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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Tuesday, apparently. I have no concept of day or time anymore, I think, but I'm 99% sure that it's Tuesday. It's also exam week, so the posting around these parts will either be extremely sparse, because I'm actually studying, or you'll get regular posts because I am procrastinating and avoiding studying. 50/50 shot, really. I am in a weird place where I know a lot of the study we're supposed to know, but I'm not sure that I know it on the level that we're expected to know it. 

Whoa, I just had a weird flashback to when I took Epistemology in undergrad and we were talking about how you "know" when you "know" something, and philosophically, what that means. I need to get off of that train right now and get back to reality. Ooookay.

Anyway, exam week, craziness, brain turning to mush, mind like a selectively permeable membrane, where if you are talking to me and it's not about histo, physio, biochem, or genetics, I probably won't remember a damn thing you say... so, apologies in advance. Because of that, I figured that I might as well post about moving! We don't have any real "after" pictures yet, but I promise, they'll come eventually. First, we need to get some rugs. And also the piano. Details, details.

So, after closing on our house on July 18th, we threw a parade and then got right to the business of finishing the packing. How two people can accumulate so much stuff in a single year is beyond me, and I'm sure it only gets worse as you get older, but man. One of my favorite things about moving (if one can pick a favorite thing) is the chance to purge all the crap you seriously don't need. I love throwing stuff out, haha. There are some things that I can't seem to get rid of, but also have no use for at this moment in my life, like the square vases we used for our centerpieces at our wedding. I can't throw them out because someone could use them, and they're in perfectly good condition, but I also seriously do not need them... so they're currently hanging out in the garage being useless. (Anyone need 4-inch square vases?)  But yes, the great closet purge of 2014 happened and packing continued. Thank God for Ken, who did a lot of the packing while I was working. Somehow, we still ended up throwing crap into boxes the night before we moved, but most of it was semi-organized.

My friend Victoria has a fabulous system in which boxes get Roman numerals and letters, and each box gets a list of what goes into it so when you unpack, you don't have to go hunting through 17 boxes vaguely marked, "KITCHEN" to find that spatula. I had really wanted to use that system, but Ken vetoed it as being "too much work" and cited that we didn't seem to have a problem unpacking the last time we moved, so I let him take charge. Honestly, I was more than happy to not have to think about it. Surprisingly, we ended up with very few "random and sundry crap" boxes, and I feel like even if we had used the ultra-organized system, we would have ended up with those anyway. Also, we somehow managed to hold on to all of the boxes we used the last time we moved, some of which were creatively labeled by another friend of mine, so that made me laugh while packing. It's the little things, really.

And speaking of the little things, here are some pictorial representations of our packing and moving experience, complete with the thoughts I had while moving.

Thought: Why the hell do we have so much stuff?

Thought: How did we accumulate so many extension cords, and why couldn't I find them when we needed them?

Thought: Well, now we know where Luna was hiding all those times. I think there's an entire cat's worth of hair under here.

Thought: Well, I guess that's accurate.

 Thought: Crap, I have to move this fish somehow and all of the Tupperware is packed. Hrm.

Thought: Good luck, Alpha. I hope I've successfully padded your fishbowl with drawer liners. And yeah, I guess that's an appropriate way to pack a fish. Don't tell PETA. (NB - He survived and is quite happy.)

 Thought: Thank God for movers. Thank God especially for movers who are $400.

Thought: Furniture Tetris. WHEE.

Thought: And that is how you pack a Celtic harp in your Hyundai Elantra Coupe.

Thought: Wow, our condo has a gigantic living room. Also, I wonder where the screwdrivers are so I can take that curtain rod down...

Thought: Ohhhh that's a lot of stuff. But it's in the new house, so... progress?

Meanwhile, at my mom's house... Luna hid. All day. Can you find her?

Thought: Why are there no towel racks in this house?

Thought: Towel rack achieved! Thanks, husband!

Thought: Well, we officially live here. We have the internet and the TV is set up!

Thought: No Gersh, now we need to unpack. When did you even get in there??

 Thought: I never thought I'd be this excited about a new bedroom set... but I WANT TO THROW A PARADE!

Thought: OUR SOFA FITS IN OUR LIVING ROOM!!! I can stop freaking out about that now. AMEN.

We are pretty settled in, minus the third bedroom, which is still a maze of highly-organized chaos, and we have nothing hung on the walls yet. We still need some area rugs, and as soon as my grandmother's piano is in the house, we can really finish the downstairs. There are some odds and ends that we need to have done by a handyman, but nothing major or urgent.We even broke in the hot tub on our deck one night! Some amusing anecdotes from our first week in our new home include:

- Not being able to figure out why the dishwasher wasn't turning on (Answer: Blown fuse.)
- Not knowing which lights were attached to which switches 
- Discovering that our washer and dryer sing a happy song when they're finished with their cycles
- Almost having the garage door fall on my head (why doesn't that stay open?)
- Watching the cats discover and become subsequently baffled by stairs
- Accidentally setting the oven timer for 22 hours instead of 22 minutes (nothing caught on fire)
- Our neighbor's dog not understanding that the sellers have moved, and showing up at our porch to play with the dog that used to live there (poor guy!)

Far less amusing was the sheer number of times I fell down the stairs, because apparently like my cats, the stairs baffle me. We also couldn't figure out why the air conditioner wasn't turning on (anwer: Because I had turned the entire unit off somehow) and we discovered that there is very little storage space in ANY of the bathrooms, so we're still working on that conundrum. I can't wait until this weekend because I will hopefully have time to get more done around the house. Someday, we'll have a housewarming.Look for your invitation around the middle of September... 2017.

So there you have it! If I had any words of advice to give about moving, it would be the following:

- Label your boxes with real identifiers. Or at the very least, make them amusing. (One of my favorites from last time was "Non-descript things and wine.")

- HIRE MOVERS. I don't care how broke you are, hire movers. At a certain age, it's not cool to make your poor friends move you again in exchange for beer and pizza. Plus, movers are awesome and don't ruin your walls or your furniture.

- Pack as much as you can ahead of time. This really cuts down on the random boxes of crap you end up with. Example: I lost my electric toothbrush for almost a year because it somehow was in the cat carrier. Don't even ask.

- Leave out a Tupperware to put your fish in... if you happen to have a fish. Alpha (my betta, haha, I'm punny) did fine, but I'm sure he would have preferred to not be in a trashcan.

- Leave out plenty of trash bags because sometimes, it starts torrentially down-pouring and you need to cover your electronics to get them into your car.

- Move your pets earlier or later than when you move your furniture, and take some of their things to the new place before you move them. We opted to take the cats to my mom's for the day so they didn't have to deal with the craziness of the movers, which was a good decision, and we also moved their bed, toys, litterboxes, and food before we moved them into the new house so at least the place sort of looked and smelled familiar.

- Hydrate and caffeinate. One kind of undoes the other, but both are highly necessary.

- Make a plan for dinner the night you move. We ordered pizza, because pizza.

Dinner of champions (and very tired husbands).
I also managed to be absent for most of the moving process, somehow. I left earlier in the morning to take the cats to my mom's and get a few things from Target and Best Buy, and in the interim, the movers showed up, packed most of the truck, and then left to go to the new house. While they were unpacking, I was still at the condo with my mom doing last-minute clean up and removal of hardware for the curtains and such. By the time I pulled into the driveway at our new house, the movers were gone. It was lovely! So, while I know that it's probably not feasible for all of us to avoid that in between process... I highly recommend it, haha.

Last but not least, you have to go with the flow. I am the worst at going with the flow, but I promise, it's far easier to do that than to freak out when it starts raining or when you realize you have to put your fish in a trashcan. And remember, when you're done moving, there's always alcohol. And chocolate.

I am excited to really make our house feel more like a home, and I'm extremely grateful that there aren't any major renovations that are necessary. Rugs, wall art, and decor I can handle. Demo-ing a bathroom, I cannot. Hopefully, the final touches will come together sooner rather than later and I'll have a nice set of "after" photos to show you. Who knows, maybe I'll even vlog about it! Stranger things have happened.

As for now, I'm off to go cram more information into my exhausted brain for a bit before my next chunk of classes. Life of a med student...

- A


  1. I suggest craigslist for the vases. Someone will want them, I'm sure. Or ask around for anyone else planning a wedding. Some other bride will love you for them.

    Congrats on the move! I can't wait to see your new place. :) Whenever you decide to have the housewarming, let me know. I'll be coming down on random weekends between now and December, so it's possible I could actually be there for it!

  2. I need to get another towel rack because apparently, these people were seriously anti-storage and anti-towels. So strange. And packing/unpacking is the worst... literally. In the literal sense of the word literally, not that weird one that the dictionary just invented last year that means not literally at all. (WHICH LITERALLY MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH PEOPLE.)

  3. Yeah, I've been trying to pawn the vases (and my plethora of white votive candles) off for 2 years now. SOMEONE TAKE THEM, PLEASE.

    And it looks like the housewarming will be one of 2 weekends in October... I'll keep you posted! <3

  4. IDK from vases, but candles can only help when you're a romantically-challenged boyfriend (read: med student). Instant pizza night into date night? Sold. We should talk :-).


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