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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Erica Jacquline

So, I don't mean to be a huge buzzkill, but seriously, today I am so counting every last minute until I can walk out of this office for the last time. Twenty-one (21) work days until I am OUT of here, 30 actual days. Annnd a couple of those days might be subtracted because I have jury duty on July 16th. Womp womp, indeed.

In honor of Listed Tuesdays with Erica, today I will talk about the things I absolutely will NOT miss when I leave this job.

1. The commute
$5 toll every day, stupid traffic for usually no discernible reason, gas prices, and spending more time than should be humanly allowed in a vehicle.

2. Paying for parking
2a. Taking the parking lot shuttle.
I know, I know, I could take the train! But then I'd have to drive 20 minutes to the train, pay to park, take the train, get off the train, walk a few blocks, switch to the subway or a bus, get on another shuttle, and then walk to my office. No thanks. Instead, I found the cheapest parking option available, which is great, but it still costs me almost $100 a month (it would be more but CHOP pays $30 of it). And it requires that I take a shuttle to and from the parking lot. Annoying.

3. Lab work
When I was hired, lab work was not part of the job description at all. And honestly, it still isn't! (Whoops, someone dropped the ball on that one. Or we just didn't want to tell the incoming person what they were really in for. Six of one, half dozen of the other, really.) Somehow, I got roped into doing it. I did it in college and discovered that I hate bench work. This is why I am not a lab tech. Don't ask me why I'm doing the lab work... the agita I'd get trying to explain it to you isn't worth it.

4. Having two phones
I am a devout Android phone user. I love my Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, I'm probably definitely slightly addicted to it. However, as much as I love my phone, more is not merrier. I also carry an iPhone 5C for work. I know how to make and receive calls, how to get my email, and how to text. That is it. I can do nothing else with this tiny, expensive, paperweight. Make it go away.

5. Freezing my ass off in my arctic tundra office
I could store bodies in here. (And if I have to keep doing lab work, that may become a viable reality. Just kidding. I swear.) I have a space heater under my desk and a heating pad at the ready. Tea and soup in June is a reality here.

6. Dealing with cranky people
98% of the people I work with here are absolutely lovely and truthfully, I will miss them. However, it's the other 2% of people who ruin it and make me consider actually storing bodies in my arctic tundra office. I can't wait until these people are removed from my daily life. (Sadly, I'm sure they'll be replaced by others, but at least they'll be new cranky people.)

7. Playing schedule Tetris
The hardest part of my job is undoubtedly trying to herd multiple physician-scientists into a room for 30 minutes for a meeting. Outlook calendar is my friend (and worst enemy). The worst part? I'll finally succeed and send out the meeting invite, only to get a reply that so-and-so forgot to update his calendar and will actually be out of the country at that time. At this point, I usually give up.

8. The IRB
I'm sure that some day, I will run into the IRB again when I have to do research at some point in my life. However, I will avoid that day like the plague, or at the very least, make sure that I have some poor sucker an extremely competent coordinator to handle the regulatory aspects of the project for me. I hate dealing with the IRB. It's tedious and they're arbitrarily picky about weird things and they give me a headache.

9. Liquid nitrogen and dry ice
BRRRR. And yes, it is possible to burn yourself on both of these substances. I don't recommend it. (Related: I also do not recommend sitting on the floor of the walk-in fridge. SUCH A COLD BUTT.)

10. Never being able to really be "off"
The last time I was truly "off" was when we took our honeymoon last August, and I'm pretty sure I checked my work email at least once on that trip. The last sick day I took was at the end of January when I simultaneously had a stomach virus and influenza, which was totally awesome. The other days I've had "off" were for doctors' appointments or family stuff, and even then, I was "on call" via phone and email. I'm looking forward to not having to be attached to my Outlook inbox at all times.

And on that note, I have to go back into the lab to finish some things up before I head home for the evening. This is my unhappy research coordinator face.

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- A


  1. I have to pay $65 a month (to my employer!) for parking at work. It makes me veeeeeeeeery grouchy.

    Also, I apologize on behalf of all IRBs for the arbitrariness. I can assure you that the IRB staff is not any happier about it than you are.

    1. Ugh, parking is so lame. We have to drive to work to get there... they should pay us to park! Or at least provide parking. And it's okay, I'm sure the IRB people also hate my stupid mistakes, haha.

  2. I clicked over to this post from this week's Listed Tuesday list you have of reasons you're going to miss your job when you leave. I can relate to both of your lists (though I'm not leaving my job). I also have my traffic and commute. It was 38 miles one way to work until I got moved into my new house this weekend. Now my commute is more like 47-48 miles one way. Talk about traffic. Ugh. I guess I'm lucky though, because my employer pays for our monthly parking.

    And as far as phones, I'm the opposite of you. I hate Android. It makes no sense to me. I don't understand it, and I never want to own an Android phone. I love my little iPhone (though, I'm still rocking the old 4S and waiting impatiently on the 6 to be released and praying I can afford it when that happens).

    1. Ugh, commutes are the WORST. I feel like I spend half of my life in my car. It's awesome that your employer pays for your parking, though! And yeah, from what I can tell, people are either "Android lovers" or "Apple lovers". There's really no one that's in-between, haha.


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