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Friday, May 30, 2014

Once again, linking up with Darci, April, Natasha and Christina for some Friday fun. Check out their blogs and feel free to link up with your 5 on Friday!

 HAPPY FRIDAY! And folks, it is indeed a happy Friday. It's sunny and in the 70's, my face looks less plague-y, and the weekend forecast looks lovely. Let's get to it! This week's theme is AWESOME STUFF!

I spent my lunch hour with my officemate/friend, Kristin, listening to Ingrid Michaelson at World Cafe Live for a free concert! Ingrid (yes, we're on a first name basis, obviously) is one of my favorite artists. I own all of her albums and have seen her twice in concert. She is playing tonight at The Electric Factory, but it's a standing-room-only venue and I am approximately a hundred, so I opted out of this one. I've been to so many concerts there and I always think it's going to be fine and that I'll be okay sitting upstairs on one of the bar stools, but then I'm in close proximity to the bar, which means more drunk people. Everywhere you go, it's rowdy teenagers who make me want to punch them, or rowdy drunk people who make me want to punch them. Like I said, I'm a hundred.

Anyway, when Kristin asked if I wanted to go to the "Free at Noon" concert for Ingrid Michaelson, I immediately said yes. So, big thank you to Kristin for being a member of WXPN and inviting me to the concert! It was also a standing-room-only deal, but for 45 minutes and a complete lack of rowdy teenagers and/or drunken morons, it was totally fine. Also, free! The title of today's post is from the song Ingrid closed with this afternoon and I love it:

Also, here are some photos I snapped and a video of her performing the single from her new CD, "Lights Out" called "Girls Chase Boys".
Girls Chase Boys
Sorry for that guy's giant ear in the way of awesome band member, Allie.
So yes, that was an awesome part of today. Yay Ingrid! All of her albums are on Spotify, so you should totally check them out.

I know that I say this all the freaking time, but I seriously love my therapist. In a completely platonic, non-creepy, way. For awhile, I had been seeing her every other week, but a few months ago, I switched back to every week and I am so glad. It's kind of a big expense every month, but it's so worth it. I've had some pretty interesting sessions lately and I plan to talk about them here a bit after I get things more sorted in my head. But yes. Therapy. It's awesome. Everyone should do it.


I was introduced to a new band by one of my best friends, Victoria. She heard them on Preston and Steve and I really like them. They're called Mo Lowda and the Humble, they released their album called Curse the Weather, and they're local to Philly! Here's the title track from their CD:

To file under "Having a Baby is Really Weird but Also Awesome" I read this article on NPR about how fetal cells can remain inside the mom for decades following the birth of the baby. Scientifically, that is SUPER cool. I also really want to read this book now. Also, so many of my friends are having babies this summer and I cannot WAIT to snuggle as many as I can. Be warned, I'm going to be posting pictures of adorable babies!

Other than my best friend, Sarah's, baby shower on Sunday, I am blissfully plan free this weekend. I have some options, including baking cookies and hanging out with Levi, drinking wine and giggling with Patricia, and spending a lot of time on the couch watching Netflix, but most of that can be done in my pajamas. Sounds like a nearly-perfect weekend to me. The only thing I would change is that I'd make it a 3 day weekend for sure!

So, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'll see you back here on Monday for the start of Mental Health Month!

- A

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  1. OMG I read that book just a month or so ago! It was super interesting (I borrowed it from the library) -- I recommend it for all science nerds.


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