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Friday, February 14, 2014

This is a mish-mash of all things love and lovely in honor of Valentine's Day, so grab your chocolate (or sweet of choice, Pamoushk) and enjoy the love fest!

Soundtrack for reading: Valentine's Day Mix!

So, first, a story as part of this link-up:
Venus Trapped in Mars
Valentine's Day and I have a weirdo history. In middle school, I was a huge dork and I was pretty unattractive on top of it. Glasses, braces, terrible growing-out-bangs, the whole nine yards. The only thing I had going for me (sort of?) was that I had grown significant boobs seemingly overnight, but at 13, that wasn't exactly a welcome occurrence. In 8th grade, I started "dating" my first "boyfriend" who was also super nerdy and "unattractive" and so then people made fun of the two nerds for going out, but whatever. In 9th grade, we were still "dating" because apparently, I have been a serial monogamist for my entire life. Around Valentine's Day, our school used to do flower-grams, where for $1, you could send a carnation to someone. Until then, my existence on this day was very much like this:
Everyone else got candy or flowers or cards, but I was left out, much like our friend, whose father was the inventor of Toaster Strudel. BUT, in 9th grade, this all changed. My then-boyfriend sent me not 1, but 13 carnations! (It also happened to be our 13 month anniversary on Valentine's Day.) Suddenly, I felt like Glen Coco:
It was a good day, even though I was super self-conscious about having just received 13 carnations in front of my entire homeroom and kind of wanted to melt into the floor. Then, in 10th grade, this boyfriend broke up with me just shy of our 2 year anniversary in January. I then turned into a Valentine's-hating bitch that didn't want anyone to be happy on Valentine's Day because, "I WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN." (Spoiler alert: I loved again.) I even wore a shirt with this on it:
Remember when Happy Bunny was a thing?
Since then, my feelings about the Hallmark-holiday we all know and love (or love to hate) have waxed and waned. After getting over my first heartbreak and realizing that it's really stupid to hate on Valentine's Day, I didn't really put much thought into the holiday at all and my general attitude towards it was "meh". As such, Ken and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way. Sometimes we'll do cards (although I will admit that I didn't even do that this year because this week has been horrible) and I think one year he got me roses (but he often gets me flowers for no reason or for other random days because he is sweet like that). This year, we're getting Chinese food and spending the night at home... after, of course, we go to South Jersey Radiology so I can get my spine x-rayed. Because nothing says romance like radiology office waiting rooms and prescriptions for Medrol dose-packs, right? Such is the life of an RA patient... Speaking of what Ken and I are doing tonight for Valentine's Day, I also wanted to include this as part of another link-up:
I am reminded on a regular daily, sometimes hourly, basis how lucky I am to have Ken in my life.  
We work because I am a gigantic spaz and he is calm, cool, and collected. 
We work because he thinks I'm pretty first thing in the morning, and because he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. 
We work because he cooks and I clean. Or I cook and he cleans. Or we cook and clean together. 
We work because he appreciates when I wear make up, and he doesn't think I'm a big weirdo when I can't stop touching his cleanly shaven face (okay, maybe he does a little, but come on!)
We work because he listens to me rant and rave and says he understands, even when he doesn't, but he doesn't make me feel crazy. We work because when I think I'm acting crazy (which is often), he tells me that I'm not. 
We work because he understands that I'm the introvert's introvert, and that spending time with his gigantic, loud (albeit, very nice), Italian family is exhausting to me. We work because he doesn't have to "ask my permission" to go to NY to visit the guys, and because when the guys come here to visit, I don't care that they stay up until 2 am playing Xbox.
We work because he puts on shoes to help bring in the groceries (even when it's cold or raining or snowing). We work because I'm there to help him sort out his feelings and make sure he feels safe to express them. We work because I can teach him things and because he teaches me something nearly every day.
We work because he explains economics and politics and finance to me, and I help him understand how health insurance works.
We work because he takes care of me when I have an RA flare, and I remind him to get a physical every year.
We work because he doesn't get upset when I tell him that he should floss, and because I get up at 5 am when Gershwin is yowling for food.
We work because we take pictures like this on our anniversary.
We work because even when his school is closed for the snow, he gets up in the morning anyway to shovel my car out. We work because I bake his favorite desserts.
We work because we have crazy inside jokes, the origins of which are sometimes lost to time and because we laugh together every day. Mostly at each other.
We work because even though we don't have a lot of common interests, we're interested in learning more about the stuff the other likes. 
We work because we can spend over 10 hours in a car together, assemble IKEA furniture, later disassemble the same IKEA furniture upon learning that it does not, in fact, fit our bed, and hang pictures without murdering each other. In fact, we usually have a pretty good time. We work because he supports my dream of becoming a physician, even though I feel like it's crazy, and because I am there to cheer him on after a hard day at work molding the young minds of America. (And there are plenty of hard days. Teaching high school, man. You could not pay me enough.) We work because he always puts the laundry away when he folds it, and because I don't care when he puts my tank tops in the wrong drawer. We work because he knows which sweaters don't go in the dryer. We work because I can tell him that he can't wear those shoes with that pair of pants and he doesn't grumble when I ask him to change.
We work because we choose to, every day. In our vows, we talked about how marriage is a conscious choice, every day, to love the person you married, whoever they happen to be that day. They might not always be at their best, but you are committed to loving them through the good times, the bad times, the "oh my God, how did you forget to tell me that we didn't have eggs" times, the "did you really just throw an entire Key Lime pie on the floor?" times, and the "holy crap, our stove is on fire" times. We work because we can't imagine a life without the other, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store. We work because we're silly, because we're determined, because we are smart, and because we know that sometimes, it will definitely feel like work. We work because we know that it will always be worth it.
If you'd like to join either of the link-ups in the post, you still have time! Head over to The Life of Bon or Venus Trapped in Mars and add your post! Even if you're not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I hope that you have something sweet in your life today. It's Friday, after all, and that's pretty sweet in and of itself. Sending lots of love to all of you, my lovely readers, and I hope that you have a great weekend!  - A Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. wow! 13 carnations! that is pretty awesome! and i love what you wrote for why y'all work! thanks for linking up with Sarah and I!

    1. It was pretty cool. By the end of the day, everyone knew it had happened and I kind of felt like a celebrity, haha. Thanks for hosting the link-up! :)

  2. I love you and I love Ken. The End...but not really. I totally get the "wanting to melt into the floor" bit. I had a similar occurrence in HS only it was balloons. 12 balloons. Have we discussed my irrational fear of latex balloons? It was "melt into the floor/meltdown" city. Also, yay for photo outside of Boo's Booze Castle! We may need to make a pilgrimage there together sometime please. Also, I hope you're head is still attached and that all went well! Loffff!!

    1. Oh God, 12 balloons sounds like a recipe for disaster for you, haha. I'm glad that you didn't die. Lof!

  3. Aw this was a great post. I love the why we work segment of it. Also, I'm realizing wedding photos are super important for blogging. Also, also, the first Valentine's Day that I ever celebrated was 7th grade and my boyfriend Mike put a single red rose in my locker. That will probably be the most romantic Valentine's Day ever. Although putting up a kitchen backsplash was a good alternative this year...

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad that you liked it. I feel bad sometimes because I post my wedding photos in multiple posts... but I just love them! And seriously, putting up a kitchen backsplash is love, lady.

  4. I don't even think Jordan realizes when I am or am not wearing makeup. He's always confused. But he always thinks I'm pretty in the mornings too :) That's really all you can ask for, I think.

    1. Oh, and my school did the carnations too. I never got one either, and I felt soooo lame.

    2. Ken is sometimes baffled while I apply my makeup. He's especially afraid of my eyelash curler, haha. And yes, having someone think you're pretty before you even brush your teeth is magical!


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