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Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday. And it's exam day. As expected, there were things that I definitely knew and things that I definitely did not know. In fact, there was even some stuff on there that I am almost 100% positive I've never seen before in my life, so I either entered some kind of fugue state during that part of lecture, or they seriously didn't teach it. Whatever.

Either way, no one has ever died from an exam and as far as I know, all 162 of us made it out alive, so we're good. I hope. 

Now I am home and I plan to park my butt on this sofa and not move for as long as humanly possible. BUT, since it is Friday, that means it's time for "Oh Hey, Friday!" 

In honor of this being the day of my first med school exam, my 5 theme for this week is...

Five Things That Are Definitely Worse Than Taking Your First Med School Exam

1 | Being stuck in traffic on the Belt Parkway for 3 hours because a car is on fire or a truck decided to ignore the height restrictions and subsequently sheared the top of its trailer off. Yes, this happened to me. All I can say is that Ken and I seriously loved each other because we sat in a lot of ridiculous traffic over the years while we were dating.

2 | Being sick on an airplane. Traveling when you feel like crap is pretty much the worst, and airplanes are gross and uncomfortable when you feel good. While I've never had to throw up on a plane, I've definitely thrown up in airports and have spent entire flights thinking that my head was going to explode from sinus pressure. 

3 | Having your car broken into while you're taking a final... and then realizing that the jerk stole your laptop, which contained the entirety of your MPH thesis... which you were scheduled to defend the next day. Yeah, that was a bad day to be me. 

4 | Eye injuries/pain. I had surgery 2 years ago for something totally unrelated to my eyeballs, and during the procedure, my right cornea somehow became dried out. I spent the next 36 hours in excruciating pain, applying gel eye drops as frequently as I could, while my cornea repaired itself. I couldn't watch TV or read, and even I can only sleep for so long. Thank God there was nothing seriously wrong, but ugh, that pain was terrible.

5 | Sitting in the DMV. I'm pretty sure that place is a circle of Hell of which Dante wasn't even aware. It's always full of the weirdest people, and the employees are only slightly more useful than furniture. No matter what you're trying to do there, it takes about 836 times longer than it should, and there is always someone screwing something up. At least you only have to go every once in awhile, right?

So there's my five. I'm also linking up with Chrystina for her new link-up, One Down, One Up! Want to play along? Head over to her blog and add your own post about the best and worst things to happen to you all week. Easy peasy.

One Down | This week was rough, in general. I still have this weird pericarditis this and I haven't been feeling great. There were a lot of late nights filled with a lot of studying and not much else. I'm still trying to figure out what it means to be a med student and a grown-up who is married and has a house and friends and a life, but so far, the integration is throwing me for a loop. While I've started to find some more of "my people" in my my class, nothing is feeling terribly authentic and I am torn between feeling like I want to really get to know people and bond and make friends and feeling like at the end of the day, I just want to go home and spend time with Ken and the cats and the friends and family I already have and love. I know it doesn't have to be an either/or situation, but there are only so many hours in the day. Sigh.

One Up | There were a few good things that happened this week, all of which reminded me that I have lovely and awesome people in my life. Sarah sent me a 37-week "bump-date" picture, which is adorable and I can't wait until Baby O gets here! I also got to have lunch with Jen yesterday in the midst of my studying, and even though I didn't get to see her daughter (my "niece") because poor Fiora was having a teething-one-year-old-meltdown, it was nice to take a break and chat. I really am so blessed to have such supportive, wonderful friends. Leading up to the exam, I got so many text messages, emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts cheering me on. Having a support system really does make a huge difference.

And with that, I'm going to get back to doing... nothing. I plan to binge-watch more of "The Killing" this weekend, and on Sunday, Ken and I are planning to go to Ocean City to walk around and eat pizza, and then see a movie. My cats want to snuggle and I have knitting to work on and books to read and the best part? Nothing to study for the next 2 days. If you need me, I'll be here:

  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

- A


  1. The last time I went to the DMV it actually took a total of less than 20 minutes. It was impressive. Being sick while flying, though, that is the WORST. I did that 2 years ago and kept trying to hide it because I didn't want anyone to hate me for it.

  2. Honestly, when I went to the DMV to renew my license, it should have taken about 5 minutes for me to turn in my paperwork and whatever, but it took almost 90 minutes. FOR NO REASON.

    But... ugh being sick on planes. The worst.


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