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Monday, March 31, 2014

I've been listening to a lot of Joshua Radin lately. This is one of my current favorites:

Okay, so apparently, last week was not a good week for blogging. To be perfectly honest, last week was not much of a good week for anything except trying not to give up entirely on life, the universe, and everything. I was not great company last week, so I didn't feel the need to fill this internet space with negative stuff. I'm still not out of the funk entirely, but it's a new week and hopefully it will be better than last week! Much like last Monday, I'll use the Weekly Wrap Up and Weekly Wishes link-ups to get this week started.

Last week seems like it took forever to get through and now it feels really far away, which is fine by me.

On Monday...
the seller for the townhouse that we put an offer on asked for "highest and best" by 2:00. We talked to our realtor and decided to go up from our original offer, which was under the asking price, to the asking price. I also went out with my friend Patricia after work and we got a glass of wine at Tria Tap Room, then went and ate pizza for dinner. It was great to catch up with her, and I am really excited because she had gotten into 2 vet schools and chose to stay at Penn instead of going to Colorado, so we get to hang out! Yay!

On Tuesday...
we found out that the seller had gone with another offer and that we were the back-up offer on the house. Our realtor thinks that someone either went over asking or had more of a down payment. I was bummed, but there are other houses. I honestly don't remember what I did on Tuesday besides find out this information.

On Wednesday... I had to remove myself from the symphony for this concert. Not only have my neck, shoulder, and elbows really been bothering me, I also realized that I wouldn't be in the state the weekend of the concert because I am going to Madison to visit one of my best friends, Emily! I am really sad that I won't be able to play this concert because they're doing Tschaikovsky's 4th Symphony, which is lovely. I'm hoping that I will have time to go back in the fall, but with med school, who knows? The upside to this was that I didn't have to go anywhere on Wednesday night.

On Thursday...
I was really sad in the morning because Ken was leaving for Seattle to visit a friend that day after school and I wouldn't get to see him until Monday night. I'm really glad that he and his friend Pete got to go (and that the tickets were decently priced!) but I missed him! Thursday was kind of a hot mess at work and I had a huge, internal, meltdown about not being able to find a house and being frustrated by my health. Thursday night, I stayed up way too late and read an entire book by accident. The book was Life as We Knew It, which was pretty good. It's apparently part of a series, but I'm not totally interested in reading the rest of them. It's a dystopian-type YA novel about an asteroid that hits the moon and totally changes the Earth's climate, and it's written from the point of view of a 16 year old girl. It was okay, but as I've found with most fiction, not my favorite thing. The end wrapped up too nicely for me for it to truly fall into the category of dystopian... I apparently like my dystopian fiction to be as depressing as possible, as evidenced by one of my favorite books being Never Let Me Go. Thursday night was also a blast because on top of my emotional meltdown, my body decided to freak out. I broke out in a rash, a strange lump/bump has emerged on the underside of my wrist, and my rib and back muscles were in spasms. It was... less than ideal.

On Friday... I somehow managed to go to work on 4.5 hours of sleep, despite the fact that I felt like death warmed over. I spent the morning helping to transfer all of our samples from the liquid nitrogen tanks on this floor to the new liquid nitrogen tanks in the basement. Fortunately, the guys who manage that system were here and did all of the scanning, unboxing, reboxing, and actual moving of samples and I just had to supervise and pull things out of the LN tanks. I left at noon to go to my rheumatologist's office for my loading dose of my new med, Orencia. I was pretty anxious because it's a biologic medication and while they're standard for RA and other autoimmune diseases, they're still a big deal. There are different biologic meds out there (you've probably seen commercials for Enbrel or Humira) that all act on different components in the immune system, but each one acts to effectively "turn down" your immune response. This is great for autoimmune disease, but not so great for keeping you from getting infections, so patients have to be careful. Orencia prevents T cells from being activated and it won't cause anti-TNF-alpha induced lupus (which apparently, some of the other drugs can cause in patients like myself who have more vague diagnoses). I don't have to go back for any more infusions because I am switching to the self-injectable form this week, so I'll be able to give it to myself weekly. I was pretty nervous about the infusion because some people react poorly to them, but I did fine.

Go, Orencia, go!
Not picture in the above photo is the nurse who first tried to put the IV in my forearm, missed the vein entirely, insisted on fishing around for awhile until I finally asked her to just stick me again, and who left the first needle in my arm while she was placing the second IV. Oh, also not pictured is the ugly bruise that was at my IV site because the nurse pulled my IV out at an angle for unknown reasons. ::eyeroll:: After my infusion on Friday, I went to Target to get the last part of Ken's anniversary present (Friday was our 5 year date-iversary and we are going out this week to celebrate) and get a few things, then went to get a haircut and highlights. I haven't managed to take a picture of the new 'do yet because it rained all weekend and every time I did something to my hair, the weather just ruined it. I promise to post one this week, though! And then Friday night, I went up to the car dealership to finally get the SD card for my car's GPS, pick up my second key and owner's manual, and also get my permanent license tags. I also got them to give me free floor mats because I had waited for a whole month for them to get this SD card and as such, was unable to use my GPS. After that ordeal, I met my mom for dinner, which was nice, and then I went home and passed out. Wow, Friday was kind of busy, haha.

On Saturday...
I woke up and went to Accepted Students' Day for med school with my mom! It was... overwhelming and insane. There were lots of people there because students were able to bring up to 2 guests, and there were lots of current med students and faculty milling around. The morning was spent being talked at by various Deans and advisors etc, and then we had a question-and-answer session in smaller groups with med students, which was useful. After that, we had lunch, and financial aid gave a presentation, which made me think I was going to vomit because debt is horrible and I have a lot of it thanks to undergrad and my MPH. Also at that point, I was sick and tired of being around so many people and I was exhausted and cranky. I spent the rest of the day mentally freaking out about finances and wishing I could go home and sleep. I did learn about the curriculum changes, all of which seem like good ideas to preserve sanity, and I got to talk to the financial aid people some more. After talking to some more students, my mom and I went home and I took to my bed for the rest of the day. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap, watching lots of DVR'd TV, eating cereal for dinner at 9 pm, and going back to sleep at 11. I also stress-ate a lot of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Whoops.

On Sunday...
I slept in and then met up with Patricia again. She took the train over from Philly and we went to Groove Ground in Collingswood. I wish that it hadn't been raining because it's always nice to walk around in downtown Collingswood, but alas, it was gross outside. We ended up at the Cherry Hill Mall and totally did not find anything worth buying, sadly. I did find this trench coat at H&M, but it was $60 there (although $25 online.. and totally out of stock) but I decided not to get it because $60 seems steep for anything at H&M. I also went to The Container Store, which is totally one of my happy places because it just makes me feel better to be somewhere so organized, haha. I finally acquired canisters for my flour and sugar, and I also got a counter organizer for my make-up. Yay organization! I then spent the rest of Sunday in my pajamas, doing laundry, eating Chinese take-out, and watching Amy Schumer's stand-up special on DVD. I also ordered new bras. FINALLY.

It's worth mentioning that when I told Julie this exciting news (she is my bra-guru... the girl has a gift, much like her gift-giving ninja abilities) she replied, "Brazel tov!" which made me literally snort-laugh at my desk. Ladies, this is the new way we are to congratulate one another when we purchase bras. Please adjust your vocabularies accordingly.

So that was last week. On to Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective

Last week, I had 5 goals:

1. Get blood work drawn.
2. Go to the library to pick up books on hold and donate old ones.
3. Put together a blog schedule of sorts.
4. Get my viola to the luthier for new strings and decide where I want to take my bow(s) for rehairing.
5. Purge my closet, find the holes in my wardrobe, and figure out a plan of attack to fill them.

I accomplished 0.5 of them, with that 0.5 being to go to the library and pick up the books that I had on hold. I did nothing else on the list. At all. Perhaps this week will be better!

1.  Order transcripts for Rowan SOM.
I don't know why, but I have to send official transcripts to Rowan even though nothing has changed since they got the LAST official transcripts that I used to apply in the first place. Oh well. I already sent in my deposit and paperwork to start their summer program, and I can't send in the health forms until after I see my doctor, but at least I can send them my transcripts and check that off the list.

2. Get blood work drawn. Yeah, this still needs to happen. Ken has to go get his drawn this weekend, so I'll just go with him. What a fun and romantic date, right?

3. Go house hunting! (And don't have a meltdown.) Is it fair to put this down if you know you're doing it? I guess the second part of that goal is the more important one.

4. Do a closet purge.
For real this time. I'll also need to do this to figure out what I'm wearing to our anniversary dinner on Friday night!

5. Finish scholarship essays/paperwork and submit the application. Last week, I started the application for the National Health Service Corps scholarship for medical school. If I was awarded the scholarship, it would cover my tuition and fees for 4 years, plus a living expenses stipend. In return, I would be contracted to work for 4 years with the National Health Service Corps as a physician in primary care (my field would be pediatrics) in a health-professional-shortage-area. I know that I want to spend part of my career working in a medically under-served community, and this would be a great way to do it. If I don't get the scholarship, I plan to look into their loan forgiveness program once I finish my residency. I have a bunch of paperwork to finish for the application though, so that needs to happen or I definitely won't get the scholarship!

So, that's that! Don't forget to head over to The Nectar Collective and Ameliorer la Vie to check out some other bloggers' weeks and upcoming goals. Hopefully I'll be around this space some more this week, and hopefully I'll have some house hunting updates after tomorrow. For me, I'm heading out soon to get a massage and see my long-lost husband!

- A


  1. House hunting can be stressful but when you found the one everything was worth it. Enjoy every minute of it.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We're seeing 4 (or 5?) houses tonight, so hopefully something will be good! Good luck with your April goals. Getting the house "summer ready" sounds fun... I am more than ready to welcome the warm weather!

  2. I want to go to the Container Store! I've been into organizing stuff lately, which is kind of out of character for me. Thanks for linking up with us. :)

    1. I love The Container Store! It's so lovely. I have dreams of being able to organize all of the closets in my house one day with fancy systems, haha. (Maybe I need new dreams.)

  3. Sorry the first house didn't work out for you guys either. I am trusting that at the perfect time we both will find the house that couldn't be better for each of us. I hope the new med is working well! I have yet to go to the container store. I could use some help in the organization department!

    1. House hunting is definitely stressful and an emotional roller coaster, but like most roller coasters, it's also kind of fun, even if you think you might die, haha. I hope that you find your perfect house to make a home!

      So far, so good on the new med. It will be a couple of weeks before I'll see any effects probably, but I'm hoping for good things. Keep me posted on the house hunt. I'm looking forward to many more Container Store trips after we move!


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