Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Wednesday, and somehow, it feels like this week is simultaneously dragging and flying by. Also, I have no idea how it's already March 12th, but I'm kind of not okay with that. I mean, the closer we get to June, the happier I will be, because June means leaving my job and starting med school, but I feel like days are slipping away without being used to their full potential. My March calendar is kind of overwhelming:

I believe in color coordination.
... although at least it's mostly fun things on there. And hey, my bills are paid for the month. Like an adult! In other "like an adult" news, Ken and I are meeting with the realtor on Saturday to see some houses... although she hasn't gotten back to me on when or which ones we're set up to see. Trying not to freak out about that. Trying not to freak out about a lot of things, actually, which seems to be my default setting.

But, it's a Wonderful Stuff Wednesday, it's sunny (or at least it was, I have no idea what it's doing now because my office is window-less), it isn't 20 degrees (although it will be tomorrow... joy), and one of my best friends is coming into town tomorrow. Also, I've decided to combine Wonderful Stuff Wednesday with "So What? Wednesday" which I found out about via The Florkens Let's get to it. First, some Wonderful Stuff!

I've had kind of a rough go lately. Daylight Savings Time continues to mess with me on physical and emotional levels, so I've been trying to find some good stuff to read. Some of that is about being kind to myself, like this post by Heather (of Dooce.com). She really hit the nail on the head with her post about why we should be gentle with ourselves at this time of the year. One of my favorite parts:

"Give yourself credit for having a pulse, kid, because you open up the engine into any human being and you’ll find missing and broken pieces."

Or this post, by Ashten of Always Ashten. Talk about someone who's going through a lot right now. Her fur-child is sick and she is under a lot of stress, but she bravely told her story about her experience with anxiety and panic, and most importantly, how she is NOT sorry for who she is. Major props to her for that. I could use a shot of whatever she's having.

Sometimes, we just need to lay it all out there and declare what our roadblocks are. This open thread on A Practical Wedding is about exactly that, and how sometimes, we make our mole hills into mountains. I definitely needed to read that today.

And then there are times you just need to read about a rescue farm that enlists people to come snuggle the animals. No seriously, if you live in or around Santa Clarita, check out The Gentle Barn. They need people go snuggle the cows!

But if hugging cows isn't your thing, maybe you can snuggle premature babies.

And there's always this video of my cats losing their minds over the fact that Ken opened a can of tuna in their presence:

Plus, you can always say, so what...?

So what... if my cat occasionally gets out of bed before I do on weekends? Maybe he has something to do and I don't. Ever think about that?

So what... if sometimes, I eat cereal for dinner... multiple nights a week? Cereal is probably healthier for me than eating a brownie for dinner, right?

So what... if my dresser drawers are a complete disaster? At least I can find things... most of the time.

So what... if I unfriend people on Facebook who I haven't talked to in years... on their birthdays. What, it's the only reason I know they're even on my friends list!

So what... if I have 93 craft ideas "pinned" on my Pinterest boards and haven't accomplished a single one? Someday, when I have free time, I'll have LOTS of options.

So what... if I don't really need to take 4 days off to go to Florida for a med school interview anymore? I could still use some sunshine, 80 degree weather, and unlimited palm trees.

So what... if my idea of a great weekend usually doesn't involve leaving the house... or my pajamas? I'm an adult, and that makes this okay.

So what... if I am woefully behind on my DVR'd shows? That means I'm doing something more important, right? (Wrong.)

What are you saying "So What?" to this week? Link up over at Life After I "Dew" and check out some other lists... and don't forget to tell me what's wonderful on YOUR Wednesday!

- A


  1. I'm saying it to so much this last week I would go on too long - it is refreshing though and in a good way, kind of like I am getting rid of things that were weighing me down.

    1. Definitely! Trying to just "roll with it" some more... but it's so hard!


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