Monday, June 16, 2014

So, it's Monday and I'm supposed to be blogging about mental health and society for Mental Health Monday, but I forgot my Kindle and I have a bunch of quotes from The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon that I wanted to use in the post... so I won't be writing about that. That post will occur... sometime later this week. Probably.

Instead of Mental Health Monday, though, I thought I'd do a bit of a recap from last week since I didn't talk much about what's going on in these parts. I'm linking up with The Rachael Way and Ameliorer la Vie for the Weekly Wrap Up!

Ameliorer la Vie

Last week was RAINY. Really, really, rainy. I barely remembered what the sun looked like, since every time I was outside, it had either just stopped raining, was getting ready to rain, or was actively raining. It was a very damp week. Damp, grey, and depressing. Basically, we all should have stayed in bed for a week. Sorry guys. Life is postponed due to rain. 

Alas, we all had to be up and productive human beings, so I spent the week at work trying to wrap things up for the end of July. At least on Monday evening, I had a delightful massage to look forward to, and I was so relaxed that I think I may have fallen asleep on the table. It. Was. GLORIOUS. I'm already looking forward to my appointment next week.

Tuesday was mostly boring and rain-filled, and then Tuesday evening was spent running around to my primary care doctor's office to get yet another TB test placed for my school medical forms. I had gotten one two weeks prior, but because of the Memorial Day holiday, I couldn't actually get it read. Good times. I am approximately 835% sure that I do not have tuberculosis though, so I guess that's good.  

On Wednesday, I spent a majority of my day trying not to reach through the phone and strangle the woman in charge of the medical forms at the med school. I was trying to get my forms sent in to her so I would be compliant and not get yelled at by the med school, but she was being unbelievably rude. We finally got to the point where she said she would accept my faxed forms, minus the second TB test that I needed and would have in two weeks, and call me compliant. Then, my doctor's office refused to fax her the records, so she had to call and request them herself. I was griping about having to get a second TB test, considering that I had just had a negative one for work in March, and then she remembered that since I had one in the last 12 months that I didn't need a second one. Basically, I spent a lot of time on the phone trying not to yell at people.  I also interviewed 2 candidates for my job, one of whom was lovely. The other was a complete space cadet. She was nice, but spacey. I'm not entirely sure why she applied for the job, because she didn't seem to know what the job entailed at all. Trying to fill an interview for 30 minutes with someone who isn't sure what they're interviewing for is NOT a good time, my friends.

Thursday, I interviewed another candidate for my job, spent a lot of time running around organizing things, and then picked my dad up from the airport after work.  The last time I saw him was at the end of January, so it was definitely good to have him up for a visit. However, having my dad in town meant not sleeping in past 9:30 and spending a lot of time watching movies, but none of the movies that I was super interested in watching. He's not a difficult guest, but he's a lot like me in that we enjoy solitary pursuits like reading or watching movies. This is great, except that I feel this pressure to have "togetherness time" when he's visiting, even though both of us are pretty content just sitting in the living room together. Long story short, the visits are exhausting partly because of what I tell myself it has to be like for it to "matter", and I get worn out really quickly by constantly having someone in my house who isn't my husband, so by the end of the weekend, I was fried.

That being said, that doesn't mean we didn't have a nice time. On Friday, I took the day off from work and we had breakfast at home, followed by some movie watching on Netflix. Ken got home from school and we headed out to Best Buy so Ken could pick up a new game for the WiiU that he bought from his friend. He also ended up getting a new phone because he was due for an upgrade and they were having a sale on S4's for $1! Win. The not-so-much-of-a-win was the fact that it started to torrentially downpour as we left the store, so we were quite damp. Friday night, we went to Philly for dinner with Levi and had delicious barbeque at Smokin' Betty's. I seriously think that I could eat a vat of their mac and cheese.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at the new Corner Bakery that opened near us and it was lovely. Afterwards, I drove Ken to the train station so he could get up to Long Island to see his dad for Father's Day, and my dad and I parked on the couch for a bit until it was time to head out to the movies with Levi. We went to see "Edge of Tomorrow," which isn't a movie I'd ever go see on my own in a theater, but my dad likes action-sci-fi-adventure type movies, and I like movies, so why the heck not. It was a decent movie, but I am the easiest person to please on the face of the planet when it comes to movies, so perhaps you shouldn't take my word for it. 

The fun started after the movie, when we were walking out and my dad suddenly didn't feel well. He's been diabetic for 25+ years at this point and is usually really tightly controlled, but I made him take his sugar just in case. 37. THIRTY-SEVEN. That is not a level that is generally compatible with life, my friends. (Normal is 80-120, in case you didn't have that piece of info.) I sent Levi to get juice and candy, and he returned with a security guard (along with the requested snacks). We got home and took his sugar again. It was 55, which isn't good, but better than 37. Dad napped for awhile and we canned plans for going out to dinner and instead ordered in. After dinner, his sugar was 77, which is better, but still not great for having just had a pretty carb-heavy meal and no diabetes medication since 9:30 am. As the evening progressed, I kept an eye on his sugars and despite our best efforts, they continued to drop like a stone. After conferencing with Constance and Michelle, I gave my dad some orange juice at 11 pm and retested his sugar at midnight. It was 53. It was at this point that I made my dad go to the ER with me. I was terrified that he was going to go to sleep and his sugar was going to plummet and he was going to have a seizure and die in our guest bedroom. NOT OKAY, PEOPLE.

He grumpily complied with my wishes and we drove to the ER, where he was assessed and given copious jello and orange juice. After a couple of hours, his sugar was up to 107, which at least made me feel like he was safe enough to sleep. He was told not to take any insulin or oral meds that night and to follow-up with his doctor when he got back to FL. I felt kind of stupid for dragging us to the ER in the middle of the night when all they did was give him juice and jello, but at least he was stabilized and got some labs done. Also, I am completely and totally filled with gratitude for Michelle and Constance putting up with my "Help, I have a medical question!" questions on a semi-routine basis. I have amazing friends.

On Sunday morning, my dad's sugar was 68, so he didn't take any meds and we met Levi for breakfast, which was nice and also unexpected. I didn't feel well afterwards (because my stomach hates me... hurrah) so I laid down for a couple of hours while Dad and Levi went to get his car an oil change. Ken traveled back from NY later that afternoon, and I went to pick him up before we all got ready to go to dinner at Fleming's, a local steakhouse, for Father's Day. Levi's girlfriend joined us, and we had a pretty nice time, eating delicious food. They've also instituted the use of an iPad for their wine-ordering, which was fun to play with, even if we didn't order any wine. The night ended with creme brulee, so really, I was pretty happy. 

So that was my week last week. Interspersed with all of that was copious signing of mortgage paperwork, lots of calls to insurance companies for homeowner's and auto insurance quotes, spreadsheets galore, and trying to contain the chaos that is slowly spreading throughout my desk and life. There's a lot going on, as usual, so I'm trying (and mostly failing) to not freak the hell out on an hourly basis. At least I have therapy tomorrow?

That's essentially all the news that's fit to print blog at this point in time. Coming up later this week will be the belated Mental Health Monday post, Hump Day Confessions, and a post about feelings. :)

I hope Monday went easy on everyone!

- A



  1. It's better to be safe than to be sorry! I probably would have done the same thing with my Grandpa, who is also diabetic. I'm glad that he ended up being just fine after all the o.j. :)

    1. Me too! It was definitely an eventful evening.

  2. Glad everything is okay, and like Lisa said, better to be safe than sorry!


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