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Friday, February 21, 2014

Well folks, we made it to Friday! Sorry it's been light on the posting around here lately, but it's been kind of a crazy (read: terrible) week. Between work, health issues, snow, and general dissatisfaction with winter at large, there just wasn't much to write about and I was insanely busy at the office. But also, I've been working on getting this post ready to go! Chrystina, one of my blogging besties (who I also am fortunate enough to know in real life), is a world traveler and party planner extraordinaire. She also is super creative and when she was in Denver for work a few weeks ago, she found a list of things to do in Denver and thought it would be a great idea to put together a list for Philly! I agreed, even though I don't actually live in Philly, and hopped right on board. Joining me are the following lovely ladies!

150 Things To Do in Philadelphia Jamie Carly
Emily Alison Chrystina
Without further adieu, here is my carefully crafted list of things to do in Philadelphia, just for you!

91. Go to happy hour at Tria and try whatever the server suggests after you tell him/her what you like.
92. Get ice cream at Scoop deVille.
93. Eat tater tots and have a swanky cocktail at Alfa.
94. Get a slice of pie at Magpie. (Butterscotch Bourbonl is their signature, but I love their caramel apple!)
95. Roast your own s'mores tableside at Cosi.
96. Walk through Penn's quad and people watch on Hamilton Walk.
97. Play Quizzo at New Deck Pub on Monday nights.
98. Spend the day walking around Reading Terminal Market. Don't miss the cookie stand!
99. Visit the Philadelphia Flower Show (Coming up March 1st-9th!)
100. Try to get rush tickets for the Philadelphia Orchestra.
101. People watch on South Street.
102. Grab a slice and a glass of wine at Zavino.
103. Get your brows waxed or treat yourself to a fabulous blow out at Heads and Tails in Rittenhouse Square.
104. Have a glass of champagne while getting your nails done at Nail Bar.
105. Wander the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (First Sunday of the month and every Wednesday after 5:00 p.m is pay what you wish!)
106. Pick up a cookie from Insomnia Cookies (either the food truck on Drexel's campus or the shop on 16th!)
107. Go to "Free at Noon" at World Cafe Life on Fridays.
108. Eat at Sbraga or The Fat Ham (Kevin Sbraga is a NJ native that won Top Chef!)
109. Catch an improv show, a play, or anything else cool and theatrical at Philly Fringe Fest (usually in September!)
110. Give acupuncture a try at Open City Healing Arts.
111. Get inspired to be creative at Paper Source.
112. Explore comics and graphic novels at Fat Jack's Comic Crypt. (They have kitties!)
113. Check out an author event at The Philadelphia Free Library! (Tickets are usually free or inexpensive!)
114. Pick up something new to read at Whodunit, a used book store that used to cater to mysteries, but now embraces all genres. The owner, Art Bourgeau, is super nice.
115. Visit the American Museum of Jewish History.
116. Go walk through the giant heart at The Franklin Institute. (They have lots of other cool stuff, too, but the heart is my favorite!)
117. Have a cheesesteak at Tony Luke's. (I like mine with provolone!)
118. Head to The Curtis Institute to hear some amazing music students at their (free!) recitals.
119. Take in a performance of PHILADANCO! (Philly's contemporary dance company)
120. Walk over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back. (Definitely not a winter activity, haha)

Bonus: Not really Philly but.... hop the PATCO and head to the Camden Aquarium or Battleship New Jersey. There's a great view of the city skyline!

And now I bet you're wondering, "But Alison, your list started at 90 and you said that there would be 150 awesome, super fun, exciting things to do on this list!" Fear not, dear readers. You can blog hop to Chrystina's, Carly's, Jamie's, and Emily's blogs to get all 150 things to put on your Philadelphia bucket list. Not only will you basically never run out of fun things to do in this city, you'll get to meet four other great bloggers, and we all like that, right? Right.

To be honest, the total time that I spent living in Philadelphia was short. I moved into an apartment on 39th Street and Ludlow Street into the University City neighborhood when I transferred to Drexel University in 2005. I lived there for about 6 months until I realized that I didn't really like my roommates, needed air conditioning, and hated not having a washer and dryer in my immediate vicinity. I also wasn't a fan of not having my car and I didn't feel safe walking alone at night. (At this point, I was wondering why I moved into Philly at all, because what the heck was I expecting?) So I moved home and commuted for about a year and a half... until I couldn't stand living at home and moved back into Philadelphia to live with three girls in a 2 bedroom apartment right on Drexel's campus. It took about another 6 months for me to realize that I hated sharing a room, really missed having cable, didn't enjoy living in a building in which the elevators routinely didn't work, and that I seriously hated drunk people who pull fire alarms at 3 am (therefore causing you to not only walk down 11 flights of stairs but also back up those same stairs because you can't use the tenuously-functioning elevators during a potential fire). So... I moved home again and continued commuting for the rest of my undergrad career (and also my graduate career).

That being said, I still spent and continued to spend a lot of time in Philadelphia. I work there and many of my friends and classmates work and live in the city as well. I've always identified Philadelphia as "the city" (and yes, all of you New Yorkers out there can just stop laughing at me, I'm aware that the "real city" is NYC), but more importantly, it's my city. It's where I saw my first musical, my first professional ballet, and my first real orchestra performance. I received most of my education there and I make my living there. It's full of history (The Constitution Center! The Liberty Bell! The original City Hall!) and weird things (Mummers! South Street! Secret speakeasies!) and there are even some pretty parts. I can navigate the (extremely tiny and mostly useless) public transportation system and I am the best at playing the "parking game". (Rules: Drive around looking for street parking. You lose if you pick a spot that is 2 hour parking only, not actually a parking spot, or if you hit the cars on either side of you while you're parallel parking). It's a pretty small city when it's compared to New York City, but it's my little city and I will prefer it every time over somewhere bigger.

Also, I freely admit that my list is largely focused on eating, drinking, learning, culturing (that's engaging in culture, not growing bacteria, although that's fun too) and wandering. Mostly eating and drinking. If you're looking for the best bars to go dancing in, this is not the list for you. These are great things to do on a date, with a group of friends, or even by yourself.I hope that you check out the rest of the blogs in this post. You definitely won't be disappointed. I'm sure that in doing these things, you'll also find corners of the city that you never would have explored, and then you can tell me what I should do in Philly! 

And with that, I'm out! Have a great weekend, everyone!

- A


  1. I've never been to Philly, but after reading your list, it is a must for some time in the future! I started doing a similar list for things to do in the area of Ohio I am in - great idea!

    1. Philly is a great city! Definitely come when it's warm though... it's not nearly as fun when it's freezing!


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