Dear 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soundtrack: Farewell, December (Matt Nathanson)
Dear 2013,

Well, I must say that despite the fact that at times you were crawling, overall, you went by in a flash. I feel like it was only a little while ago that Ken and I were at Victoria and Vinny's house, eating delicious food, drinking champagne, and being generally festive while waiting for the ball to drop. But here we are again, another New Year's Eve, another year in the books.

A lot has happened this year, as it often does over the course of 12 months, I guess. I celebrated one year at CHOP in July and 1 year of marriage in October. I went back to school to take classes to reapply to med school, and I actually reapplied to med school, instead of just thinking about it. I studied for and retook my MCAT, and surprising no one but myself, improved my score. I even managed to secure an interview at my top choice med school, but that interview isn't happening until 2014, so I'll leave it there for now. I got to walk my dad down the aisle as he married his love of 11 years, which was nice, since he walked me down the aisle in 2012. I went to a few concerts, went to a wedding, visited with some people I don't get to see very often, got to hold my friend Jenni's new baby, studied my face off, moved into a new condo with Ken, went on our honeymoon, and took a LOT of pictures of the cats. Oh, and I started blogging for real. All in all, not bad!

There were a lot of emotional ups and downs, but thanks to therapy, good friends, chocolate, sleep, and (legally prescribed) pharmaceuticals, I managed to survive and exit 2013 relatively unscathed. There were things I would have liked to not happen, and a few things that could have made 2013 way less crappy, but there's not much that I can do about that. I would have liked to get more sleep and spent less time worrying. I would have liked to be more financially secure and have more in my savings. I would have liked to lose weight. But... I had a fabulous time on our honeymoon, I laughed a lot, we moved into a great new place, and I got to see almost everyone I love and adore (and the ones I didn't, I managed to keep in pretty good touch with, in spite of them being strewn across the country).

As always, I learned about myself and others along the way. Sometimes, people do really stupid things and they'll make what you consider to be poor life choices, and there's nothing you can do to stop them. You can love them anyway. Sometimes, people will react poorly to your honest expression of concern, and they'll stop talking to you and you'll wonder why they didn't at least tell you that they weren't going to speak to you ever again... but you can't stop them from doing that either. You can love them anyway. Sometimes, people will make you really angry, and sometimes, those people are your parents, and that's okay. You can  love them anyway. Sometimes, you'll make yourself really angry or sad or whatever, and that's also okay, but you have to love yourself anyway.

I'm still working on that last one.

As far as 2014... here are some requests, universe.

1. Stop shitting on my friends and family. Give us a break, for a bit, huh? No more people getting sick, getting their hearts broken, struggling with depression, having financial troubles, being lonely, being sad, being unfulfilled... okay, that's a lot of requests. But seriously, give my friends and family some love, shall we?

2. Med school acceptance. Give it. Preferably to Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, but I'll take PCOM or Rowan SOM. Or any of the other 9 places to which I applied, but that require me to move far away from my current locale. I'd prefer that less, but I know I can't be too picky here.

3. Stability. Help me find it. With that, I suspect far more contentment will follow. I think I've earned that much.

And so with that, Simply A is signing off for 2013. Thank you all for visiting, commenting, and following along on this journey. See you in 2014!



  1. New Years resolution: when the password is "octopus," remember to ask the delivery man for the password.

    1. You will never let me live that down, huh? :-p

      Happy New Year, Steve. :)

  2. A really lovely round up of your 2013.

    I hope 2014 is all that you hope it to be and that you get to be heading in the direction you really want.

    Molly xX

    1. Thanks, Molly! I hope your 2014 is lovely and that you continue to have a smooth transition to America. Keep writing, I love your stories. :)


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