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Friday, January 10, 2014

Ah, Friday! We made it! Let's look back, shall we? This was how I wrapped up my birthday last night, and let me tell you, it was delicious. Usually, I'm fan of the peanut butter and chocolate varieties of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, but the Oreo one seemed to be calling my name. Totally worth it. And calories don't count on your birthday, right? (Tell me I'm right, someone, anyone.)

After all of my weirdness, my birthday turned out to be quite nice. Ken got me roses:

and my mom got me some nice gifts, including a new umbrella (which I used today while it was raining ice... blechh) and a pretty bracelet. Ken was going to get me concert tickets to see One Republic, but, being the knowledgeable husband that he is, decided to ask me first because he knows that large crowds make me want to die. I do love One Republic, but I am a weirdo who doesn't totally love going to concerts, so I'm glad he asked. That was actually the sweetest gift of all; that he knew to ask me because he didn't want to get me something that might make me freak out. (I have a post planned about concerts and going to them when you're short. Stayed tuned.)

Today, it rained ice. It was less than pleasant, and I almost died on my way to my car this morning. Apparently, our complex decided that salting the sidewalks was overrated, so I basically ice skated to my car. Fortunately, driving on the highways wasn't terrible, although it took 4 times longer than usual because they closed the bridge that I take to get to work... so that was fun. In the end, I got here safely and actually was fairly productive. Hurrah!

What else did I do this week? I went to symphony rehearsal! I hadn't picked up my viola since early September when I subbed for a gig playing Les Mis so I was nervous about going back. My RA has been acting up recently, so I didn't even know if I could play without collapsing in pain, but I went back (because you can be afraid, and you can do it anyway). I got there early to make sure I could warm up, took out my viola, and BOING!!! My A-string snapped. Great start to the night! Like most string players, I carry extra strings, but apparently I didn't have any extra A's in my case. Fortunately, my friend Karen did, so she let me borrow one of her spares. I got to sit up closer to the front of the section than I usually do (we rotate seating, and for this concert, I'm near the back) so that was fun. I really like our new conductor and think he's taking the orchestra in a great direction. This upcoming concert should be quite lovely, and it's my first time getting to play anything by Bruckner. We'll be performing his Symphony #4 in E-flat Major, along with a few other things, but Wednesday night was spent reading the Bruckner. I am... in love. It's difficult, but terribly fun. Give it a listen!

One of the reasons I love playing in this symphony is that we have a lot of fun. Some of the choice quotes of the evening:

Conductor: We're going to read the Bruckner tonight... hopefully, we won't have to call the paramedics.

(a key change occurred while we were playing)

Conductor: Flats!! (a few measures go by) MORE FLATS! These are not optional, people!

(after getting the orchestra to play a central theme in exactly the way he wanted us to do it)
Conductor: Oh God, I just spooged. OH SHIT, I SAID THAT OUT LOUD.

After that last one, the entire symphony collapsed into laughter. It was a good time. My stand partner for the night and I also had a good time trying to figure out whether we were looking at sharps or naturals (the natural signs looked like sharps... good job, music editors), and also decided that key changes should be a "Choose Your Own Adventure" kind of thing. Pick any 6 flats you want! Overall, it was a good night. My elbow was killing me when we were done, and my arm/shoulder still kind of hurt, but I can't wait to go back and do it again next week!

What else did I do this week? On Monday, I got to see my best friend Sarah, who I hadn't seen since October 2012, when Ken and I got married! I was so interested in hanging out and vortexing time with her that I didn't even take any pictures! Sad. We made vague plans for me to go visit her in June, so I'm sure lots of photos will be taken then. I wish that I could see her all the time, but she lives far away and is very busy... so we make the most of the time we have when we get together.

I swear, she and I share a brain. I love her!
As for the rest of the week... it was full of doctor's appointments, surviving the subzero temperatures, laundry, watching Breaking Bad, knitting, snuggling the kitties, and wishing my car had heated seats. Not a bad week, overall, and this weekend is going to be in the 50's and 60's (what!?) and I get to see lots of my friends tomorrow and spend Sunday doing blissfully nothing. What a wrap-up!

One more thing before I go! I'm thinking of ways to grow my blog and expand my blogging horizons, so in addition to having my layout redesigned by the lovely Sarah of Venus Trapped in Mars, I'm thinking about the kind of content I'd like to post, what you guys want to read/see, and who I'd like to sponsor over the year. To that end, I have a question for you! Vlogs. Love them? Hate them? Think they're fun? Should I do some? What do you think?

I was inspired to ask this question by Ashten, the lovely blogger over at Always Ashten. She has a weekly link-up called Vlog Like a Boss, and I love seeing hers (she's awesome and funny!) and checking out everyone else's... so I thought I might give it a shot. To be continued...

And on that note... I am going to go brave the rain and head home to have Chinese food with Ken and prep for this party tomorrow! Have a great weekend, everyone!

- A


  1. I got the Oreo cheesecake too on my birthday! I don't regret a single piece of it! SO. GOOD.

    1. It was amazing!! I hope your birthday was lovely!


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