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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello, lovely readers! It's Monday, and it's the day after Daylight Savings Time began so I don't know about you, but I am really struggling today to stay conscious. I was fine for most of yesterday, but today my body is not having it. I am really glad that I have no plans after work tonight because I have a date with my pajamas, the DVR, and my bed. And also an ice pack, because I am still having a ton of pain for no apparent reason, and I also have a giant bruise on my neck/shoulder from my lidocaine injections last week:

Such a lovely shade of greenish-purple...
Anyway, aside from apparently now bruising like a peach, which I blame on taking a daily NSAID and weekly methotrexate, I'm doing pretty well. The weekend was lovely and very relaxing. On Friday, I visited my friend Jen and her 6 month old baby, to whom I am "Auntie Alison". I am pretty obsessed with her and I also was really excited to finally give Jen the endless baby blanket that I had started when she was pregnant. Better late than never, I suppose. Jen loved it, and my niece immediately tried to put it on her head... and then chewed on it, so I'm going to say that she liked it as well.

On Saturday, Ken and I slept in and then met with our realtor to discuss house buying things. I was really nervous (because apparently, house hunting makes me even more neurotic than I usually am... fun for everyone!) but our realtor, Linda, is wonderful. I've known her since I was in elementary school since she was our neighbor and her kids went to school with us, so it's comfortable to work with her. She is very on top of things, has a good sense of humor, and has a lot of good foresight; I'm so glad she's working for us! She took down all of the information we gave her on our wants and needs in a house, and also spent a lot of time explaining things like what goes into closing costs and the different types of mortgages. The best part, besides the fact that she is incredibly knowledgeable, is that I didn't feel stupid at all, even though I basically know nothing about buying a home. I know that that's the purpose of realtors, but still, it's nice to not be made to feel like an idiot.

After our meeting, Ken and I grabbed brunch, and then I got a migraine and took a 3 hour nap. So... that part was less than fun... but after that, my friend Lauren texted me and we set up plans for an impromptu get together for that evening, which was lovely and involved gourmet burgers, wine, milkshakes, crazy stories, and a lot of laughing at Zinburger in Cherry Hill. Sunday night, I was terrified that my phone would forget to switch over to DST and that I would oversleep and miss my massage scheduled for 10 am on Sunday morning, and I guess my anxiety was enough to wake me at 6:15 am. Surprising no one, my phone had "sprung forward" an hour, so that anxiety was quelled. However, I was unable to go back to sleep for... an unknown period of time, but was so over-tired that I was practically hallucinating and then having anxiety about that. So that was fun. I woke up to go to my massage and fortunately, didn't feel completely and totally zonked. My massage was good (as most massages are) and afterwards, I went home to prep for the people we had coming over later for food and games. The afternoon was really fun, but by 9:00 I was practically falling asleep on the sofa. Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

So yes, aside from being exhausted and bruising like an overly ripe piece of fruit, life isn't too bad for a Monday. It's sunny, it's over 50 degrees, and I get to go home and lay around in my pajamas. And it's also a great time for Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective

I can't even remember what my last goals were the last time I posted a Weekly Wishes link up, so I'm going to assume that I accomplished them. Go me!

1. Return library books. 
I am really good at turning a free library into something that costs money. I read 1 of the 3 books I currently have checked out, and I had started a second one, but sadly, couldn't really get into it and then I realized they were overdue and needed to be returned anyway. They've been in my car since last week, but now they're a week overdue. The plan is to take them back tonight on my way home from work.

2. Reorganize my dresser drawers.
I don't know how, but my dresser seems to collapse into a chaotic mess every few months. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on entropy. In any case, my sweet husband puts away the laundry most of the time and he has no idea where things go, so they end up in places that they don't belong (according to my strange sense of categorization that is apparent to me and that's only occasionally, if I'm being honest), and then I'm running around going, "I can't find my pants!"... and that's never good.

3. Get a haircut.
This is just getting ridiculous.

4. Work on the shawl.
I think I need longer circular needles...
Thanks to my friend Alia, I learned how to pick up stitches from a non-live edge and now I just have to figure out how to do short-rows. And then... I have to block this thing, and since blocking a rectangular baby blanket gave me some problems, I'm not exactly looking forward to this task. Updates to follow.

5. Go house hunting!
This is happening on Saturday and I am SO excited. :-D

6. Post a bunch of stuff on sale for Craigslist/Amazon.
We really need to get rid of this TV stand that we aren't using that continues to live in the back of our living room, and I have approximately eleventy-billion MCAT prep books and other such materials that need to find new homes. Also contemplating selling my celtic harp b/c I don't really play it and it should be enjoyed by someone who really wants one... but I'm so sentimentally attached to it. Things to consider...

Anyway, it's 5:30 over here which means it's time to go HOME. Don't forget to head over to The Nectar Collective to check out the Weekly Wishes link-up and link up with your own goals. As for me, I'm out of here. My pajamas are calling my name!

- A

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  1. Take it easy, Alison. Let the others do the dirty work for now, so you guys can figure out the big decisions. On second thought, it's actually the big decisions that are nerve-wrecking, so keeping your cool when negotiating should help. Linda must be in the know-how in the trends in your area, and having known her personally for a long time is a plus as she knows what's good for you. Don't be nervous so you can sign on the dotted line in no time!
    Blair Berdusco @


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