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Monday, April 21, 2014

I debated about doing a weekly wrap-up and weekly wishes post this week because frankly, I feel like my life has been reduced to the following:

- Sleep
- Work
- House hunting

It's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day, only significantly less entertaining. Same shit, different day, to the very max. I've become a very boring person to talk to, since all I have to talk about is house hunting. Sometimes, I get to talk about my health (or more likely, lack thereof) which is just thrilling for everyone involved. I can also tell you stories about my cats. Basically, I'm a grandmother trapped in a 28 year old body. Sorry, guys.

However, in the spirit of... looking on the bright side of things, I suppose, I've decided to recap the week and talk about the goals for this week.

Ameliorer la Vie

So last week... on Monday, I had a massage and it was the best hour of my week. Stephani, my massage therapist, is amazing and I wish that I could pay her to come live at my house and give me neck and back massages whenever I need them... which is daily. I don't think she'd approve of that arrangement, though, and Ken might be weirded out, so I guess I'll just continue to go every other week and hope that someday, I can afford to go every week. She was genuinely concerned about my neck and shoulders, so I guess I should really talk to a physician about that, haha. After the massage, I met Ken and our realtor (Linda) to look at some houses, but none of them were winners. Womp womp.

On Tuesday, I saw my therapist, which was the second best hour of my week. I also wish that I could pay my therapist to live at my house and keep me sane, but I don't think that would work out either.

After work on Wednesday, we saw more houses and totally loved the last one that we saw. We were one of two potential buyers to see it and we put an offer on it immediately. We waited. I am bad at waiting, so you can imagine how pleasant I was on Wednesday night and through most of Thursday.

On Thursday, I finally got to the salon for a wax (by the way, best blow dry and waxing salon in Philly? Heads and Tails. Go there.) and then headed home. I was going to go to Ken's school for some Miss American type competition for scholarships, but I was really tired and just wanted to go home, so I bailed. I also got the call from Linda that the seller had gone with the other offer on the house, even though ours was higher, because the other buyers had 20% down and could close in two weeks. I then spent Thursday evening trying not to dejectedly lie on the floor and cry about how real estate is godless and horrible.

For those of you playing the home game (in which some sick twist, we cannot buy a home), this makes 4 houses that we had had offers on and 4 houses on which we have been outbid. As I said to many people on Thursday night, I'm beginning to think that real estate is a godless enterprise. Even God has thrown his hands up and said, "This shit is complicated, you're on your own," and left. My much more positive friend, Jen, said that she thinks that God is standing at our house waving "over here you guys!!!" but it is in a place we haven't looked yet. I'm trying to adopt that point of view, as it is far less bleak (and also probably way more true to reality, haha.) 

Thursday was also payday, though, which was lovely.

Because of the events of Thursday, I was really cranky on Friday, even though it was Friday, which usually is cause for celebration all by itself. Because I was so cranky, Pam suggested we walk to Shake Shack for lunch, so Kristin (my office mate), Pam, and I did exactly that. It was lovely and there was a chocolate milkshake involved, so really, how could you go wrong? After work, I was supposed to meet up with a friend from undergrad for dinner, but Ken and I ended up looking more houses, because apparently, this is what we do with all of our spare time. We saw two, one of which was decent, and then we spent an hour or so talking with Linda about the various houses that we'd seen and in which we had even a remote interest in, and worked out which ones we might want to put offers on. We also scheduled to see another house on Saturday.

Also on Friday, Levi had shoulder surgery because back in college, he dislocated it and ever since, it's been all wonky. His girlfriend was texting me updates and I talked to him after he was out of recovery and he sounded pretty good. He decided that he wanted to stay at our place on Saturday night, so we worked out when he and Kelsey (his girlfriend) would come over on Saturday. I did my Orencia injection... #3 since my loading dose. No real difference yet, but I am giving it the full 12 weeks until I give up on it. The rest of Friday... I don't even remember what we did. Nothing exciting, apparently, haha.

On Saturday, we slept in and Levi and Kelsey got to the house around 11:30. I lazed around in bed and actually went back to sleep for awhile, but I finally got up around 1:00. We met Linda to see another house at 2:30, and on the way home, I got horrible migraine so I spent the next three hours in bed, trying to avoid all light, sound, and smells. We were supposed to go to American Cut for our re-re-re-scheduled 5 year anniversary dinner, but once again, it had to be rescheduled. Sigh. I spent most of Saturday night trying not to feel disgusting. Kelsey did some acupressure that is supposed to help relieve headaches, and I think it worked a little. Between Levi being in a post-operative Percocet haze and my migraine, we decided to order in and we watched The Hunger Games, because Kelsey had never seen it. I also baked s'mores cookies because they're Levi's favorite. :)

On Sunday, we slept in and went to a bagel place near the house, but I didn't eat anything because I had brunch and shopping plans in Philly with my friend Patricia. As I was driving to the city, though, it dawned on me that many places would be closed on Sunday, so we rescheduled our plans for Wednesday after work. I went back home, laid in bed, dealt with residual migraine nonsense and exhaustion from my weekly methotrexate dosage, and I took a nap, which was both accidental and lovely. My mom came over later that day to cook our dinner for Easter, and it was nice to catch up with her. While we were getting dinner things ready, the people who responded to our Craigslist ad for the TV stand we've been trying to sell since July came to pick it up, and it was SO NICE to get it out of the house, haha. We ended up eating kind of late, which isn't unusual for our family, but no one died of hypoglycemia and it was fine. The cookies were a big hit, which always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I was in bed by 10:30 because again, I am a grandmother trapped in a 28 year old's body... and yet the alarm this morning still came far too early for my liking...

And now here we are on Monday, another week ahead of us. Ken is on spring break this week, with the exception of Friday, which they had to give up from having too many snow days. ::shakes fist at winter:: He didn't lose the whole break though, which happened to a few of my teacher friends. ::sad trombone noise:: We actually don't have any plans tonight, which is amazing, so I plan to go home, get in my pajamas, throw a heating pad on my aching neck/spine, and relax. As for this week, let's talk goals!

The Nectar Collective

Since I apparently had no goals last week, I either failed or totally won. Up to you. So, for this week...

1. Get lab work done
No, I still haven't accomplished this. It needs to be done this week, for serious. I just need to get my butt out of bed 30 minutes earlier and I'll be able to get it done before work. I don't even mind getting my blood drawn... I just keep forgetting to go.

2. Finish a book
I made some legitimate progress in The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression and I would like to finish it so I can process it and perhaps even write about it. I also picked up Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body from the library and started it, so perhaps I should finish that as well. I still have Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation (Aisha Tyler), Doctor Sleep (Stephen King), and The Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America (Laurie Edwards) to read as well. Better get on that.

3. Pack before Thursday night at 11 pm
Ken and I are flying to Kentucky for a quick 36 hours this weekend to visit his sister and mother. I am less than enthused for a number of reasons, but one of them is because I hate packing and another one is that I don't feel like traveling. I'd at least like to be packed and ready to go before I'm trying to go to bed on Thursday night.

4. Order transcripts for med school
Nope, still haven't done this either. At least it's not nearly as urgent as the lab work deal, but it's one less thing for me to think about once it's done.

5. Don't commit any felonies this weekend.

Me: I may commit a felony.
Pam: Just so you can't leave the state, or "it's so stupid you might commit a felony"?
No, I meant if I GO, I might commit a felony. Although if I did commit a felony, that would keep me here... but maybe just a little one, though. . .   Ooh, what if I had a head injury and couldn't travel! I could probably accomplish that without too much effort...

Yeah, I'm just going to leave it at that. The don't let felons become doctors, so that would really ruin things for me.

What are your goals this week? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Do you have any advice for how to reduce travel stress (and while we're at it, how to avoid committing a felony?)

- A



  1. Sounds like you had a pretty busy week! I wish my therapist could live with me, too. She's so cool. Good luck on your goals, especially that last one! Wouldn't want you to ruin your doctor plans ;)

  2. Thanks! I'll try not to become a felon over the weekend, haha.

  3. That massage sounds delightful. Just an hour with a masseuse can make such a big difference!

    1. It is so true! I wish I could go every week, haha. I'm just glad that on Mondays, I can get an hour for $40! It's definitely the best money I put aside in my budget every month!

  4. I'd say you totally won last week with all that to deal with! I agree with you on the real estate bit. We bought our house recently and it was a complete and utter NIGHTMARE. It's definitely a ruthless industry. You're very lucky to have just a couple of bidders though - right now in London they only do 'open houses' i.e. you turn up for the viewing and find about 30 other people there too (and I'm not exaggerating either!). You're outbid in minutes. Not to mention the air of competition is just horrible. But good luck - the house you're meant to have will appear when it's meant to! Have a great week :-)

    1. Real estate is such a mess... I can't even imagine only being able to have open houses! That is insane. I'm so glad that you found something! Hopefully we'll have good news soon... Thanks for stopping by, and have a good week!


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