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Friday, September 12, 2014

Congratulations, we've made it to Friday! It was a heck of a week here. We started our second block of fundamentals, so it's been an onslaught of immunology and biochem, and Ken and I are trying to figure out how to feed ourselves and keep the house clean while he's working and I'm in school. So far, no one has gone hungry (cats included) and while things are a little more dusty than I'd like, we're not living in squalor. Even the plant and the fish are still alive, so I think we'll call that a win. I am super ready for the weekend, though, and not just because it means I can clean the bathrooms. (I live a thrilling life, I know.)

Before we get there, though, it's time for some link-ups!

It's the second week of One Down, One Up with Chrystina! If you'd like to link up the best and worst moments of your week, head over to her blog and check it out.

One Down

Well, this moment definitely belongs to finding out that I failed my biochem exam. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't entirely surprised... even though when I walked out of the exam, I felt like I had passed... barely. Like I said yesterday, I can't let this setback totally devastate me, but it was still pretty upsetting. I also didn't do as well as I thought I had done on my physio exam, but I passed, so I'm going to try to stop beating myself up about that. 

Related: I'm apparently really mean to myself. Like, way meaner to myself than I would ever be to anyone else in my situation. I am trying really hard to retrain my brain, but it's hard. And that's why Alison will continue going to therapy, folks.

One Up

The best part of my week was getting to see my Mom-Mom's piano!

My Mom-Mom passed away in 2004, right after I graduated from high school. She bought this piano for $100... sometime in the 80's, and it was the first piano I ever played. When I was 3 or 4, she started teaching me to read music and I spent many happy hours plinking away on the keys. Without this piano, I probably wouldn't have started taking lessons and fallen in love with music. Also, I found out that it was hand-built in 1922! It looks like a mess here, but that's because our piano tuner is taking it apart to refinish it and repair the action (the piece that has the hammers that hit the strings inside the piano). It has real ivory keys (sorry, elephants... I didn't do it!) that are absolutely beautiful and it has the most lovely tone. I know that the piano isn't worth what I'm putting into it to have it restored, but the instrument is so special to me that I can't imagine just putting it out on the curb or giving it away. It should be finished at the end of October, and I can't wait to put it in our house!


So, now it's time for Oh Hey, Friday with Karli and Amy! Want to link up your 5 things? Head over to either of their blogs! This week, I've decided to talk about the five things I am lusting after for the house:

1. Rugs

Our house has gorgeous hardwood floors, which I love. However, this means EVERYTHING echoes. We seriously need some rugs to absorb some of that sound, plus, rugs just make a room look more finished. I wish I had a reason to spend $1000 on an octopus rug:

Since I don't think I can rationalize putting a $1000 octopus rug in our dining room, I'm thinking about some of these:

What do you think? I think it's really hard to pick out a rug on the internet. I also think rugs are stupidly expensive. Anyone have good sources for inexpensive rugs?

2. Art

We have an awesome accent wall in our living room:

The wall above the sofa needs something. I can't decide if I want to do a landscape photo, or a macro photo... or something abstract entirely. I am 99% sure that I want to do something in the yellow-orange-gold family so it really pops on the dark blue, but... who knows. I do like these, though...


3. Octopus Decor

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen that I have an entire board dedicated to one of my favorite animals, the octopus. I'm obsessed. I plan to decorate our downstairs half-bath in octopodes decor, and here are some of my favorites:

4. Bookshelves

When we moved, we bought new bedroom furniture, but also got rid of the biggest bookcase that we had because it was part of my old bedroom set. Now all of my wonderful books are living in cardboard boxes, so that needs to be remedied. I am trying to decide what kind of bookcase to get for our third bedroom that will house all of our books. I'm really digging the IKEA hack that turns some regular old bookshelves into shelves that look like built-ins:

From Centsational Girl

But I don't know if I have the time or energy to make that happen. I also like these:

5. Light fixtures

We have a strange preponderance of lamps in our house now because prior to living here, we didn't have any overhead lighting in our condo. Now, our house has lots of recessed lighting and ceiling lighting, which is great... except that we have all of these lamps now. They're currently hanging out in our third bedroom, and it looks like there's some kind of weird lamp convention going on in there. However, the one place we don't have a lamp is in our entryway. For some reason, the sellers took the light fixture with them, so now we need to replace it.

Also, if anyone wants to help me decorate our house, let me know. I am basically useless, and can take all the help I can get!

On that note, I'm out. Don't forget to enter to win $125 in PayPal cash, and have a great weekend!
I know what I would do with $125... what would you do? If you're at a loss, you can always share it with me! 

- A


  1. i freaking love that octopus rug. seriously. also, check out rugsusa. in fact, said octopus rug is 60% off!

  2. Your double link-up plus a bonus ending giveaway make me laugh. I don't even have enough content to fill a week and you could fill a month out of one week of yours alone. Blech about the exam :/ ALTHOUGH - I did hear something while I was in Nashville last weekend. Something about guess what the med student with the lowest GPA is called? Answer? A doctor. So. That's what I would tell myself if I were you. Not that I think you're going to have the lowest GPA, it's just that the "worst case scenario" isn't all that bad. Also, yes. Dear Alison, be nicer to you, love Chrystina. As for your UP, that's AWESOME. I love a good piano. I'm excited for you to have it and I totally understand why you would put the money intio something like that. Very cool.

  3. Wow, that octopus rug is gorgeous! I love your alternative options too, though!

  4. That piano is very special, it will be wonderful when you get it restored I'm sure.

  5. Shocking no one, we are the same person and I found that rug on! Ken had vetoed it... but maybe at 60% off he can be convinced. He IS a math teacher, after all. Savings!


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