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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well, I've been pretty terrible about updating this, but in my defense, it's midterm season and I work full-time AND my mother-in-law was here over the weekend, so I'm considering it a win that I am upright, dressed, and haven't committed any felonies. SO. Where are we?

I totally failed at weekly wishes, so let's try this again, shall we?

The Nectar Collective
Last week's wishes/goals were:

1.Purge my closet and dresser/reorganize my drawers.
2. Be a better Snail Mail Collective Participant
3. Buy new windshield wipers and get the car washed. Get the battery checked.
4. Finish the endless baby blanket.
5. Get ahead on school work.

And I did exactly NONE of them. I did work on the endless baby blanket and I did spend 5 hours studying on Sunday, but the baby blanket remains unfinished and the studying didn't put me ahead, just kept me from slipping behind. This week, my main goal is to study my face off for my immunobiology exam. Ok, not literally, because ew,  but seriously, study a LOT.  The exam is on Monday and I am almost finished with the take-home portion of the exam (which is a beast in and of itself). I'm going to the TA office hours tomorrow to get some questions cleared up, which should be helpful. I'm also meeting up with a few girls from my class on Friday night to continue the study fiesta that we started this past Sunday. Monday night by 9:30, I will be ready to collapse into a pile... but I can't because I have another midterm later that week! WHOO HOOOOOO!!!! ::falls over::

When I'm not studying, I plan to work on taking care of the other items from last week's list, but I am making no promises to do anything except probably not die. I'll do my utmost. This weekend, Ken and I are heading to Maryland to visit my aunt and her husband (he's technically my uncle, I guess, but they only got married a few years ago, so we just call him by his first name, haha) and I'll have time to knit in the car, so hopefully that'll knock out the baby blanket. As for the rest... we'll see.

Let's see... what else? Oh! AMCAS finally processed my application and it was sent to the sole MD school I applied to, Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, inconveniently abbreviated CMSRU. (Sidenote, NJ medical schools have some weird obsession with having the longest acronyms ever. We used to have UMDNJ-SOM and UMDNJ-RWJ and NJMS... but everything has changed hands now and I am not sure what anything is called anymore except that UMDNJ-SOM is now Rowan-SOM, so that one is pretty easy.) Anyway, I was super excited to have one of my applications out in the world, and not even two hours later, I got an invitation to fill out a secondary application for CMSRU! They apparently do screen primary applications before sending secondaries, but who knows. Anyway, I now have the "privilege" of writing 4 more scintillating essays about various things and then sending them $75. It is my first choice program, so I have my fingers crossed. Now, if AACOMAS (the DO application service) would follow suit and get their act together, that'd be superb.

In OTHER news, my friend Colleen over at Constantly Quixotic introduced me to a new blogging "challenge". We all know how I did with Blog Every Day in May (I ended up finally getting it all done) and Blogtember (not so great), but this is a little different. It's through Chasing Happiness and it's called The Thankful Project. I love a good blog challenge, and I was going to do a more general one anyway, but I'll tuck that away for when I'm needing some blog post inspiration. SO... if you'd like to join me on our quest to remember why we're grateful in November, head on over to the link above and start posting on November 1st! Link up, read, and enjoy!

For now, I'm heading home to write a giant paper for my microbiology course and continue studying for immuno. Have a good one!

- A


  1. I love having a few goals to achieve throughout the week - I blog about it in a linky every Monday.

    Having goals has helped me settle in to my new life!


    1. I saw your linky! I love it. :) So far, I've been terrible at my goals, but my life is consumed with midterms right now. Next week will be better... I hope?!


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