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Monday, September 8, 2014

Well, here we are, another Monday, and the start of our next Fundamentals Block. We apparently have reached "Base Camp" for Mount Biochem according to our crazy professor (whatever that means), and we're on a break from histo for the next block, but we swapped it out for microbio/immuno, so I'm not sure if that's really a good thing. I guess we'll see...? Sure.

After I dragged myself out of our first marathon exam, I went home, ate all the things, and binge-watched "The Killing" while melting into my sofa. I then took a two hour nap with Gershwin, which wasn't really supposed to happen, but what else was I supposed to do when I had a snuggly, orange, cat in my face?

On Saturday, I slept in and it was glorious. Then, I made muffins! 

This was my first photo for #100happydays. Find me on Instagram!
And yeah, these were from a box mix, and they have no right to be as delicious as they were. We ate... many of them. I still really want to try this recipe because I will pretty much make whatever Alton Brown tells me to make... but box muffins are so much easier and when they're this good, I have a hard time justifying making things from scratch, haha. 

Post-muffin-ing, we put some stuff into the attic (and by "we," I mean Ken) and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands. I returned about $120 worth of stuff to LOFT... and then promptly purchased another $60 worth of stuff. Whoops? At least I came out ahead, right? As Victoria said, "It would have been way worse to return $60 worth of stuff and buy $120," so I'm choosing to focus on that. (And plus, I got some really cute tops.) I also finally found a set of organizational drawers for our linen closet so I can actually put the rest of our bathroom nonsense away. I nearly threw a parade. (I also almost took out a small child with my organizational drawers. Everyone was fine.)

On Sunday, we finally made it to Ocean City for the first time this summer. We sat on the beach, watched babies, and talked. I also got sunburned because apparently, I am unable to adequately sunscreen myself at 28 years of age. Also, photosensitivity from autoimmune disease totally sucks. Regardless, it was a super relaxing day full of delicious food, laughing, and being outdoors.

And yes, I totally wore my cardigan on my face like that. Ken was super proud to be married to me that day.

After our beach day, we got cleaned up and then went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy... which I LOVED. And I totally want a dancing Baby Groot. Someone get on that.

And then today, I woke up to Gershwin chewing on my phone charger wire (WHY?) and Luna was running laps in our living room for reasons unknown. I went downstairs to feed them, since that is usually the answer to "WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DESTRUCTIVE?" and when I went into the laundry room, I was greeted with a hairball (ew) and THIS:


Okay, there was no actual screaming, but there was a string of expletives and a near heart attack, as the damn thing leaped 2 feet into the air when I almost stepped on it. Gershwin meandered in when he heard the commotion, and promptly was very interested in investigating our insect visitor. He succeeded in smacking it once or twice, and then chasing it under the dryer. THANKS, GERSHWIN. ::eye roll::

Anyway, that's basically how I spent my weekend. This week looks pretty good. Tonight, I have no plans other than to conquer Mount Laundry, dust a little, and unpack some stuff in the third bedroom. Tomorrow, it's a full day of lecture and lab, and then I get to go see my Mom-Mom's piano, which has been in our tuner's workshop for ten years (literally, ten years.) Now that we have a house that can accommodate the piano, I can finally have it repaired and refinished. I am so excited to finally get it back, because it is the first piano I ever played, and I spent many happy hours there with my Mom-Mom learning how to read music and playing. Also, once we get the piano into the house, we can finally finish setting up the house, as we've been waiting to hang things on the walls and get rugs until we can better visualize the space. On Wednesday, I only have lab from 1:45-3:00, so I'll be spending the rest of the day hopefully getting some house stuff done, and then on Wednesday night, I'm seeing "As Above, So Below" with Lindsey at the movie theater that does $5 tickets on Wednesday, so even if the movie totally sucks (which, let's be honest, it probably will) at least we'll only be spending $5 to see it. Then on Thursday, I'm getting a massage (thank God), and then it's Friday so... hurrah!

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And don't forget to come back tomorrow, because I am so excited that one of my favorite link-ups is back! Listed Tuesdays with So Much Sunshine!

- A


  1. I guess I need to watch The Killing now!

  2. Love you blog. That insect is scary, I would have had a heart attack or two myself.

  3. Not yet! I'm in the middle of season 2. Ken started watching with me, and now he calls Darren "Cripple Mc-Not-Mayor" and I can't stop laughing about it. I am definitely addicted to this show, though!

  4. Haha, thanks! And yeah, I never want to see a Camel Cricket or a Cave Cricket or whatever the hell it was in my laundry room. Blechhhhh.


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