Wonderful Stuff Wednesday: On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I don't know about you, but here, we are being rained upon, it's cold, and it definitely does not feel like it's going to be May tomorrow. However, we are soldiering on, and tomorrow is technically my Friday, as I am leaving at the crack of dawn on Friday morning to visit one of my best friends and most-awesome college roommate, Emily! Hurrah! Let's get to the wonderful, shall we?

First things first! If you know me at all, you probably know that I quote Mean Girls on the daily. Perhaps a little too often. No, there is no such thing as quoting Mean Girls too often. Today is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls being released, which means that I am officially old, and now I have even more of a reason to work movie quotes into my day today. Also, it's a Wednesday, which is even more fitting because "on Wednesdays, we wear pink!"

This text exchange took place today between myself and one of my best friends, Jenn:

Then, I got this reply from Sarah, another one of my Mean Girls' loving best friends:

Clearly, I am friends with the right people, and they happen to be awesome. So, Happy Anniversary of Mean Girls, everyone. Don't forget that you can't date your friend's ex-boyfriend, because that's like, the rules of feminism, and if you have sex, you will get pregnant, and die. Oh hell, here's a collection of the best quotes from Mean Girls, aside from, you know, the whole movie.

Anyway, on to the next wonderful thing!

Yesterday, Kenzie of Chasing Happy tweeted a link to Noisli, with which I am now totally in love. What is Noisli? According to their "About" page, Noisli is a "a fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing." There's also a text-editor for distraction-free writing, and the background changes colors. There's a nice option of sounds, including rain, thunder, wind, and ocean waves, among others. I love that I can throw it on in the background, which blocks out the outside office noise, but also doesn't distract me like music occasionally does (can you say "office dance party"?) I really enjoy the rain and wind sounds, which I find especially amusing today, because that's actually how it sounds outside at the moment.

Also yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking both of our cats to the vet. Fortunately, Ken was around to help me because I don't think I could have done it without him. Gershwin has yet another upper respiratory infection, so he definitely needed to see the vet, and Luna just needed vaccines and a check up, since she hadn't been examined in... years. (Yes, I'm a terrible cat mom, I know.) Luna hissed at the carrier as soon as she saw it, and Gershwin wasn't too happy either, but in the end, we got them contained:

As you can see, they were less than thrilled. Unfortunately, what you can't hear is the pathetic meowing coming from both carriers. Gershwin eventually stopped because he's done this a few times now and probably realizes that resistance is futile (and he's also just a way more relaxed cat than Luna), but Luna meowed pretty much continuously for the entire trip to and from the vet. It was pathetic. At the vet, Gershwin was a perfect gentleman, although I'm pretty sure he's giving me the side-eye here:

Luna, meanwhile, was so upset that she peed all over herself in her carrier and proceeded to cower on the exam table and in my lap. She behaved for the vet, got her vaccines, and fortunately, got a clean bill of health (minus some tartar on her teeth). Gershwin got his antibiotic injection and an intranasal vaccine that actually works to help his immune system clear this chronic upper respiratory junk. He wasn't thrilled by that, but hey, I wouldn't be thrilled either if someone injected a bunch of liquid into my nasal passages either. As usual, he purred through his entire visit and loved on the vet and all of the techs. He has to see a kitty cardiologist because his heart murmur is getting more severe, which makes me sad. Hopefully, the cardiologist will be able to give us some meds to help him stay stable and comfortable for many years to come.

After the vet visit and the oh-so-traumatic car ride home, I had to give Luna a bath. I give you sad, wet, cat burrito:

Poor thing. It was a hard day to be Luna. But... why is this wonderful? Because she's adorable, and also, I survived taking a trip to the vet with both cats, didn't empty my entire checking account, and didn't die of blood loss while giving Luna a bath. I think I win!

Some other wonderful things:

- Ken and I are seeing Eddie Izzard on Monday, and beforehand, we're going to The Melting Pot for dinner. Ken's never been, and I haven't been there in a long time, so we're very excited. Also, we're finally celebrating our 5 year date-iversary. HURRAH!
- As I mentioned before, n Friday at the crack of dawn, I'm traveling to the foreign land of Madison, Wisconsin to visit one of my best friends and most-awesome college roomie, Emily! We are going to eat all the cheese (well, not all of it), and go to House on the Rock, and... I'm not sure what else we're doing, but I'm sure it will be fun. Side note, Emily was researching the patron saint of ice cream last night, and while there doesn't seem to be one specifically for ice cream, Saint Brigid of Ireland is the patron saint of all things lactose. Clearly, she should be celebrated.

- I just bought this amazing Groupon for a date night that includes 2 movie tickets, a $100 gift certificate to any restaurant on restaurants.com, and a credit for an 8x10 from Print on Canvas... all for $34.99! I'm pretty stoked to plan a fun night out with Ken! (I also discovered that I have a $25 credit on that site, so that's also pretty cool.)

- Coffee exists. That's something wonderful to be celebrated every day.

- Ben Folds + The Philadelphia Orchestra? Where do I sign up?

- For the month of May, I'm a Florken Friend! Kate and Adam write what is one of my favorite blogs. I especially loved their Q&A vlog on buying a house (for obvious reasons).

- Today is my friend Amy's 30th birthday! She doesn't have a blog, but she IS one of the most awesome people that I know. She was my theater mom my freshman year of high school and we've been friends ever since. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY! I'm so blessed to have you in my life... thanks for being born!!

I hope that you're all having a wonderful Wednesday, even if it's raining where you are. Anything wonderful in your life that I need to know about? Leave it in the comments!

We're halfway to Friday! We can do it!

- A

Shh, the Universe is Listening

Monday, April 28, 2014

You guys, I have a confession.

I've  been keeping a secret from you. You, my loyal readers, who have been with me through it all (where "it all" equals everything on this blog).

But now, I've decided that it's time to come clean.

Are you ready?

To be honest, I'm not even sure if I'm ready... but here it goes.

We bought a house.

It still feels weird to say it and I haven't really been telling anyone, mainly because I'm afraid that the universe will hear and the entire thing will collapse like a flan in a cupboard (name that comedian!) To be truthful, that can still happen. Offers and counters were made, offers were accepted, contracts have been signed and deposits have been deposited. We're currently in the attorney review period, which lasts until Wednesday, and barring our sellers deciding that they want to throw the contract out the window, that means that Thursday begins the mortgage application! Our inspection is scheduled for Thursday as well, and I am so excited to go back and see it again.

A house! We bought a house!

Of course, I'm still nervous as hell because nothing is final until the ink dries on closing day, which is set for May 30th... but HOUSE! So what is it like? I thought you'd never ask. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhome with a den, in a woodsy suburb, not far from where I grew up or where we are now. It's about 20 minutes from where I'll be going to school and where Ken works. It's 5 miles from Target, 3 miles from our favorite Chinese place and pizza place, 15 minutes from our preferred grocery store, and 10 minutes from my favorite library (yes, I have a favorite library). The kitchen has granite counters, stainless steel appliances, a tiled backsplash, and gorgeous cherry cabinets, there is dark hardwood flooring in the kitchen and dining room, and there's a real patio and a backyard with trees and grass and a place to grow things. There's a front porch that's made for a swing, or at the very least, comfy deck chairs. There's room for Ken and I to both have an office (although mine will be an office/craft space), and perhaps the thing I'm most excited about, besides the whole "OH MY GOD, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!" thing is that I can get my Mom-Mom's piano out of storage.

I learned to play the piano on that instrument, sitting in my grandmother's lap. It's a gorgeous upright, made of dark, almost black, wood, with real ivory keys (before that kind of thing became frowned upon). I learned to read music on that instrument and spent hours playing whenever I was at her house. It was the first instrument I fell in love with, and it was because of my Mom-Mom that we eventually got our own piano and I started lessons. When she died in 2000, the only things I wanted from her house were some photos, her knitting needles, and the piano. At the time, we had no room in our house for another piano (because we had one already) and so it went into storage at our tuner's house. It needed some cleaning up, besides, as it had spent its entire life in a home where two people smoked like chimneys and after years of playing, it needed a few repairs to keys and pedals. Now, it can have a home in our new home. I can't wait to have such a precious heirloom back where it belongs.

I can't even tell you how simultaneously relieved and still-terrified I am about this whole process. Finding a house was hard, but now as we wade through inspections, assessments, and mortgage applications, I'm afraid it is going to all fall apart at any moment. Thank God our realtor is so amazing, because at least when I have what is likely a very stupid question or concern, I can email, text, or call Linda and be reassured. This is all very exciting, but I'd very much like for things to be settled so I can stop worrying that at any moment, the house we are enamored with will disappear into the air like smoke.

To help control the anxiety, I've been daydreaming of decor and paint and furniture. This may or may not be the best use of my time and energy, but there's something soothing about pinning paint colors and browsing home decor sites and looking at furniture sales. I know that everything won't get done at once, but at the very least, we can get the place painted and maybe get new carpet. I'm not even entirely convinced we need new carpet as much as it needs to be deep cleaned, but I'll verify that on Thursday. Until then, I'll continue neurotically pinning things to various and sundry boards. It's almost like being productive, right? If you have any favorite home decor or furnishings sites, leave them in the comments. I'm all ears!

So that's my news. We bought/are in the process of buying a house. Newsflash: I still don't feel like an adult. I don't suppose I ever will.

Have a good Monday, all... it's almost over!

- A

Five on Friday!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hey all! We made it to Friday! Whooo! Every week, it seems like we'll never get here, and then magically, we arrive. Work has been kind of nuts this week, as I realized that holy crap, I have 39 work days and a total of 57 days until I leave this office for the last time. There is a lot to wrap up and I want to leave here as caught up as possible so the next victim person who takes this position won't be behind the metaphorical 8 ball before they even start. That translates to spending hours and hours in spreadsheets and medical charts to get all of the data up to date, and also dealing with the IRB (my favorite! ::eyeroll::) so there hasn't been much of my brain left at the end of the day to blog.

Anyway, I'm linking up today with Darci of The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday! The rules are simple: Post about any five things you want and link back to one (or all) of the hostesses' blogs. If you want to link up, head on over to Darci's blog and check it out! There are lots of blogs already on the link-up, so I'm sure you'll find something fun and interesting to read. So without further ado, here are my 5 random things for Friday!

Remember how I was supposed to be going to Kentucky this weekend to visit Ken's sister and mother? Well, I'm not going anymore. Unfortunately, I'm not going because one of my oldest and dearest friends unexpectedly lost her father on Tuesday, and the funeral services are this Saturday. I have known Lindsey since we were 10, and I can't even imagine how heartbroken she is right now. I knew immediately that I had to be there for her, even if it meant canceling the ticket and eventually having to pay a $200 change fee to use it again. So, that's how I'll be spending my Saturday. Not exactly uplifting, but this is what true friendship is all about, right? Being there for each other in the good times and the especially horrible times, and everything in between. If you have an extra prayer or good vibe hanging around, send it in Lindsey's direction.

If you don't already know, I'm a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. I've been known to go to the animal shelter simply to snuggle the kittens. I would adopt at least 2 or 3 more kittens if my husband wouldn't promptly disown me, so in lieu of that, I just obsessively love the 2 furbabies that we already have.

How can you not love them?
I bring this up because apparently, there is a pop-up cat cafe in Brooklyn this weekend! I want to go there! Alas, I will not be attending, mainly because traveling to NYC and surrounding areas scares the crap out of me. Also, public transportation gives me hives. Guess I'll just have to snuggle my own kitties extra this weekend! (Darn.)

I desperately need to purge my closet, so with a mostly empty weekend ahead of me, I think I might do that. My goal is to try on every piece of clothing in my closet and dresser, and if I wouldn't buy it again right then, or if it's really worn out and old, then it gets tossed/donated/etc. I have a bag of pants to take to the Buffalo Exchange in Philly, so I might try and do that this weekend as well. The Great Closet Purge of 2014 is on!

I seriously need to quit my gym, and I haven't done it yet. It's absolutely stupid that I have to go to the gym during business hours, Monday through Friday, to talk to the manager. I know it's because they want one last chance to convince me to keep my membership, but they're just wasting their time. I am DONE. There is a small cardio and weight gym at Rowan SOM that I can use if I feel the need (which I probably should, but won't) and if I want to take any barre, pilates, or zumba classes, I can do that at any number of studios in southern NJ or Philly on a drop-in basis. Now if only I can convince myself to, you know, go do that.

I've been suffering with keeping my depression and anxiety in check lately, so I'm trying to get myself to focus on the good things:

- Visiting Emily in Madison next weekend and eating ALL THE CHEESE (and going to The House on the Rock!)
- Seeing Eddie Izzard in Philadelphia on May 5th
- Seeing LF the first week in June when she is on vacation in Avalon (whoo hoo beach time!)
- Seeing my dad in mid-June
- Starting the summer med school program (terrifying and exciting... terriciting? excitifying?)
- Shopping for newer (smaller) clothes after the Great Closet Purge of 2014
- Having time to read books! Lots of books!
- Being able to get a free bang trim without an appointment from my stylist
- Remembering that I have over $100 in Amazon gift cards
- Sleeping in

And with that, I'm off! What are your five random things for this Friday? Any tips on how to purge your closet in an efficient manner? What are you up to this weekend?

- A

Every Facebook Post You'll Ever Read

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For those of you who are new around these parts, this is my husband:

Basically, he's awesome. (And a babe, but I guess some might consider me to be biased, haha.) One of my favorite things about Ken is that he makes me laugh pretty much every day. The other day, he posted this as his Facebook status:

This doesn't seem like a particularly exciting status, but since his friends are equally hilarious, this is what happened. First, a brief introduction to the cast of characters:

This is Pete. Pete is one of Ken's best friends and was the best man at our wedding.

This is Ken. You know him already.

This is Del, another one of Ken's best friends. You can't tell from this tiny picture, but he's sleeping with an Indiana Jones hat on his face. Because he's Indiana Jones, duh.

This is Ian, who Ken met through Pete.

This is me. Hi!

I don't know this person. Also it's a picture of a dog, which doesn't help me. Sorry, random-person-whose-Facebook-photo-is-a-dog.

This is Adam, another really good friend of Ken's.

Ok, so... here we go!

Life advice.

Humble brag.

Meta post.

Doge reference.


Opposite politics.

Extremely long political rebuttal.

Unnecessary personal insult.

Desperate last minute attempt to sell concert ticket.

Buzzfeed quiz.

Support this Kickstarter.

Workout update.

Pet story.

It's not Friday.

Sepia-filtered picture of my dinner.

Meme about something that ain't nobody got time for.

Blatant spoiler of that thing you're watching.

Uh, dude. Tomorrow's already the 10th.


Year old meme.


"Assertion" lol look at this stupid assertion

Somebody gave a life in some facebook game I don't wtf

Invite to a Facebook game you will never want to play.

Non sequitur from someone with nothing to contribute to this conversation.

Some dbag listened to lana del rey or whatever on spotify.

Someone doesn't know how to change their Spotify settings.


Someone complains about something that can be changed in under 30 seconds in their Facebook account settings.

Ken, why is your Aunt Internet Yelling?

Heartfelt-worded disclosure that no one believes or cares about but hey here's a "Like"

Aphorism - in a pic

Passive-aggressive open letter that is clearly about someone who will actually read it, or who isn't even on Facebook.

Some goon you pity-friended tagged you in a photo from April 11, 1998

A friend request from someone you're not sure you actually know.

28th notification from a power thread you commented on once over an hour ago.

Pete, you tell me, she's your aunt.

Are we secretly brothers? Is this how our story enters its FINAL ACT?

Inside joke no one else gets but will "like" anyway.

Complaint about weather.

A friend request from a relative or inlaw that you leave permanently in friend-limbo because you obviously can't friend them but if you decline the request, they'll just ask again. And again. And again.


Adam, come gaze with us into the Facebook abyss, and let it gaze into you.

Repost of something from The Onion or similar satirical site, but posted as actual news.

Sensationalist scientific article with no verifiable claims.

An awesome recipe you will never make.

A question to the whole of Facebook, to which the best answer would be, "Let me Google that for you."

That was some fine work, everyone. I'm pretty sure we defeated Facebook tonight.

That'll do, Facebook. That'll do.



What do you think? Did we miss any?

- A

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