Wonderful Stuff Wednesday: True Confessions and Creativity

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello, there.
True Confession #1: This photo has nothing to do with this post, but I needed to share this month's "Men with Cats" calendar image. Colleen gave me this calendar as a random "I stopped at Target and thought you needed this in your life" present, so it sits on my desk at work, occasionally threatening to be semi-NSFW. Also, I guess the real confession here is that I am that obsessed with cats that I would openly display a Men with Cats calendar at my office.

How the hell do you expect me to be ready when the Keurig can't even get it's shit together?

True Confession #2: I am terrible at drinking coffee. I like coffee. I frequent Starbucks to obtain mochas and other froofy coffee drinks to which I add and subtract 27 different things to because I like to complicate the barista's life am a pain in the ass. But... I make a cup of coffee every day at work and I almost never finish it. Sometimes, I forget to empty my mug and gross, 3-day old coffee greets me on Monday morning. (As if Monday needed help being disgusting.)

True Confession #3:
I really love Facebook. Yes, it occasionally  frequently reminds us of just how low society can go, but for my own purposes, I really enjoy it. For the most part, the drama llama (everyone's least favorite llama) blissfully stays far away from my little internet farmland, and it is a great place to keep up with people. I've reconnected with people and even made new friends. Sometimes, I even find out legitimate news, haha. I especially enjoyed the "look back" videos that Facebook put together for everyone. Some of the pictures that were chosen for mine are random (a pile of light fixtures... a giant calzone...?) but overall, it was a sweet stroll down memory lane. Side note: For those of you who are interested in downloading your look back video, I used this really great tutorial on Youtube. If I can do it, anyone can, trust me.


True Confession #4: I am terrible at being a girl. This is a great approximation of how I look and feel when attempting to use a round brush. I only recently learned how to apply eyeliner, and 98% of the time, I screw it up and have to remove all of my make up and start over entirely. I have no clue how to do a smoky eye, despite being shown at least a dozen times by various professionals. I have the hardest time in the world shopping by myself and if someone isn't with me to give me an opinion, I end up sending texts to 5 of my girlfriends asking whether something looks okay. (When I was suit shopping recently, it took the help of 3 of my friends and about 900 text messages before I finally was able to get something reasonable.) I also really don't like shopping and would prefer if someone would just magically make clothes and shoes that fit appear in my closet on a semi-regular basis. I also don't really like romantic comedies. (Except "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "Love, Actually". They get a pass.)

True Confession #5: I'm a picky eater. Yes, I'm 28 years old. Yes, I eat and love vegetables. I'm just incredibly boring. I don't like anything spicy. Even overly peppery things bother me! I don't like mayo on anything except when I make tuna salad, but I also won't eat tuna salad unless I make it myself because I am that particular about the quantity of mayo. I don't like mustard. I eat my sandwiches completely dry, usually without any kind of cheese (unless it's melted). Most of my issues aren't taste issues, though. My big qualm with most of the foods I don't eat is texture. I would love to eat quiche. It smells great. It looks amazing. But I put it in my mouth and immediately want to die. It makes no sense, because I like scrambled eggs... but again, only really when I make them. The list of foods I can't/won't eat because of how they feel ranges from fish to tomatoes to cranberry sauce (oddly, I'll eat Jello). I do try and eat a balanced diet of protein (chicken, turkey, pork, some beef, eggs, beans), veggies (I'll pretty much eat anything except squash), fruits (barring the ones that I'm allergic to, which is many), and carbs (no problem consuming enough of those... I'm a veritable carbosaurus).

One of the other big issues is that I like my food PLAIN. Most of my childhood, my lunches consisted of "turkey on a roll with nothing else", "ham in a pita pocket with nothing else", "tuna salad made by my mother, not even on bread because it makes the bread squishy", and "peanut butter, no jelly". I love Mexican food, but my fajitas consist of meat, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream (no onions, no peppers, no salsa, no guacamole... because I'm deathly allergic to avocados). Ken and I decided that for our 5 year anniversary of being together (which is in March!) we want to go to a restaurant owned by an Iron Chef. I started looking at the menus of the ones that are in Philadelphia and New York, and sadly, all of the food sounds... too exciting. There's something in every dish that I'm allergic to or don't care for, and I can't imagine that "can you put that on the side?" is a welcome request in places like Butter or The Lamb's Club. So yes, I'm a 28 year old boring, semi-picky, eater. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

And not really a confession, but I must say that I never participated in The Creative Collective "assignment" last month! I was supposed to pick a word to represent my 2014, and while I talked about it on the blog and thought about choosing "brave" as my word... I never did anything with regards to that. So, perhaps one day, I'll do something creative and make BRAVE my word, but for now, I figured I'd participate in this month's Creative Collective post!

The Creative Collective

This time around, we were tasked with making a playlist of new music! Oh, another confession. Two, actually. One, this music is going to count as your "Wonderful Stuff Wednesday". Consider the playlist a gift from me to you. You're welcome! Two, this isn't really new music. Some of the artists are ones that I've discovered more recently (Haim, Kina Grannis, Kate Voegele), but I'm terrible at finding new music. I'm a creature of habit. I made this playlist because the songs on it make me think warm thoughts, and given that I currently feel like I live in the Arctic tundra, I could use all the help I can get. Also, I tend to listen to not-exactly-top-40 artists, so maybe some of these will be new to you! You can check out the playlist here on Spotify and here's a track and artist list for you visual folks.
Think Warm Thoughts
Vampire Weekend
Something I Need
One Republic
Don’t Leave Me
(Ne Me Quitte Pas)
Regina Spektor
Do it Now
Ingrid Michaelson
Shake it Out
Florence + The Machine
She’s So Mean
Matchbox Twenty
Earthquake Weather
Matt Nathanson
Anything Could Happen
Ellie Goulding
Anna Kendrick
When We’re Together
Joshua Radin
Kinks Shirt
Matt Nathanson
The One You Say Goodnight To
Kina Grannis
The Fortunate Ones
My Name is You
Norah Jones
Gonna Get Over You
Sara Bareilles
Nothing to See Here
Amber Rubarth
Modern Love
Matt Nathanson
The Wire
Sunshine in my Sky
Kate Voegele

So there you have it! What are some of your confessions? Do you have any suggestions for new music for me? Let me know!

- A


  1. This is such a great list! I love the theme! And I also cheated with mine - I am totally a creature of habit as well and it was hard to find new music, but sometimes it's just about embracing the old!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Sometimes, you just have to go with what works, haha.

  2. I think you should go totally old school and burn this mix to a CD and mail it to me. Because new music is fun and who doesn't love getting things in the mail?! ;)

    1. I don't own some of that music, but I'll definitely make you a mix CD and mail it to Canada! Hopefully, it won't imitate the dream I had and get lost in Toronto, haha.

  3. Remember when I tried to type comments and they were so ninja they didn't show up? This time I hope this one works. Anyway, your confessions (specifically 2 & 4) I totally understand and suffer from myself. My hairstyles are side-braid, ponytail, messy bun, half up/half down, annnnnd down. Also any other make-up but simple eye colors = no. However, it should be noted here for all to see that I love your hair and your bangs, they're perfect and I wish that one day I'll have nice bangs like yours. Also, thank you for cluing me in to the Creative Collective! You're the best. :)


    1. It's okay, we can be terrible at being girls together. I can't even manage to braid my own hair... I blame my excessive amount of layers for that one. But thank you for loving on my hair. :) Lof!

      Also, I'm glad you can finally comment here and that the internet comment goats didn't eat this comment. :)

  4. HA! That comment posted! I win!

    p.s. I'm sorry if my comment about your hair came off as creepy...but I still mean it.

  5. Love your playlist selection - I joined in too and selected music that coincided with my move to America, and that I kept hearing at the time as it reminds me of my move. I also ended with 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, as that is generally how I feel.

    As for your true confessions - my Hubby is a really picky eater and does not want to try new things, which for me, makes meal times a bit of a battle! I think I may have to end up hiding vegetables in things like you do with children - haha!

    1. So, the day you commented, I actually had "Happy" in my head, and then I got in my car and turned on the radio and POOF! There it was! Weird/awesome.

      I hope that your husband learns to like vegetables! They're delicious! :)

  6. I can relate... I sometimes feel that I am terrible at being a girl too haha! :)

    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com

    1. It's apparently more common than I thought! Also, I think it's awesome that you found my blog because I'm in the process of applying to med school and PCOM - Georgia is one of the schools I applied to! (I also applied to 11 other programs, haha.) I added your blog to my reader and hope to see you around here soon!


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