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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time for your weekly dose of random. It's been pretty quiet around these parts because we've been crazy busy and I didn't have a lot to say. Today, though, I'm linking up with Kristin for Stuff and Things!

Let's go backwards, starting from today...

Today started with driving in the rain. I'm beginning to think that every time I have to drive to North Wales to get my lidocaine injections for my migraines, it decides that it's necessary to torrentially rain either before, during, or after the trip. We had some pretty rough storms last night that were tapering off this morning, but apparently, precipitation of any kind makes people forget how to operate their vehicles. It took forever for me to get to and from my appointment. The good news is that I am 2 weeks migraine free! Still having a ton of neck and spine pain, but hopefully after the Botox full kicks in, it will go away. Until then, lidocaine injections into the trigger points. Hurrah!

Thus far today, not a lot has gone on. Just regular work stuff. 39 work days and 57 total days until I'm done here. Not that I'm counting. Okay, I'm totally counting. This week has made me want to run screaming from the building as if it were on fire. Between stupid people, HR throwing me under the bus, and the totally inept lab tech, it's a miracle I haven't murdered anyone or jumped through one of the plate glass windows. Tomorrow is Friday. AMEN.

Yesterday was... Wednesday. We had the home inspection for the latest house we're trying to buy. Don't worry, there will be a full State of the House Hunt post as soon as this thing is over and done, but for now... house stuff is still driving me insane. Once again, total miracle that I haven't murdered anyone or walked into traffic. The fact that Ken and I ate Chinese food for dinner definitely helped. Mmmm eggrolls.

On Tuesday, I saw my therapist and spent the entire session talking about babies and my anxiety about having them, someday being pregnant, having kids in med school, and 900 other things that tangentially relate to this issue. It was a productive session. I followed up therapy with a wax at Heads and Tails, after which I walked back to the bus stop.. when it decided to rain and I did not have my umbrella. Then, the bus was super crowded and there was a man yelling inappropriate things at passengers... and then the bus almost hit someone. Basically it was a great time and I totally wanted to fire Tuesday.

On Monday, I was really upset that it was Monday. Nothing else really exciting happened, other than the day eventually ended and it was glorious.

The weekend, though, was lovely. On Friday night, I stayed in and relaxed. On Saturday, I went into Philly and hung out with Patricia and her friend Katie. It was a gorgeous day, so we had lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating, walked around in Rittenhouse Square, and then walked to Reading Terminal Market for ice cream. I also got to practice with my new lens that I bought from Chrystina, which was fun. It's really weird shooting with a fixed lens after spending the last 3 years shooting with a zoom, but I love the way the photos are coming out. I am excited to get a few into Lightroom to do some editing... which means figuring out how Lightroom works, but hey, baby steps.  Saturday night, I brought Ken a burrito from Chipotle during his dinner break at Lowe's and we sat in my car while he ate it. Then we picked out some paint colors for the new house and I bought a medicine cabinet for Victoria with our 10% discount. Yay discounts! The rest of Saturday night was spent on the sofa, as it should be.

Then on Sunday, I drove to Avalon to see Sarah and her family! Sarah (AKA: LF, or Little Friend) lives in Kentucky with her husband Josh, and she's doing her residency in internal medicine/pediatrics at UK in Lexington. Her family is originally from NJ, so every year, they rent a shore house. This year, they were having a little baby shower for her, and I was so glad that I was able to go. We ate way too much food, she opened a lot of adorable presents, we drove to Stone Harbor for ice cream, and we sat out on the deck. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to just catch up with her and talk to the baby, haha.

Here are some unedited phone pictures for your enjoyment!

The LF's!
Perfect baby bump. Baby O, we love you already!
I think we have about 900 versions of this photo taken throughout the years. <3
View from their deck. Perfect, right?
 So that was the weekend and the news up to the minute. Some other random stuff that's going on...

- I secretly dropped off a baby gift to a friend who works at the hospital. She was in with a patient, so I left it on her desk. I hope she gets it! I felt like a gift fairy or something!

- I have been having WAY too much fun shopping for all of the people having babies in my life. I'm glad that so many awesome people who I love are making more awesome people.

- My mom's birthday is tomorrow and she has no idea where she wants to go for dinner. We're also celebrating her getting a full-time social work job!

- I am up to my eyeballs in IRB nonsense at work and it makes my head hurt. The only saving grace is that this should be the last amendment that I have to do before I leave, so thank GOD.

- Ken and I went grocery shopping without telling the other person we were doing so, so now we have WAY too many apples, bananas, cans of tuna, and packets of taco seasoning. At least the tuna and seasoning won't go bad?

- Apparently, there are way too many kittens at the local shelters and they need people to foster them. I'm hoping that once we move, I'll be able to help them out. Ken said maybe, as long as I don't keep them. He is clearly no fun.

- Also from the department of "my husband ruins all of my fun", he won't let me get chickens. Forget the fact that the condo association doesn't allow them either...  I want silkie chickens!

- My nails are a mess and I need a pedicure like crazy. Perhaps this weekend.

- I am super excited for my massage on Monday. And for my bed tonight. And every night, really.

And on that note, I am heading out. I'm driving up to Hamilton to hand off some MCAT prep materials that I sold through Craigslist (whoo hooo!) and then I have a date with my sofa and a giant basket of laundry. I know, my life is THRILLING. 

- A


  1. Home inspections are enough to give you an anxiety attack. Chinese food would definitely help!

    Our current neighbors foster dogs and foster kids. We're not sure how many of each they have. We think it's a 1:1 ratio (that sounds like it's supposed to be a joke, but we think they like to keep the kids busy and the dogs entertained :)

    Thanks for linking up Alison!

    1. A 1:1 ratio of pets to humans sounds about right! It's one of the reasons that my husband won't let me adopt more cats, haha.


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