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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hey all! We made it to Friday! Whooo! Every week, it seems like we'll never get here, and then magically, we arrive. Work has been kind of nuts this week, as I realized that holy crap, I have 39 work days and a total of 57 days until I leave this office for the last time. There is a lot to wrap up and I want to leave here as caught up as possible so the next victim person who takes this position won't be behind the metaphorical 8 ball before they even start. That translates to spending hours and hours in spreadsheets and medical charts to get all of the data up to date, and also dealing with the IRB (my favorite! ::eyeroll::) so there hasn't been much of my brain left at the end of the day to blog.

Anyway, I'm linking up today with Darci of The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday! The rules are simple: Post about any five things you want and link back to one (or all) of the hostesses' blogs. If you want to link up, head on over to Darci's blog and check it out! There are lots of blogs already on the link-up, so I'm sure you'll find something fun and interesting to read. So without further ado, here are my 5 random things for Friday!

Remember how I was supposed to be going to Kentucky this weekend to visit Ken's sister and mother? Well, I'm not going anymore. Unfortunately, I'm not going because one of my oldest and dearest friends unexpectedly lost her father on Tuesday, and the funeral services are this Saturday. I have known Lindsey since we were 10, and I can't even imagine how heartbroken she is right now. I knew immediately that I had to be there for her, even if it meant canceling the ticket and eventually having to pay a $200 change fee to use it again. So, that's how I'll be spending my Saturday. Not exactly uplifting, but this is what true friendship is all about, right? Being there for each other in the good times and the especially horrible times, and everything in between. If you have an extra prayer or good vibe hanging around, send it in Lindsey's direction.

If you don't already know, I'm a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. I've been known to go to the animal shelter simply to snuggle the kittens. I would adopt at least 2 or 3 more kittens if my husband wouldn't promptly disown me, so in lieu of that, I just obsessively love the 2 furbabies that we already have.

How can you not love them?
I bring this up because apparently, there is a pop-up cat cafe in Brooklyn this weekend! I want to go there! Alas, I will not be attending, mainly because traveling to NYC and surrounding areas scares the crap out of me. Also, public transportation gives me hives. Guess I'll just have to snuggle my own kitties extra this weekend! (Darn.)

I desperately need to purge my closet, so with a mostly empty weekend ahead of me, I think I might do that. My goal is to try on every piece of clothing in my closet and dresser, and if I wouldn't buy it again right then, or if it's really worn out and old, then it gets tossed/donated/etc. I have a bag of pants to take to the Buffalo Exchange in Philly, so I might try and do that this weekend as well. The Great Closet Purge of 2014 is on!

I seriously need to quit my gym, and I haven't done it yet. It's absolutely stupid that I have to go to the gym during business hours, Monday through Friday, to talk to the manager. I know it's because they want one last chance to convince me to keep my membership, but they're just wasting their time. I am DONE. There is a small cardio and weight gym at Rowan SOM that I can use if I feel the need (which I probably should, but won't) and if I want to take any barre, pilates, or zumba classes, I can do that at any number of studios in southern NJ or Philly on a drop-in basis. Now if only I can convince myself to, you know, go do that.

I've been suffering with keeping my depression and anxiety in check lately, so I'm trying to get myself to focus on the good things:

- Visiting Emily in Madison next weekend and eating ALL THE CHEESE (and going to The House on the Rock!)
- Seeing Eddie Izzard in Philadelphia on May 5th
- Seeing LF the first week in June when she is on vacation in Avalon (whoo hoo beach time!)
- Seeing my dad in mid-June
- Starting the summer med school program (terrifying and exciting... terriciting? excitifying?)
- Shopping for newer (smaller) clothes after the Great Closet Purge of 2014
- Having time to read books! Lots of books!
- Being able to get a free bang trim without an appointment from my stylist
- Remembering that I have over $100 in Amazon gift cards
- Sleeping in

And with that, I'm off! What are your five random things for this Friday? Any tips on how to purge your closet in an efficient manner? What are you up to this weekend?

- A

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