Goodnight, Bug

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Friday! We made it!  ::falls over::

I have a final in my microbiology class this evening at 5, and at the current moment, I am woefully under-prepared... so I'm blogging, obviously. I simply must tell this story though, because it is just too typical of my life to not share with all of you.

Last night, I was studying for my final. This was the scene:

Sleeping husband and sleeping cat. Gershwin, of course, chose to sleep on my microbiology textbook, but only after being told (multiple times) that no, it was not appropriate to sleep on Ken's face. Seriously, can this cat get any cuter? I maintain that he cannot.

At 2 am, I called it a night, showered, and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. That's when I found this in the middle of my kitchen floor:

Can I get a collective "ewwww" from the internet? Thanks. Normally, I am not terribly squeamish about insects, but at 2 am, I was not about to tangle with an earwig. Instead, this was my solution.

I thought about leaving a note on the cup so when Ken came into the kitchen in the morning, he didn't just pick it up and get a nasty surprise, but I decided that I'd just tell him in the morning. With that, I said goodnight to the bug (literally) and went to bed. I hoped that the cats would leave the cup alone, but figured that if they didn't, maybe they'd just take care of the bug as well.

This morning, Ken woke up at his normal time of ass o'clock and as he was leaving the bedroom, this conversation ensued:

Me: Babe, there's a cup in the middle of the kitchen floor.
Ken: Okay...?
Me: With a bug under it.
Ken: Okay...

::goes into kitchen::
Ken: is it a big bug?
Me: No, not really. But it is disgusting.
Ken: Is it a fast bug?
Me: I don't believe so. It didn't run away when I slammed a cup over it last night.
Ken: Okay.

(two minutes later)

Ken: Alison, this is a dead bug.

And then we laughed for awhile because I had trapped a dead bug under a cup. Either that, or I had trapped a live bug under a cup and it died in the middle of the night, as postulated by Julie.

Julie: Maybe it died under the cup in the middle of the night!
Me: I killed it!?!
Julie: You may have contributed significantly to his no-longer-living.
So, that was my early morning, insect adventure. Now it's on to coffee, studying, sample processing, and general productivity until 5:00, at which point I will brain-dump everything I know about viruses, humoral and cell-mediated immunity, host-microbe interactions, immunological techniques, and antibiotics onto my final. Then tomorrow starts the process of studying for the immunology final and the histology final... the next 13 days are going to be interesting.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you're somewhere where it's precipitating (like it is here), stay dry!!

- A


  1. That picture makes me want to die. I know the bug is actually smaller than that but it has PINCERS. No thank you! However, your cup story reminds me of the apartment I lived in my senior year of college, which used to frequently get roaches. The preferred method of dealing with them was to trap them under a cup, slide something under the cup and then flush the roach down the toilet, but sometimes I would only have time for step one. It was not uncommon for me or my roommate to come home to a cup in the middle of the floor, but we both knew what that meant, and whoever trapped it would usually deal with it when they got home. :p

    1. Yeah.... earwigs are disgusting. I tried to find a picture that was large, but not gigantic. There are so REALLY BIG pictures of those things on the internet. Weird.

      Ken told me today that the bug was kind of in a few pieces, so our best guess is that Luna got to it and left it for me as a present. Thanks, cat.

  2. Hahaha, Julie's comment is wonderful.

    1. I thought so, too! As mentioned above, the bug was almost definitely dead before I got to it. The fact that I was afraid of a dead bug will never stop being hilarious.

  3. I once had a fight with a massive spider - it very nearly won, but like you, I too managed to get it under a (glass) cup. I left it until morning, it was alive and well and still as fast as it had been previously, so it went outside to roam free - or just come back in through the same crack it probably came through in the first place!

    I hope all the studying is going well?

    Molly @ The Move to America


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