Today I Feel Like a Science Project!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

No, I was not abducted by an alien. I promise.
Today I started my day at the neurologist's office at 8 am! Well, I actually started my day at 4 am for no apparent reason. I woke up and my brain was just like, "HI! We're going to be awake now!" and then I laid there until 6:15 when my alarm went off. While I laid there, Gershwin decided he needed to be exactly where I was laying, and then at 5 am, thought it necessary to sing me the song of his people.  (It goes something like this: "MROOOOOOOW. MROOOOW. MRRRRROW." For about 20 minutes.)

Anyway, after dragging myself out of bed, I drove out to North Wales, PA to be voluntarily stuck with a tiny, electrified needle and injected with lidocaine. On purpose! So why did I do this? Because I have horrific migraines and given where they localize, my neurologist thinks that I will find a lot of relief from trigger point injections.

This is one of the diagrams that my neurologist showed me, and when he palpated my sternocleidomastoid (AKA: The SCM, or in the picture on the left, the muscle with the X's on it) it was full of trigger points. So, I got a whole mess of injections into many trigger points, and I will go back in 2 weeks to get more. The marks on my neck in the picture are just 12 of the places I got injected, with a whole bunch more across my trapezius muscle and down my shoulder blade. 

Imagine feeling like you're being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick where those red dots are. That's my migraines.
The entire procedure took about 20 minutes and was relatively painless, although it's not something I would describe as enjoyable, haha. I definitely felt like a science project, as I held onto a ground wire and watched/felt my arm and neck muscles uncontrollably twitching when the needle found a trigger point... I felt like a science project! Overall, I was just thrilled that it was nowhere near as painful as my EMG was, and I hope that I get some relief! Currently, the muscles he injected are sore, but apparently that's normal and will go away.

As far as today... work has been kind of busy. I was in the lab for a bunch of it, and now I'm preparing for taking tomorrow off because my dad is coming up to visit. We had scheduled this weekend long before my grandma started declining, and after consulting with all important family members, he decided to keep his trip because there isn't anything he can do if he stays in FL and if something dire happens, we all have to get down there anyway. I'm excited to see him, as we don't get to visit very frequenty. Last time I saw him was in September, but before that was March or something. I'm not sure if we have any concrete plans for the weekend, but I'm definitely looking forward to time off tomorrow and on Monday (Thanks, Martin Luther King Jr. Day!)

Class starts again tonight, and I'm slated to take Infectious Disease Biology. The syllabus looks interesting, although I have no idea why the first lecture is 116 slides long. Also, the professor uploaded his slides as a PDF, but he did so with one slide per page... thanks for that. Guess I won't be carrying that baby to class! I usually write my notes out in a notebook, anyway. I've never been one for writing on Pointpoint slides... I need more space, haha. I also am a staunch user of color coding, fun pens, and actual paper, in general. 

Oh, and just for funsies, here are some more quotes from last night's symphony rehearsal:

Conductor: Recall that sound when I... made that wildly inappropriate comment last week. We want that kind of sound again. Now let's go to O...
Musician: Ooh, O!
Conductor: How dare you make that connection!

Me, to my stand partner: We're starting at letter "H," which I'm going to say is for "Half of the correct notes", which is about what I'm playing at this point.

Conductor giving direction to the cellists:
"1 and 2 and -- no, stop. It's not together. 1 and 2 and -- okay good, now shorter. We want "wop wop wop wop" not "WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP". 1 and 2 and -- okay, like... a metronome! 1 and 2 and -- great, now half that volume." (He did get what he wanted in the end!)

Conductor, while conducting: Stop counting out loud! No really, practice counting in your head. Are you for real, still counting out loud? Who is doing that!?

Conductor: It's more of a "WHOOMMP" and less of a "CRANHK."

Conductor: Well, that was... uninspiring. Let's just leave that where it is. On to the finale!

Conductor: Next week, we're having sectionals, and the strings will go over the Vaughn Williams.
Musician: Um, we don't have the Vaughn Williams.
Conductor: Well then... the strings will sightread the Vaughn Williams next week!

I'm really glad that I am able to go back to orchestra during this semester, even if it totally wrecks my wrists and elbows. (Note to self: Call the luthier and make an appointment for your viola. She needs new strings and a check-up. And get yourself a mute. You're a grown-up, you can't use a folded up $1 at the concert.)

In other fun news, my car started making a crazy noise this morning and I think something has been knocked loose underneath my front wheel well. Disconcerting. Looks like I know at least one thing Dad and I will be doing tomorrow. To the mechanic!

And on that note... I have to go get ready to get out of here and get to class. All good things must come to an end, including breaks between semesters and also this blog post. Happy almost Friday, everyone!

- A


  1. I really hope the treatment for your migraines helps you and you see much improvment - especially with all the studying you are doing!

    1. Thanks! So far, no migraines since Thursday, but that's not a very long stretch of time, haha. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stay away for awhile!

  2. Conductor quotes are always great. So many that my friends and I still talk about from high school even. Good luck with the migraines my dear. Fingers crossed.

    1. I love that I still have a gigantic list of DP quotes. His are some of my favorites!


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