Five on Friday: So Annoying!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I know I say this every week, but Friday, where have you been all my life? Also, what is with the weeks feeling simultaneously really long and really short? It's weirding me out, man.

Anyway, it's Friday, it's not pouring rain or hailing like it was yesterday, and I'm staring down the barrel of a beautiful 3-day weekend. I have some fun plans (possibly seeing a house, seeing Constance, and brunching with Chrystina) and some not-so-fun plans (like getting a TB test and taking the cat to the vet), but I am also really looking forward to just sleeping in, getting some housework done, and spending a lot of time with Netflix and my husband. Bring on the weekend!

To kick it off, it's time for Five on Friday!

This week's Five on Friday is dedicated to things I'm tired of dealing with that make me NEED this 3-day weekend like you wouldn't believe.

Traffic and commuting. I know, this is totally clich├ęd, but it has been taking me an inordinately long time to get to and from work these days. Yesterday, it took me over 2 hours to get from North Wales (where my neurologist's office is located) to work, which is a total of 26 miles. It was stupid. People seriously need to stop forgetting how to drive and subsequently crashing their cars when it precipitates, and other people need to realize that slowing down to stare at someone who has recently crashed their car isn't helping anyone. Also, it's Memorial Day Weekend which means that starting now, the traffic heading out of Philadelphia, over the Walt Whitman Bridge, towards the Atlantic City Expressway is going to get INSANE due to the weekend shore-goers. Note to self: Take the Ben Franklin Bridge home on Thursdays and Fridays. At least once I start med school, I won't be commuting over the bridge anymore. Until then... I'll try not to run anyone over with my car in a fit of rage.


Bizarre and unfortunate weather. It's spring, it rains, I get it. I could definitely deal with less of the torrential, soaking, insane rain that causes roads to flood out, though. It makes driving even more difficult than usual, and getting dressed in the morning becomes a strategic planning session. I can be warm in my office and wear pants, but then I risk having soaking wet pant-legs all afternoon, even if I wear heels. If I wear heels, I risk slipping on wet floors, but if I wear flats, then my pants are definitely getting soaked. I could wear a skirt or a dress, but then I'll freeze to death in the office. And humidity? Totally ruins my hair and I hate when my clothes stick to me. I know, these are all minimally offensive problems in real life, but I'm still tired of dealing with it!

House hunting. Oh my God, someone stop the madness. After canceling the contract on the squirrel-infested home that had foundation issues, we signed contracts for another condo last Wednesday. Last Friday, we found out that the sellers had decided not to sign the contracts and instead took a second offer. We had an offer accepted on a THIRD condo and were supposed to sign contracts on Monday, but then we found out that the 0% down USDA mortgage we were told we qualified for was no longer an option because in the infinite wisdom of the federal government, they use gross income, not adjusted income to determine whether you are eligible. For the first time in my life, I wished we had made less money. (For what it's worth, we missed the cap by $1000 in gross income and were $20,000 under the cap when using the adjusted income. FEH.) This caused immense panic across the land (or at the very least, among Ken and myself... okay really, it was just me panicking) and we had to redo all of our payment calculations and switch into conventional mortgage gear. Now we're waiting on offers from 2 or 3 other houses and it's driving me insane. As a byproduct, I'm driving Ken insane, but as per usual, he's handling it way better than I am. The man is a saint.

Our lab tech. She is very "lab" and very not "tech". If I have to explain to her one more time the difference between "right click" and "left click", I may stab her with a pipette. Also, the concepts of selecting a group of items using "CTRL+A" and scrolling seem to elude her. Someone send help. And wine. And possibly, a technologically-savvy lab tech, if you have one on hand.

Health issues. Last weekend, I apparently had parvovirus, a virus usually reserved for children and puppies. Don't ask me where I got it, but apparently, this is part of being immunosuppressed. HURRAH. Earlier in the week, I had been extremely sniffly/congested, was more exhausted than usual, and had some headaches, but I chalked it up to allergies. Then, I spent all of Friday night and all day Saturday lying in bed with excruciating joint pain, a fever that wouldn't quit, and a rash. It was quite the party, let me tell you. I'm still dealing with some pretty severe neck pain, and yesterday I had another session of lidocaine injections at the neurologist's, so now I'm sore and bruised from that. I also had botulinum toxin injected into my subscapularis muscle (the muscle under your shoulder blade) to see if we could get the muscle to relax and give me some relief. So yeah, nothing like getting Botox first thing in the morning! I'm just tired of feeling gross, seeing doctors, taking pills, and having my calendar filled with more doctors' appointments and procedures than happy hours and hang outs. I try to stay positive, but daily pain and few answers have been dragging me down lately. But hey, someday, they'll figure it out and I'll feel better. I have to have faith that it will happen. :)

So there are my top five things I could really deal without. What are you sick of dealing with? What makes you really need this weekend? Tell me in the comments, and make sure you head over to visit AprilChristina, Natasha, and Darci, our lovely hosts for this link-up!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend, especially if you have off on Monday! 

- A 


  1. I need this long weekend too. And don't even get me started on people who stare at the crashes car. That helps NOTHING. Gah! I need a hover car.

    1. I hate traffic and gaper delays and stupid people driving... but I hate using public transportation even more. Basically, I need to be a hermit.

  2. *crashed car. I pretty much hate the iPad for typing anything.

  3. "If I have to explain to her one more time the difference between "right click" and "left click", I may stab her with a pipette." BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Dude. I can't staaaand having to explain simple shit like that! I mean c'monnnnnn... my GRANDMA could do that!

    1. Yeah, this woman is... special. I can't even.


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