At Least it's Free Cone Day

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo via Ben & Jerry's Facebook page
It's Tuesday, it's rainy, life is crazy... but it's free cone day at Ben & Jerry's and fortunately for us, there's a Scoop Shop less than 5 minutes from my office. I know that the line will be long, and I might be rained on, and it's not even very good ice cream weather yet, but damn it, free ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that and who can't be happy with free ice cream in their hand? Especially ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, which might be considered a controlled substance in some circles.

I didn't do a Weekly Wishes or Weekly Wrap Up post, mainly because I accomplished zero of my goals and last week can be summed with the following words: Massage, joint pain, house hunting, sinus infection from hell, Orencia injection, blood sugar of 44, nausea, excessive nose blowing, house hunting meltdown, oral surgeon appointment, house hunting meltdown, payday, meltdown.

This week, my only goal is to not have a meltdown have fewer meltdowns. So there you have it. Whoo!

To those of you playing the home game (ha, I'm punny), here's the State of the House Hunt:

Date House Hunt Began: March 8, 2014
Houses seen: 20
Offers made: 3
Outbid: Twice, third time pending
Meltdowns: TNTC (for you non-microbio/lab folk, that's "Too Numerous To Count")

On Sunday afternoon, we saw 5 houses, one of which we had seen the previous Tuesday. We had liked it on Tuesday, but not as much as the one on which we submitted an offer (on which we were outbid a mere 4 hours later). It's in an area that isn't bad, but that is not one in which we were originally looking, and we also happened to see it at 8:45 at night, so it was dark, we were starving, and we were basically on overload. Ken also thought it smelled like smoke, but he was mistaken; it just smelled like old lady perfume and old furniture.

The houses we saw on Sunday were okay. The first one was out because it was really only a one bedroom with a loft, even though it had a lot of other storage space and a place for an office, but it was also second and third floor unit, which is a no-go for us. The second one was nice, but the kitchen was SO skinny it would be impossible to work with, plus none of the bathrooms were updated. The third one was in Voorhees, which would be superbly convenient to school (me) and work (Ken), but it was hard to get a good feel for the place because the tenants were still in it and were physically there when we saw the house, there was a hospital bed in the dining room, and one of the bedrooms was literally floor-to-ceiling with boxes. I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders (AKA: Like I wanted to die.) That being said, we did like the potential we could see in the house...

We saw another house in Audubon, which is an older, more run-down area, but not a bad area, per se. The house itself was nice, but it's a 2 bedroom with a full finished basement, and it the monthly cost was the highest of the ones we had seen thus far. Then we went back to the one in West Deptford, which is the one we originally liked from the previous Tuesday. Seeing it in the daylight was much nicer, and we really liked it a lot more than we thought we did. We had driven around the area and located a Target, a CVS, and a grocery store, and I know that only a few minutes away in the next town is a large mall, lots of restaurants, and probably at least 27 Starbucks. We decided to put in an offer. Hurrah!

Later that night, our realtor let us know that we were actually the third offer, and the seller had already asked for highest and best by Sunday evening, so we had to go with what was our highest and best, and we would not have a chance to counter. We went with slightly over the asking price, which isn't a huge problem, except that the house might not assess at that value, in which case we need to go back to negotiating. This is complicated by the fact that we need our closing costs to be covered by the seller, so if she decides that she doesn't want to do that after the assessment because it will lower what she gets from the sale of the house, we are, for lack of a better term, SOL. Depending on how long the assessment takes, we could be 3-4 weeks from now, which means that we would have already told our landlord that we're leaving (we have to do that on 5/1) and if we lost the house, we wouldn't really be in a position to keep looking because I'm leaving my job on 6/20... so again, not a great situation. 

Cue meltdown.

We were supposed to hear yesterday about whether the seller took our offer, but our realtor had a family emergency so we haven't heard any news yet. There are some other houses on the market that we'd like to go see (closer to where we wanted to originally look), so maybe one of those will work out. All I know is that we have the rest of this month to find a house. I need to talk to our landlord about possibly going month-to-month after 5/1, but who knows what she'll say. I am still waiting to hear from our realtor today, but I kind of don't want to bother her since I know that she has a lot going on right now with her family. I'll wait until later this afternoon to call her, but a neurotic, impatient, anxious woman can only take so much, you know?

So that, my friends, is the State of the House Hunt. If you're house hunting, I feel your pain. If you are a home owner... please tell me it gets better.


In other news, I reached the nadir (or perhaps the pinnacle, depending on how you want to look at it) of my inability to be a grown up. The hem fell out of my black dress pants. This is how I fixed it:

Ladies and gentlemen, how NOT to Adult.
Yes folks, that's duct tape. Technically, it's "Gorilla Tape". Not sure if that makes it better or worse. This wouldn't be nearly as unfortunate if the hem had just fallen out this morning while I was getting dressed. Nay, then this would perhaps be inventive! Alas... this hem has been out for MONTHS. I just neglected to wear black dress pants for awhile. In fact, I bought a new pair of dress pants because for awhile, these ones were tight, but now the other ones are gigantic and so I am back to wearing these. I just realized that part of the hem in my grey dress pants has fallen out as well, so I guess I really just need to get myself to a tailor. Grumble grumble, being an adult, grumble grumble.

Anyway, there's a lot rolling around in this head of mine between school stuff, house stuff, and general life stuff. When I haven't been at work, we've been house hunting, and when we haven't been doing that, I've been trying to soak up all of the "free time" that I have right now. Essentially, that means reading (for fun!), marathon-watching things on the DVR and/or Netflix, baking, seeing friends after work, sleeping late, and generally spending as much time in my pajamas as humanly possible. I have 52 days of work left, not including weekends and holidays, and then there's a weekend before med school starts. Then we're off and running and I'll see you all again in May of 2018, I guess. I kid, I kid. Fran is a med student and has one of my favorite blogs, and Anna is also a med student, PLUS she has a daughter (and another baby on the way) so clearly, if they can do it, so can I.

Despite all the craziness of today, at least it's Free Cone Day. And even when it's not free cone day, when life gets crazy, at least there's ice cream, right?

- A


  1. Dammit!! I did not know that today was free cone day, and now I am sad that I missed it. It was always one of my favorite holidays. (It's totally a holiday, don't even argue.) I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you guys find an awesome house soon! <3

    1. It's totally a holiday! The trick for me is not hitting up the Ben & Jerry's on the regular since it's literally a five minute walk from my office, haha.

      Thanks for the finger-crossing, I'll keep you posted! Good luck with the move this weekend!!! <3

  2. Ah! House hunting is super hard. We looked for over a year-so you putting in three offers in the span of a month is mind boggling to me! Also, we put in the offer on our house in October, and only moved in a month ago. It's a hard slog, you know? But in the end, you're better off (usually) and you have a house! So good luck to you, lady-you'll make it through this!

    1. Haha, we're on the accelerated track! It's so crazy, but I think it'll be worth it. Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on settling into your new home! :)


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