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Monday, April 14, 2014


I had a post planned for today, all scheduled and ready to go, but it felt odd to start the week with it, so it will be up tomorrow. STAY TUNED!!! So today, I figured I'd link up with Katie of I'm Your Katie Qué to recap the weekend. I really enjoy linking up with different bloggers because I always find something new to read and it's a nice way to connect with other writers from all over. Also, I love reading weekend and weekly recaps. It's a problem.

So, here we go!

1. I really enjoy satellite radio.
Before getting my new car, I had no clue why people were so into satellite radio. I had a regular radio, a CD player, and a way to hook up my phone with my music, so why the heck did I need Sirius XM? Well, it turns out that it's one of those things that you can go your whole life without, but once you have it, you wonder how you ever existed without it in your life. (See also: Garbage disposals, smart phones, memory foam.) I honestly didn't even use my satellite radio for a couple of weeks because I couldn't figure out how to program it and I didn't ever take the time to look through the channels to see what was available, and whenever I remembered to do that, I would be driving. I finally found some channels that I like, and now I find myself listening to the satellite radio more than anything else. My top 5 programmed stations right now are the Billy Joel channel, the Coffee Shop (acoustic stuff, originals and covers), Comedy Central Radio, RawDog Comedy, a 90's channel, and a Top 40 channel. I mainly stick to the comedy channels, and now I'm not sure I can ever give it up. Anyone out there fall in love with their satellite radio? What are your favorite channels?

2. My migraines can now start as simply nausea.
Not exactly a fun realization, but perhaps useful. In the past, my migraines have either started with the blinding head pounding, or have been preceded by visual disturbances or an aura. In fact, sometimes I would just get the aura and it would drive me crazy for hours because I would feel like there was something in my visual field or in my eye. More recently, the headaches have taken on the characteristic of feeling like someone is repeatedly and violently stabbing me in the eye socket with an ice pick. The trigger point injections that I started getting definitely decreased those headaches, but they still come back every once in awhile. The new thing, though, is for me to get extremely nauseated, and about 20 minutes later, be blindsided by the excruciating headache. This has happened a couple of times a week in the past month or so, and over the weekend I finally put two and two together. I think this was all complicated by the fact that my stomach has been so easily upset lately that I figured that I was just nauseated. At least now I can tell my doctor about this new symptom and also try and treat the potential migraine before it starts. As a corollary to this, I also learned that I need to really check my purse and carry my migraine meds with me at all times.  ::sad trombone noise::

3. Healthy communication skills completely elude some people.
I won't say much about this besides the fact that I am completely baffled by how so many people I know can communicate SO POORLY for so long into their adult lives. Yet another reason to support my "therapy for everyone" crusade.

4. There is no substitute for your own bed.
Even the most comfortable beds I've slept in on vacations do not compare to coming home and crawling into my own bed, complete with cats. Bonus points if the sheets are fresh. 

5. Reading is awesome.
I definitely didn't "learn" this this past weekend, but I did finish my second book in as many weeks, and man, it felt good. And weird. I haven't read novels in a very long time, and two consecutive novels is, well, a novel experience for me, haha. (I love a good pun! And a bad pun. All puns, really.) 

6. Embrace the lazy.
I am really bad at doing nothing. Vacations where you lay around are really hard for me; I at least have to be reading something. Lately though, I've embraced the lazy. Weeknights spent watching DVR'd TV, sleeping in on the weekends, taking naps, and not making plans have all been major parts of my life lately. My excuse is that starting at the end of June, I'll be in full-time class and studying mode, and that really won't let up until the holidays... so I might as well soak up all of this free time while I can. This is why it's totally okay to sleep until 10 on Sunday morning and then take a 2 hour nap at 1.

7. I am totally spoiled by our wine aerator.
We were given a Venturi wine aerator as a wedding shower gift and I am in love with it. It's so nice to be able to pour a glass of wine and not have to wait for it to breathe in order for the wine to be drinkable. And yes, aerating it totally makes a difference. This weekend, I poured a glass of wine at my aunt's and tried to drink it immediately... I was not impressed. After 10-15 minutes, it was drinkable, but who wants to wait that long to drink their wine?! (File this one under P for "Problems, First World" right?)

8. Ken and I can have fun wherever we go. 
Even in the backseat of my brother's car on the way to Maryland. (This is before we were scared for our lives due to aggressive driving. Spoiler alert: We lived.)

So, what did you learn this weekend? Anything useful? Anything not useful? I am off to get my biweekly massage, and I can't wait. Two weeks ago, I concerned the massage therapist with my intensely knotted up shoulders and neck, so we'll see what she has to say this time around. Tonight, we're seeing another house, so look out for a State of the House Hunt later this week!

- A


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