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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mad Men, anyone? Anyone watching Mad Men this season? I am, and I am loving it... although I am kind of concerned for many of the characters. (Come on, Peggy, pull it together!)


Lately, I've felt like my brain is in a blender and that I am hanging onto control of my life by a quickly fraying thread, so I didn't really have anything to say today. Then I saw this post on Annabel & Alice and decided that it was "a sign" and that I should take this opportunity to post about it.

May is Mental Health Month, to which I was apparently completely oblivious because I have been so stressed out. Trust me, the irony of this statement is not lost on me. I forgot it was Mental Health Month because my own mental health has been in shambles. WHEE. However, the lovely ladies at Blog of Erisred and Uncorked Thoughts have declared June to the Mental Health Awareness Month here in the blogosphere! These two bloggers, along with others, have coordinated a month's worth of posts to bring awareness to the variety of ways that mental health and mental health disorders that affect people, both directly and indirectly.

I've written here about wanting to help dissipate the negative stigma around mental illness, and one way to do that is to talk about it openly and honestly. Throughout June, Ula (Blog of Erisred) and Leah (Uncorked Thoughts) will be hosting guest posts, interviews, giveaways, challenges and all sorts of events. They've also posted a reading list to Goodreads focused on mental health, which I definitely plan on checking out. If you're interested in participating, head over to one of their blogs, grab a button, and link up! I plan to post at least a few different times about my own story and treatment journey, books and articles I've read, and just thoughts about mental health in our society today.

If you have any questions about mental health, mental illness, therapy, treatment, or anything else related to the field, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly via the blog. I want to address things that are important to you guys, so let me know! If you've read a good book or an article, link me to it! If you have a story, tell me! Let's talk about our brains and our emotions, people. It will be fun, and maybe a little crazy... I promise.

- A


  1. Thanks for joining, so glad you are doing this! If you wish to be included on the official schedule, email me or Leah and we'll add you, reveal of all blog stops will be end of May, June 1st! :D

    1. That would be lovely! I'll email you. Looking forward to being a part of it!


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