Thursday, January 9, 2014

My friend Michelle posted this on my Facebook wall, because who doesn't love llamas in party hats?

Today is my 28th birthday. As usual, 28 does not feel any different than 27 did, and 27 didn't feel any different than 26, and so on and so forth. However, it does make my llama-loving heart happy to know that Stoney the Party Llama exists. He even comes with his own ponies (aptly called Stoney's Ponies). I'm serious!

Anyway, enough about llamas. (And I wonder why the top search term that brings people to my blogs is "drama llama"). I am not very good at birthdays. It took me forever to decide what to do, and I had no idea what I wanted. It should still be a pretty good birthday and birthday weekend, though. Tonight, I'm going to the allergist! Okay, that's not exactly celebratory. But! After that, Ken, Levi, my mom, and I are going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which will be delicious. Then tomorrow, Ken and I are going out for Chinese food (mmm, egg rolls) and Saturday, I am going to somehow fit 18 people into our living room for pizza and games. That should be interesting, for sure.

But yes, I'm not very good at birthdays. I feel as though I should be really excited, because as a society, we seem to really love the shit out of birthdays and holidays... but really, I don't feel any differently than I did yesterday and I'm kind of just like, why does it matter? It's another day and I have to go to work and it's also friggin' freezing (I guess that's to be expected when you're a January baby and you live in NJ). I also get kind of uncomfortable when people do nice things for me, and birthdays are days where people tend to do that. I try to be gracious and accept all of the niceness without acting like a complete freak, but I'm not sure how well I accomplish that. It's probably not normal that I get so weirded out by stuff like that? Hello? Anyone?

Ok, maybe it's just me.

Other than the party this weekend, I don't have a lot of plans, which is just fine by this introvert. Saturday during the day will be spent cleaning and prepping for the party (Note to self: Borrow chairs. Like... 6 of them.) and then people should be heading over around 6. Sunday is blissfully empty of plans, so I plan to sleep, do laundry, knit, hopefully not rip out the shawl I'm working on the 93rd time, and spend time with Ken. My class starts next week, and my Dad will be here next weekend from Florida, so I'm going to soak up all of the empty time I have now. Then my med school interview is two weeks from tomorrow. (Note to self: Try on the 5 different suits in 5 different sizes that you have in your closet. One of them is bound to fit.)

This post is kind of wandering, but my brain isn't exactly in one place today either, so it's fitting. How do you feel about birthdays? Do they make you feel weird? How did you celebrate your last one? And do you love Stoney the Party Llama as much as I do?! :)

- A


  1. Happy birthday!

    Your birthday philosophy sounds very similar to my loveably introverted husband Chris, who's celebrating his birthday on Sunday.

    Also, I love that llamas bring so many people to your site. My mom and I can't tell any story in a straight line, so every time we realize we have gone off on a strange tangent, one of us yells, "Oh look! A llama!"

    1. Happy birthday to Chris! Go Team Introvert!

      And yeah, I have no idea why, but queries about llamas and introverts bring people here. Maybe there's just a bunch of introverted llama lovers out there, waiting to meet me! (I am so stealing, "Oh look, a llama!" because I have been known to interrupt myself multiple times while telling a story.)

  2. I was a speech and debate kid in college, so I've worn my fair share of lady suits, and feel a strange kinship with anyone rocking one. I'm rooting for one of those 5 suits to nail it!


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