I have a midterm on Thursday for histo, a bunch of stuff due on Friday for micro, and a midterm in two weeks for immuno. There's also a paper to be done for micro, a paper to think about/plan for immuno, and another quiz coming up in histo soon. Going to try and get ahead, especially on the papers, because that would make my life so much easier.

Feel free to link up your own goals at The Nectar Collective, and don't forget to leave an inspirational comment on the person's blog who linked up before you! As for me, I'm off to get some more work done, then grab a cup of coffee with Constance (who is in Philly for a few hours) before class tonight. Have a good one!

- A


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    1. He seriously was! I love chickens and roosters with crazy hair, haha.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!! Sounds like you guys have a very sweet relationship!

  3. Aww, lovely post to read - congratulations on your anniversary!


  4. Geezel you have been busy :) Happy Anniversary!

    1. Busy doesn't even begin to describe it, haha. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the well-wishes! :)


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