Things That Make You Go, "Hm?"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I once said to someone that my life was proof that God has a sense of humor, because why the hell else would half of the stuff I encounter exist, if not to make someone, anyone, God or otherwise, laugh? Sometimes, things just happen that are funny, perplexing, or both. Here are some of those things that have happened recently.

This is just one of my confused faces.
  • My office mate and I were walking out one night and we came into an alcove at the bottom of a staircase on our way into another building. As we were attempting to leave the alcove, a group, nay, a herd, of Orthodox Jews entered the alcove. It was entirely overwhelming, and also confusing because they seemed to have no idea why there were in the alcove or how they had gotten there. We managed to exit the alcove without any major injuries, but then immediately burst into laughter because the entire situation was so absurd.
  • Apparently, toilet seat cleaner is now a thing we have in our lives? I think people are entirely too worried about toilet seats being dirty. You're not going to catch any weird diseases from a toilet seat that is dry and doesn't actually LOOK disgusting, unless you happen to have some gaping wound ony our butt, in which case, you should probably get that checked out. But seriously, if the toilet seat was visibly dirty, would you want to wipe it off? Wouldn't you just go find another stall? Whatever happened to toilet seat covers? Were those not sufficient? Why do people feel the need to cover the ENTIRE seat with toilet paper in the absence of covers? I have so many questions.
Wait, what?
  • I grabbed my scarf and a light jacket this morning and threw them on my passenger seat. When I got to work, I realized that there was something else in the seat. One of Ken's socks had somehow attached itself to my scarf. I'm not sure how or when, as the scarf was on the kitchen table and Ken doesn't generally keep his socks there, and the sock looked clean, so I really have no idea why it was anywhere outside of the sock drawer. Confusion. Now there's a sock in my car.
  •  I had the following conversation with someone in the Student Affairs office at Rowan:

    Me: Hello, yes, I'm going to be a student at Rowan SOM in the fall and I need to speak to someone about disability services.
    Woman: Like... insurance?
    Me: No... like, accommodations.
    Woman: Like... housing?
    Me: No... like, a medical disability.
    Woman: Please hold. (hold music) Yeah, I don't think I know what you mean.
    Me: Clearly.

    I'm not really sure what her issue was, but she ended up giving me the number for the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the extremely helpful person there emailed me the forms I need to fill out. The entire exchange with the first woman just baffled me, though.
  • There are now more baby girls named Khaleesi than Betsy or Nadine in this country, and more baby girls named Katniss than Maude. While I'm not sure I'm a fan of the name Maude, I also don't think that Katniss and Khaleesi are great improvements.
  • People put strange things in medical letters.

    Kristin: There's a line in this letter that says, "He has tactile issues with frogs and worms."
    Me: How often does he encounter them?
    Kristin: Well, I guess you can encounter them quite frequently in your backyard, but it's pretty easy to just... not touch them, right?

    I'm not sure what's more confusing, the fact that someone has a tactile issue with frogs and worms, or that it needed to be put in this letter. Also, how did we discover this? How much does this affect this person's daily life? I have questions.
  •  There's a pair of knee-highs in my purse. Why? No idea. But hey, I guess I'm set if I spontaneously go shoe shopping later.

So yes, life is a crazy place. What's the weirdest or most confusing thing you've encountered lately?

- A


  1. Ha! Medical disability. I hate when people don't understand what I'm saying. I feel like so many random things happen to me that's it's hard to keep track! haha :)

    1. It was so frustrating! At least I finally got some help, though, haha. And yeah, if I wrote about every random/amusing thing that happened, I would never stop writing. At least I'll always have blog fodder?

  2. Oh my love, read my journal entry (because I just posted one!) for more weird and confusing things. Life is definitely a crazy place, that is entirely true! :)

    1. Ohhh my God, I nearly peed myself laughing at your post. What a creeper! I can't wait to come visit you... although please, let's not meet the creeper when I'm there!


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