Confessions from the Last Day

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yikes, that title sounds kind of morbid. I swear, I'm not dying (at least, not any faster than usual) but it is my last day in my office! It's very sad here because all of my cute cartoons and pictures are gone. All that's left are some helpful documents about how to determine whether a patient has CNS leukemia at diagnosis, which consent documents should be used when, and a brief from COG about lymphoma. I also have my Men With Cats calendar, but that's coming with me. Here's the photo from July, in case I never shared it:

That cat looks really concerned.

There are some office supplies that I'm leaving here because they belong to the office, and I've left the useful phone extensions on the whiteboard for my replacement... even though he isn't starting until August 18th, and until he is physically in this building, the team is entirely skeptical that he'll show up since two other people have taken the job and subsequently withdrew they're acceptance. So... yes. None of that is my problem, in particular, but I would like to think that the program won't collapse like a flan in a cupboard (if you can name where that came from, we'll be friends forever) when I walk out the door this afternoon.

So, since it's Wednesday, I am linking up with Kathy over at Vodka and Soda for our weekly dose of confessions!

- I totally lied on Monday when I said that I'd be back on Tuesday for Listed Tuesdays. I really would have rather been blogging, but I was taking a biochem exam for most of the afternoon and dealing with nonsense the rest of the day. Feh, I say.

- Yesterday's biochem exam was rough. I was really upset when I saw my raw score, but somehow by exam magic, it turned into a passing grade. The good news is that the grades for the summer part of this program don't matter at all, but I'd like to think I at least have SOME idea about what is going on. The bad news is that apparently, I've forgotten everything I ever learned about DNA. Whoops.

- There are some bloggers out there that I really would love to just message and be like, "OMG LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!" but I don't want to be a total creeper, so I don't do that. You're welcome.

- I am actually feeling a little sad that I'll be walking out of this building for the last time (as a research employee) today. My team gave me a card and a sweet gift, and the card made me cry. I really will miss them.

- Leaving my job makes everything else happening in my life feel that much more real. The house, the move, med school! My entire life is changing ALL AT ONCE. Cue flailing.

- I bought Skittles from the vending machine today, but the bag got stuck, so I had to buy another bag. Then I ate both bags. Eek.

- I started binge-watching Hemlock Grove, and I blame Becca entirely. I'm not sure I love it yet, but it's definitely... interesting. Yes, that is a word I would use to describe Hemlock Grove.

- Payday is tomorrow and I have 15 Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons burning a hole in my pocket! Definitely will be picking up one of these to take care of the hardwood in the house (that is EVERYWHERE!), a blender (because I finally joined the smoothie craze and want to make my own), another set of sheets, new pillows... the possibilities are endless! Well, almost endless. Also, I'm pretty sure that my excitement over home purchases for Bed, Bath, and Beyond makes me officially old.

- I can't wait to see my rheumatologist next Wednesday because my hips are still really bothering me. However, I am totally terrified of the very real possibility that he will stick a giant needle full of cortisone into my joint and he'll have to peel me off the ceiling from the pain.

- I am really excited to get our new bedroom furniture on Saturday when we move, but I am a little sad to be getting rid of the set that I've had since I was 2! It's beat to hell or I would keep it, but... it's time to move on.

- I am finally getting around to getting a new Social Security card, since mine seemed to vanish into thin air a few years ago. Maybe I'll also get a new passport while I'm at it, since that disappeared a couple of years ago, too. NB: Don't give me your important papers. #adulting

- I didn't finish the amendment revisions OR the continuing review for my study. #sorrynotsorry

- I feel weird using hastags in a blog. ::shudder::

And on that note... I am leaving my office. For the last time. Goodbye, 9-5. Hello, medical student.

- A


  1. Umm...back to the conversation we had earlier today :) congrats on surviving your last day and welcome to the new chapter!!

  2. how exciting!! and a med student to boot. when i was growing up, i wanted to become a doctor but then i was way too lazy for all the schooling!

  3. Your last day? That's kind of sad, but I hope whatever you're doing next is great!! Both bags of Skittles? You Rebel, you!

  4. My birth certificate vanished after I got married and moved to Virginia. .still haven't found it more than 5 years later.

  5. Hi. I need that calendar. Like now.

  6. HI! It's my first visit to your blog. Good luck with medical school. I have a couple of doctor friends and they both say it was the hardest, best choice they could have made.


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