Life by Numbers

Monday, June 30, 2014

Today I'm taking a virtual page from Becca's blog (which, by the way, is awesome and you should totally check it out). I present to you, my life by numbers.

How many tattoos I have (or will ever have)
Sibling (not counting step-siblings or inlaws)
Times I've been a "best man" in a wedding
Years I've kept a Betta alive (RIP, Frank)
Cars I've owned
5  How many surgeries I've had
5.5  My shoe size
Books I've read so far in 2014 (better step it up!)
The number of hours it took my stylist to color correct my hair in college  
People I know having babies before the end of the year
The number of hours I've been on a plane at one time (New York City to Geneva)
10  Browser tabs currently open
14 Medications that I take every day
16 Books I read in 2013 (that's depressing)
17  Work days left until I leave my job
19 Days until we close on our house!
23  Full days left until I leave my job
27 Days until we move!
28  How old I am
29  Episodes of Scandal left on Netflix (what am I going to do AFTER IT'S OVER!?!)
35  Days until I get my white coat!
42  Favorite number
106 Guests at our wedding
127 Blogs I subscribe to on Feedly
180  Blog posts (including this one) 
183  Projects in my "Favorites" on Ravelry 
194 Days until my 29th birthday
224  Emails in my inbox
625  Days Ken and I have been married
1,515  Photos on Facebook
1,226 Miles we drove on our honeymoon
1,464 Days until I start my residency (God willing)
1,921  Days Ken and I have been together
2,656 Pins on Pinterest (300 of which? Are cats.)
8,539  Tweets posted
10,400 Days I've been alive

What are some important numbers in your life? I'm pretty much feeling like this kitten today... hope you're all hanging in there. Monday is almost over!
Passed out kitten at Rittenhouse Pet Supply on 19th Street
(AKA: My favorite street to park!)

- A


  1. Does this comment work? I hope so.
    1.) i enjoy this post muchly.
    2.) I want that kitten please and thanks.

    1. Yes! Yes it did! ::parade::

      1. Thanks! It was fun.

      2. You can't have a kitten, you can barely handle the puppy you have.
      2a. Your puppy would probably try to eat the kitten. No bueno.

  2. 3.) I'm excited that I get to see you in 3-4ish (maybe 5ish) days. (I'm trying to put as many numbers into my comments as possible. :)


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