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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So, it's entirely too late to attempt any kind of Thanksgiving recap, but I'm going to do it anyway. This is a picture of our dinner from Saturday night, which was our "Thanksgiving". From the left in the back, that's Levi, my mom's Uncle Charlie, my mom's cousin Sheila, my mom, me (with the turkey), Ken (proudly displaying gravy), Bill (my mom's cousin Peggy's husband), and their two kids. Not pictured: Cousin Peggy, taking the photo on her phone. It was kind of a crazy night with way too many people crammed into an already-crowded house, but the food was good (even if we didn't eat until 8:30 pm) and I really enjoyed meeting my mom's cousins and uncle for the first time. When the night was over, I was exceedingly glad to go home to my quiet, clean, condo with my kitties and my husband and fall into bed.

Thursday, actual Thanksgiving, also went really well. My brisket was falling-apart delicious, the challah was amazing (I ended up using this recipe and I will from now until the end of time), and my latkes stayed together. Did you know that you have to squeeze the liquid out of the potatoes after you shred them!? I had no idea potatoes were so... damp. Live and learn, I suppose. 

Anyway, that was the food and holiday part of the weekend. I spent the majority of Friday driving back and forth between Mount Laurel (where I live, where the Best Buy and the AT&T store are - story to come, and where my mom's car was in the shop) and Marlton (where my mom lives). I started off the day by going to AT&T to upgrade my phone on Friday since AT&T was having a sale on S4's, so I went over at 8 am and surprisingly, there was NO ONE else there. I traded my then-current phone in for a $100 credit and ended up paying $113 and change for my new S4, plus a $50 credit on our wireless bill. I went home, feeling good. Then I got an email from Samsung, telling me that hey, Best Buy is also having a sale on S4's... for $0.00! Obviously,  paying $0 is way better than paying $113, so I decided to return my newly purchased, red, S4 and go next door to the Best Buy to get a free, blue, S4.

In the interim between buying the red phone and deciding to return the red phone, I drove to Marlton to get my mom from her hair appointment (as her car was in the shop) only to discover that I was an hour early, so I drove back to Mount Laurel to get the accoutrements for the phone that I was going to be returning to AT&T, then had to go back to Marlton to get my mom and drop her off at her house. Then I drove back to Mount Laurel to return the red phone. I walked into AT&T and said that I wanted to return the phone and that I'd like my old phone back, but was promptly told that my old phone was gone and that I'd have to buy another phone if I wanted to have a phone after I returned the S4. I didn't want to buy a phone from AT&T, seeing as I was going to walk next door to the Best Buy and get a phone for free, so I told them how very unhappy I was about the fact that, despite having a 14 day return period on the phone, one could not easily get the phone back one had just traded in a mere 6 hours prior, and then I left.

I went to the Best Buy, got on the list for the free S4 (to make sure I would have one once I returned the other one) and went back to the AT&T store to finagle the return. In the end, I returned the red phone, got a credit back for more than I had paid (I brought this to their attention and they said since I couldn't get my phone back, they had to refund me the $100 I had gotten for it in trade) and then, I was phoneless. 

Well, not entirely. I had my work Blackberry. Side note: Blackberry phones are HORRIBLE. I have never been so angry at a piece of technology that can do such remarkable things. The interface is disgustingly bad. I know that I shouldn't complain because, hello, I could still make phone calls and send texts and even get on Facebook, but man, Blackberry. Ugh.

ANYWAY, Best Buy said that they were going to call me when it was close to my turn. That turned into me calling them on Saturday and being told I could come in to get my phone at 5 pm, nearly 24 hours after I had "gotten in line" for the phone, but hey, at least I didn't have to stand there while I waited, right? And yes, the phone was free and it's lovely and it was totally worth it. And also yes, I'm basically addicted to my cell phone. I'm not ashamed. (Okay, I'm a little ashamed.)

So that was Friday. Sunday was spent having lunch with my friend Colleen and watching the first two episodes of Downton Abbey. Then I was up until 4 am writing the never-ending immunology paper of doom... which brings me to the title of today's post! As I was talking to my friend Gabriella about our papers, the end of the semester, and plans for the next semester, I told her that I was taking Infectious Disease Biology and that I really liked diseases, especially parasites, even though they're disgusting. She then said that she could totally see me as an infectious disease physician, and that my motto is, "This is gross, but manageable." I realized that that statement pretty much describes the end of the semester/my life right now.

Gross but manageable. 

There is nothing not gross about a microbio exam on Friday, a gigantic take-home exam for immunology, studying for the in-class exam for immunology, or studying for the histology final. There is nothing not gross about the giant pile of work to do at my actual job, or the three secondary applications I have yet to submit (Midwestern, Touro-CA, and Western University of the Health Sciences). There is nothing not gross about the fact that the condo needs to be cleaned and organized and that I have no energy to do anything when I get home besides shower and lay in bed.

But in the end, it's all manageable. 

I've also been going through a lot in my own head-space recently, some of which I may post about at a later date, but it's never fun when your brain decides to make life miserable for you. Sigh.

Anyway, I hope that everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving and didn't get punched in the face or anything crazy on Black Friday. And I hope that your life is light on the gross and heavy on the manageable. Does anyone have any really good list-making apps for making life more manageable? Leave it in the comments!

- A

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  1. Head-space might be my new favorite hyphenated word.


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