Sometimes You Just Have to Put on Lip Gloss and Pretend to Be Psyched

Friday, August 29, 2014

I must confess that I have never watched "The Mindy Project," nor have I read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? But I hear that "The Mindy Project" is a hoot (yes, a hoot) and her book is on my Goodreads, and getting started it half the battle, right? Okay. Anyway, sometimes you just have to pretend to be psyched. I've been doing a lot of that lately, because on some level, if I pretend that I'm totally stoked to study histology for 4 hours maybe it will actually be fun...?

That's totally a lie, studying anything for 4 hours isn't fun. Unless you're studying a really hot guy's abs. Or his face. His face is probably more interesting. I hope.

ANYWAY, you can tell that it's almost Friday because my brain is doing that thing where someone seems to have put out the "FREE ASSOCIATION TIME" sign, so I just randomly bounce from one topic to another. Now Alison, you might be saying, you do that on the regs, so how is this different? It's not, really, I guess. Just go with me, here.

So you have to pretend to be psyched. I pretend to be psyched that I've gotten 4 hours of sleep and that my coffee has too much creamer and that I have to sit through four hours of lecture, have a lunch meeting, and then sit through 3 more hours of lecture, only so I can go home and study for 3 hours. I pretend to be psyched about the fact that in the next ::stops to count:: 181-ish hours, I have to cram an unreal volume of information into my head about biochemistry, genetics, histology, and cell physiology. Then I get to brain-vomit it all over a 4 hour combined exam before I'm free to vegetate for the weekend. YOU GUYS, I'M TOTALLY STOKED!

(Spoiler alert: I am not stoked.)

But I'm pretending. Don't ruin my fake-excited reality. It's all I have to get me through this giant pile of information in front of me. That, and wine.

The struggle is real, you guys.

How-so-ever...  I am legitimately excited for a few things coming up soon, which is what I'm going to talk about today for the "Oh Hey, Friday!" link up with Karli and Amy! Without further ado, 5 things for which I am actually psyched. Get ready for some serious exclamation point overusage, you guys.

1. Going to Maryland!
After 2 hours of histology lab, during which I may very well want to stab myself in the eye with a spork, Ken and I are getting in the car and driving to Havre de Grace, MD to visit this guy!

This handsome fella is Constantine, and he is currently being fostered in Maryland as part of the Siamese Cat Rescue Center. He is almost 2 and oh my God, just look at that face!! I have wanted to adopt a Siamese (or Balinese, in this dude's case) for a long time because I love their personalities, so when we moved I bothered the crap out of Ken eventually convinced Ken that having a third cat would not, in fact, make us crazy or hoarders. The application process is pretty intense and required 2 references, a vet reference, vet records, an application (with short answer questions!) and an hour long interview. These people are serious about their cats (just like me!) Anyway, we've been approved to adopt, and Constantine is the first kitty we're meeting. We aren't definitely adopting him, but tomorrow we'll see how he is in person (in cat?) and whether we think he'd fit into our household. And no, Gersh and Luna have no idea that they might be getting a new sibling. Shhh.

Also, I am totally a crazy cat lady who happened to get married, so don't lose hope, ladies. It can be done.

After our kitty play-date, we're driving to Columbia, MD to have dinner with my favorite aunt and her husband, which will be nice. Then we're coming back home.

2. Farmer's Market Date! With a Baby!

Then on Saturday, I have a date with these lovely ladies!

That's my friend Jen, and her sweet baby, (my honorary niece) Fiora Sage, and it was Fiora's first time in the ocean. I wish I was that excited about... anything. Maybe sleep. She's far less excited about sleep, sadly. Anyway, we're heading to the Collingswood Farmer's Market from 8-12 on Saturday morning, and it's actually my first time going, so I'm looking forward to it (even if I have to get up before 10 am). Then we'll probably grab lunch and catch up for a bit. I mean, how could I not be excited about getting some face-time with that adorable little girl!? (And Jen too, haha.)

3. NYC Lunch Date with Our Wedding Photographer!

Sunday, Ken and I are taking the train up to NYC to meet up with Katie Jane, the photographer who shot our wedding in 2012, and her husband, John. We haven't seen them since our wedding, and now Katie is pregnant with identical girls! Surprise! I got a little gift for the babies and I can't wait to catch up with Katie and see how life has been! Our wedding was the last "big wedding" she shot, and she's been shooting elopements only ever since. Her business seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and I am just so overjoyed because she is the kind of person you want by your side on your wedding day. She takes gorgeous photos and is so easy to be around. She's obviously taking some time off to have the babies and be a mom to twins (yikes!) but she'll be back in the game eventually and I suggest that you work with her if you need a photographer! She's also super sweet and I wish she lived closer because I feel like we'd hang out a lot, haha.

4. My First Blate!
It's finally happening! Also on Sunday, after our lunch date, I'm meeting up with Marcie from On the Needles for my first ever blate (blogger date!) I met Marcie through... some random internet blog link-up and I seriously think we were sisters separated at birth. The internet is a weird and wonderful place, my friends. Marcie actually lives in Indiana, but she's visiting her younger sister in NYC for the long weekend so we decided to set up a time to meet and hang out! We don't have any crazy plans, but I'm sure they'll involve vortexing time while chatting about knitting, work, relationships, babies, and God knows what else. Oh, and food. There will definitely be food. And WINE. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures (sorry Marcie, it's happening... for blogging purposes, of course) and will fully update you all on our adventures.

5. I Have Off on Monday!
It's Labor Day on Monday, so we don't have class. Hallelujah, praise the the deity of your choice. I will be spending the day studying for my first exam (cue sad trombone noise) but I also plan to have lunch with my brother and/or mom, and at least I can spend the day in comfy clothes, drinking coffee, and not wearing shoes. I'm sure at some point, I'll have to wear real pants because I like to study in public places, but while I'm home, it's totally pants optional. So that's what I'll be doing with my Monday. WHOO!

So there we have it. The things I'm actually psyched about, the things I'm pretending to be psyched about, and everything in between. As for now, I'm going to pack up my stuff from this Starbucks so I can head to a dinner date with my friend David. Yes, I was blogging in a Starbucks. As Helene would say, #TBM. After dinner, it's back to the books for me (PSYCHED!) and life resumes. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Exclamation point count: 27! (Okay, now it's 28.)

- A


  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Even though we didn't have our blate... still... SQUEEEEEEEEEE!)

  3. Still very sad about that :(


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