Listed Tuesdays: Bittersweet

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Tuesday, another list! Once again, I'm linking up with Erica for Listed Tuesdays! Since last week I talked about all of the reasons I can't wait to leave this job, I figured this week, I'd talk about what I'm going to miss when I walk out of this office for the last time.

1. The Keurig
I never understood the value of being able to have coffee in under a minute until one of the doctors purchased an Keurig for the office. This also made me a daily coffee drinker, which is a habit I had managed to avoid until this particular job. I have a perfectly good coffee maker at home that Ken and I got for our bridal shower, but I think it's been used a grand total of 6 times since we got it in August of 2012. I actually considered purchasing a smaller Keurig for home, but it seems so stupid to do so when I can make coffee with the pot I already have. It's even programmable, so it could be ready when I walked out the door in the morning! And buying coffee beans and grinding them is undoubtedly less expensive than buying K-cups, right? (But wait, I could get one of those "add your own coffee" reusable cups for my Keurig!) Ugh, decisions. Regardless, I'll miss this thing.

2. My Fun Cartoons
Over the last 2 years, I've amassed quite the collection of fun cartoons. 

Pictured here from left to right are my "Complex Carbohydrates", a quote from Philip K. Dick, my seal of approval, the late-night worry game, a guide to understanding introverts, a few XKCD comics, some silly internet postings, an octopus, a kitten, a "cell phone" and Hello Kidney. Not pictured are my heterozygoats and how the world looks to a scientist.


Funny Pictures This Is How Scientists See The World

Also, not on the same filing cabinet but still in my office are my motivational potato:

And this reminder:

It Is Ok To Say No To Unnecessary Crazy . Printable Quote Typography . Download and Print Image . 8x10 and 5x7 Included . Life Lesson.
Via The Jones Market on Etsy
And these two cards that I brought from home and framed:

Those will come home with me, but I'll miss my crazy cartoon collection that will have to be disposed of before I depart. I am going to try and find a way to incorporate at least some of them into the new home office. 

3. Access to plenty of snacks
It will definitely be better for my waistline that I can't acquire ice cream, soft pretzels, random candy, smoothies, and baked goods without walking farther than a block. However, I will definitely miss not being able to grab some Ben & Jerry's from the scoop shop on a particularly bad day. Thank God they sell that stuff in pints.

4. Office supplies!
Yes, I will definitely still be obsessed with pens, post-its, and all things office supply related when I leave here, but I won't be able to grab the Office Max catalog and pick out (essentially) whatever I want and have it delivered to my desk the next day on the office's dime. Sad.

5. A (Very) Flexible Schedule
I tend to work 8:30 or 9:30 to 4:30 or 5:30, but sometimes I leave early or come in late or stay late. If I have a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day, I can go there and come back, or I can leave early. I can do what I want, pretty much when I want to do it, and that is lovely. It's also going to be a thing of the past as soon as I start classes and even moreso in residency and once I'm a real doctor. So long, cushy office schedule!

6. Happy Hours in Center City
Yes, there are plenty of happy hours in NJ and even I want to, I can hop the train or drive over the city to meet up with people, but I can pretty much guarantee that most of my free time will be going out the window once med school starts. Right now, it's so easy to grab a drink with some girlfriends right after work before heading home, but once I'm no longer in Philly on a daily basis, it will become much more of a process. The good news is that it will be better for my ever-tightening budget.

7. Paid Holidays and Vacations... and Being Paid in General
Goodbye getting paid to lay in bed with the flu! Goodbye biweekly paycheck! Granted, I can take a sick day if I need to once I'm in med school, and someday, I'll have all of this back, but for the next 4 years, it's tight budgeting  on loan money and 1 income and taking vacation days when I have off from school already. Thank God I can go on Ken's benefits, which are just as good as the ones I have through my job. 

8. Not Working After Work
School work and studying never ends. I'll do it at school, I'll do it once I get home, I'll do it on the weekends, and probably even when I'm "off". And then, once I'm a doctor, I'll be available to my patients and knowing me, thinking about them when I'm not at home. Goodbye, work-life divide. It will definitely be a challenge to maintain a work-life balance when one bleeds into the other. Wish me luck.

9. The People and the Patients
Do I love everyone I work with? No. But most of them have been amazing. The doctors, the nurse practitioners, the informatics people... they're lovely. The oncology team here is brilliant and hysterical, and they care deeply for each other and their patients. My direct managers have been (mostly) great, not only to work for, but as mentors, and I'll miss them dearly. I'll also miss seeing the adorable kids in the waiting rooms of various clinics or toddling around in the atrium. (But at least, with any luck, I'll have adorable kids as my own patients someday!)

10. My Officemate, KristinYes, she does fall under the category of "people" but she is more than a coworker, she is a wonderful friend. Not only do we share an office, she has become one of my favorite people. She puts up with my craziness, which has included talking to myself, getting tangled up in my heating pad cord, singing operatic renditions of my problems, not being able to regulate my own body temperature or blood sugar, and having to take my pants off in the office once (don't even ask). She taught me everything I know about soccer (which still isn't very much), supports my milk shake habit, and always has plastic utensils in her desk for when I've forgotten to refill my own stash. We know that when we close the office door, it's time for complaining or gossiping, and we laugh over the insanity that occurs while working in research. She was literally the first person to find out that I got into medical school (since she was in the room when I got the phone call) and we shrieked and jumped up and down in our office when I got off the phone. When she got engaged, I bought her a copy of A Practical Wedding and offered to stage manage her wedding if she needed me to. We've happy hour'd, double-dated, and gone to free concerts at noon at World Cafe Life. I love having a friend every day at work, and while I'm sure I'll make new friends, I will definitely miss seeing her everyday. 

Kristin and me on our Pi Day celebratory excursion to Magpie during our lunch break
There are so many little things that I'm sure I'll think of fondly once I'm out of here for good, but these are the big ones. I have 16 days to soak up the good stuff, and yes, the good stuff does include milkshakes.

- A


  1. I found your link to this post on Twitter. Did you get your link submitted over on Erica's site? Cause I didn't see it there. Just a heads up that you may want to resubmit it.

    Other than that, I loved this post. Really cute. Similar things to why I love my office.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I had forgotten to check to see if it posted. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. A flexible work schedule sounds amazing!! It's sad leaving good work buddies behind. I'm currently missing a few of my favorites, but we still keep in touch through texting.


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